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Cruising 101

Cruise vacations consistently rank at the top of vacation value and satisfaction polls. Most people who take a first cruise end up taking another one — or dozens. Why? Cruises offer high standards of service and excellent cuisine, but the convenience factor is likely the main reason. In one transaction, you arrange your accommodations, meals, […]

Things You Should Not Discuss on a Cruise

I have a theory – two of the main reasons why cruise lines have replaced traditional dining with open seating are (1) the cruising public has become a cross section of America and (2) politically speaking the American public has become entirely intolerant of differing opinions. In the 1980s you could be sure that most […]

Cruise Ship Engine Explosions

With the Nordlys incident in Norway this week the number of cruise ship engine incidents is beyond coincidental. Update: the ship has now been rescued and whether or not an engine explosion was the cause of the fire is now in question. Still, several engine room control panels have also been problematic, so the issue […]

The Cruise Industry Right Now

An industry newsletter says the cruise business is reeling from the recent bad economic news.  Cruise Week, written by veteran cruise reporter Mike Driscoll, is a subscription-only newsletter delivered by email and targeted mostly to travel agents. Driscoll is reporting that the recent bad economic news has hit the cruise industry almost as badly as the […]

Cruise Ship Names 2011

Coming up with cruise ship names must be harder than it seems, because so many cruise lines do such a horrible job of it. It is always hard to name things. I happen to play in a few rock & roll bands, and finding band names is next to impossible these days, and that says […]

Why The Cruise Lines Want You To Book Directly With Them

It would be easy enough to make this week’s Blog a one word answer to the question – Why The Cruise Lines Want You Book Directly With Them – Because if you do book directly with them, the cruise lines save the cost of the commissions they pay to Travel Agents (that can vary from 8% […]

I Missed My Ship! What Now?

You arranged a flight from your hometown to the port city where your cruise departs. According to the airline’s flight schedule, you had plenty of time to check into your cruise before the ship sailed. But due to circumstances beyond your control — weather, or mechanical issues with the airline — you miss the ship. […]

Radiance of the Seas in Dry Dock

I am in Seattle, having just arrived from Victoria, British Columbia, waiting for my flight home. I was just a part of a small press group who visited the Royal Caribbean ship, Radiance of the Seas, in the Victoria shipyard where it is undergoing an extensive renovation. First, the Radiance was put into a dry […]

Ken Venturi Speaks on Golf

Crystal Cruise’s Special Interest Lecturer – Ken Venturi – is a world-famous golf expert we met on Crystal last month. Ken Venturi played his very first full 18 golf game at Harding Park Club, in San Francisco, at age 13. Harding Park was also the last place he won a PGA tournament. A life come […]

Free Cruise Scams

A reader said his mother just received a notice for a free seven-day cruise. He sent me a picture of the offer he had received from the company by the U.S. Postal Service. It said: Dear — and the name of the recipient was printed in a different font, out of alignment with the rest […]