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Cruise Economy – How Bad is it Really?

We know the economy is slow, but are there cruise bargains out there, and how much pain are the cruise lines feeling right now? I just read the British version of Travel weekly offering a story that read, “Oasis of the Seas bookings slow down.” At first I thought, “Ouch, that is bad. This is […]

Cruise Industry’s Economic Impact

It is fitting that CLIA would release its yearly study on the Cruise Industry’s effect on our economy this week. CLIA is the cruise industry’s marketing organization, and if it seems like a lot of our blogs have been about the economy lately it is because the economy is so dominating the headlines. I personally […]

Economy and the Cruise Industry

Cruises on sale, new ships on order, Europe getting cheaper. The cruise industry is unlike most U.S.-based travel businesses. Let’s take a look at the many ways in which the economy will affect cruising. The first thing you will notice is that cruise prices are already on sale. You can see the Carnival “October Recharge […]