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How To Contribute To The Success Of Your Cruise Vacation

Cruising is consistently given the highest satisfaction ratings of any vacation by consumer’s post vacation evaluations. Even considering that fact there are those who voice complaints about particular aspects of their cruise experience. Some of the most common complaints of late are…”nickel & diming” – where the claim is cruise lines are attempting to charge […]

Get the Most Out of Your Ship

I just came back from a cruise on a luxury ship where we had a butler who had the facility to serve us complete dinners in our stateroom. he would bring us the evening’s menus from the dining room and take our orders. Soon he would arrive with trays full of linens, cutlery and covered […]

Is Tipping Getting Out of Hand?

If you ever want to stir up some controversy, just start a “tipping thread” on any one of the cruise message boards.  You are almost guaranteed to have one of the longest, most contentious threads on the board. But let’s examine this issue in depth and share our feelings on it in a healthy spirit […]

Cruise Article full of Bad Cruise Advice

A freelance writer on assignment to the Boston Globe contacted me to request an interview about “the hidden cruise costs” I agreed, but sadly found myself sorely misquoted. What to do? The article is out there and the damage is done. Click here to read the article Beware Hidden Costs Aboard Ship, on shore by Paul Kandarian. His […]