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Cruise Bargains Everywhere

I can’t think of a single cruise line that has not cut prices or offering incentives to book right now. From Carnival offering “best available upgrades” on cruises that are already reduced to NCL offering shipboard credit with every cruise booked, from $50 for less that 7-day cruise in inside cabins to $500 for suites […]

Wow! My First Cruise Blog!

I love all things cruising, so I’m happy to have been asked to write this weekly cruise blog. I am Rita, an assistant editor here at CruiseMates and a regular contributor. Unlike most cruisers, I love long voyages. For this reason I am also partial to Holland America Line.  I also am interested in some […]

Columbus Day Cruise Updates

Happy Columbus Day! It makes sense for cruisers to celebrate Columbus day as he must be the most famous sailor in history. I don’t think there has ever been a first-time cruiser who didn’t wonder what ol’ Cristoforo Colombo was thinking as he looked at the horizon of sea water surrounding his three ships by 360-degrees. I have […]

Cruise Message in a Bottle

A message in a bottle left by a cruise passenger over 35 years ago was just found on Middle Caicos, part of the British West Indies, this last weekend. The note was scribbled on a piece of stationery from a Norwegian America cruise ship, parched and aged from the sun. “I am on the Vistafjord. […]