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90 User Reviews of Carnival Pride Cruise Ship

Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: May 18, 2002

On Friday May the 17th my family flew from Allentown,Pa. to Orlando via the services of Northwest Airlines.We had an easy flight and connected in Detroit at the new Northwest Terminal there.

We rented a nice Lincoln LS from the Hertz Prestige collection and motored to Cocoa Beach for a pre-night stay at the Doubletree on Cocoa Beach. We paid less than $60.00 by using Priceline.Com and felt we got a super deal. Our experience with Hertz was great.The car was awesome and Keith the Manager in Cocoa beach gave us complimentary transportation to and from the pier with our reservations.Our cruise was off to a wonderful start as you can tell.

Embarkation was swift.I suggest you get to the check-in lines between 11:00 am and 11:30 am....The busses with passengers arriving the same day fill the place up by 11:30.Have your paperwork done in advance.You will also have to fill out a Bahamas Immigration form ...given in the check-in line.

We were on our ship by 12:30pm. We were greeted by several ship crew members at the gangway and then made our way to our room 6333 an aft balcony.SWEET CABIN !!!

The ship

was so Beautiful !! The Art on this ship was very nice and the theme was carried well throughout the ship.The staff chuckled at the youngsters laughing at some nudity... and of coarse the full "David" statue,but we found all of it tasteful.

I think the best way to sum up my review would be to tell you about what we thought was the best part of our trip and that would have to be the people onboard the ship that try every day to make your stay wonderful.While some try harder...I have a bunch of respect for the following people that made our CARNIVAL PRIDE trip GREAT !!!

First we met our Cabin Stewardess Diana.She was so warm friendly.We asked her if she could empty the mini bar fridge so we could store our carry-on beverages and wine.She did this with a smile and kept us stocked with Ice and Glasses all week.She also went the extra mile with my 3 year old Catie. She also informed us that she was one of the first women cabin stewardesses.The room was very nice and roomy.I like the new woodtones in the cabin.The balcony at the very middle back-end of the ship was nice...We watched the wake of the ship fizzle in the distance and privacy was never a problem. I liked that the life jackets are new and smaller than on any ship I've sailed.Muster drill was fast and painless.

Camp Carnival on the ship is in the nose of the ship.Its walls,crawling tubes and plenty of tables for activities for the kids.From what I saw ..the ratio was about 3 kids per counselor and the activities were fun for the kids.They gave out nice Captains Hats on the last night.The first night..parents and kids all went to the disco and played games.I thought I would crack up when the room was divided into Men Vs the Women games. While the men showed off singing "Who let the Dogs out " the Girls strutted to Brittney !! was funny that the week started like that with "Who let the dogs out"...because at the end of the week it was "YMCA" from the singing it on the airplane home with my daughter.

I met some very nice casino staff members/dealers .. and spent several hours there only to break about even for the week.Jean was the nicest dealer.Ivan the toughest $ killer !!

My favorite part of the cruise was getting to Golf (my favorite hobby) with the golf pro's Roger and Chip of Elite Golf. We played in St.Thomas and again in Nassau on Friday. Throughout the week we had putting contests that were different each time.They also shared their personal ship experiences that really was quite interesting.In Nassau we finished our 18 holes early and played another 9 holes for fun. Bonus Golf as I saw it !!

The Dining room was very nice.The Head Matrade' Ken entertained us every night with songs like" New York,New York" and Elvis "My way" . He has a great voice.

The wait staff was nice.and The food plentiful and although good...I didn't find it great. The seafood dished were coated with sauces that were a bit thick. I prefer to let the food stand on its own flavor. The best meal on the cruise was the grilled salmon. It was great. The lobster night was good too.They will bring as many as you can eat..but they were a bit tough and small. Overall I was happy with the food,but have had better on the Imagination and the Triumph.

I must give kudos' to the pool bar staff...especially Suwannee and Anna .. they took care of us all week.

The entertainment was AWSOME !!!! Justin the Illusionist was great.His shows were great and he had his family onboard, and we got to know each other at the kiddy-pool. The dancers seemed to be out and among the passenger events.We met several and had pictures made with them.......they were quite good..even on a few rocky sea nights.We also liked the cruise Director Todd Wittmer.He was funny and visible at several events.He greeted us at arrival and departure and personally thanked us.I thought the question and answer session with other crew members was outstanding and offered personal insight to their lives at sea.

So as you can see...the people make the difference.The ship was super ! I hope I didn't slight the ship.Its the nicest we've been on with Carnival .

Debarkation was just as easy. We were relaxing in the card room..and were called to debark at 9:45 am. We proceeded to the luggage area,collected our bags and found our Hertz courtesy van waiting just outside.We spent just one more night in Cocoa Beach at the Hilton Beachside before flying home on Sunday.The hotel was nice and had a good beach.We got our land legs back by staying that night.... and were refreshed for our journey home.

THANKS CARNIVAL for a wonderful time.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: April 27, 2002
Living in the Orlando area, we finally had an opportunity to sleep in a bit on the morning of sailing.  Typically sailing out of Miami, if not staying over the night before, we are up at 4am in order to be on the road by 6am.  However, sailing out of port that is only an hour or so away, does make life a bit easier! We were up by 7am and on the road by 9am.  Being situated slight north of Orlando, we took the 417 Greenway to the Beeline (528) and headed east.  Our entire trip to Port Canaveral took only 50 minutes and about $4.00 in tolls.  Upon coming into the Cape Canaveral from the 528 Beeline Expressway, you want to be on the look out for the signs for terminal A.  You exit the Beeline at the Terminal A exit on the right side.  Follow the signs to the Pride that are clearly marked.  The Carnival Pride was a wonderful site!  So many days of counting down had finally arrived.  We pulled into the terminal area.there are three parking sure to scope them out and choose the one closest to the terminal.  We made the error of picking the first lot we came to and ended up walking five minutes to the Terminal building.  Parking at the pier is $8 a day.  Since the Pride had been in the process of disembarking, flagging down a porter heading back to the Terminal was easy.  (We tipped $2 per bag). Upon arriving at the terminal, we watched to see that our luggage was placed into the appropriate holding area and then headed inside.  Unlike the Port of Miami, you can check in upon arrival.  Since we were lucky enough to have a friend at Carnival, we were able to check in to the Skipper's club.  Here we were able to sit in comfort while someone checked us in.  We were also given our sign and sail cards that would act as our ID, money and keys for the length of our voyage. Then we were directed to sit in a designated VIP waiting area until embarkation began.  The VIP area was restricted to only those with disabilities, Skippers club members, and People with events (such as weddings) onboard the ship on sailing day. While sitting and waiting we were able to watch the masses come up the escalator and into the check-in lobby.the lines were huge!  I would say the arriving passenger.unless they were there early, could expect a 30 to 40 minute wait to check in.  After checking in, passengers where qued into queuing lines (similar to a theme park) where they waited until embarkation.  This queuing area, did not have you could expect a good wait of anywhere from about 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on your arrival time, so plan accordingly! At 12:30 PM they began embarkation.  We passed through the metal detectors, up the gangway to our first picture taking locations (the first of many many more throughout the voyage!).  Once passed the photographer we headed onboard!  What a sight!  We had begun our cruise! We spent the first hour exploring the ship and grabbing a bite to eat in the Mermaid Grille.  At embarkation, this is the only location serving food.  After eating we went to our cabin and low and behold.all of our luggage had been delivered!!!  That was by far the fastest luggage delivery we had ever had!  So we immediately set to unpacking which took about 45 minutes.  Once we felt at home, we proceed to find our table in the dining room (we do this on day one of every cruise to be sure we are happy with our dining accommodations).  As described earlier, we did not like our original seating location, so we opted to move. At 3:30 pm we all came together for that time honored glorious tradition known as the life boat drill.  2,000 plus people jam packed onto the deck.going over the safety aspects of the ship.  Probably the only time on a cruise you not alone! LOL I did have one item of disappointed about the ended up overlapping with the beginning of sail away!  While standing in the hot sun with our handsome orange life preservers strung around our necks.the ship began to pull away from dock and make its way into the harbor!  This was a bit shocking in that I am usually on deck with a drink in hand for the sail away!!! Upon completion of the drill, we quickly made our way to our cabin to shed our preservers and headed up to the top decks.we quickly ordered drinks and found a space on the rail to wave good bye to Florida for a week! Within 30 minutes and after some well deserved drinks, we were feeling good!  The wind was blowing our hair, the sun was shining down on us and the land was being left far behind!  At 5:45 we made our way to the dining room (obviously we had early seating).  Tonight we were introduced to our wait staff and met our table mates who over the course of 7 days would turn out to be three of the friendliest couples you could ask to be seated with!  The dinner menu on the first night was very tame so we ate light.  When finished, we were off to the Casino to make our first donation! There were numerous events for the first evening such as Quizzes, Dance classes, Dolphin race auctions (Same as horse races), Jackpot Bingo and the Welcome aboard show.  But we opted out of all of those and retired early, so we could take advantage of our first port of call in the morning. Day Two / Welcome to Key West - Sunday: April 28, 2002 Sunday morning we awoke after our first night at sea.  It was so nice to sleep in the cabin with the subtle creaking of the ship as she sliced her way gracefully over the sea.  I always sleep so good at sea.awaking refreshed and ready for what the next day will hold! We made our way to breakfast in the dining room after dressing.  Breakfast for this morning and each additional morning thereafter was Eggs favorite breakfast in the world (be sure to ask for extra sauce!!!).  After breakfast we headed to the spa to make appointments for Wednesday and to spend a bit of time in the Steam room.  Since we were not scheduled to arrive in Key West until 10am, we had some time to relax and enjoy the ship. Here is what the Carnival Caper has to say about Key West: Key West, Florida is the southernmost city in the United States. Situated over 100 miles from the tip of the Florida peninsula, Key West is actually closer to Cuba (only 90 miles away) than to the mainland U.S.  Its main industry today is tourism, however, prosperity originally came to the island through commercial sponge harvesting and the salvage of ship wrecks.  Numerous examples of Key West's rich heritage can be seen within walking distance of downtown. The Ship arrived in Key West about 9:30am and was docked and ready for disembarking at 10:00am.  The ship docks at the US Naval Base in Key West and thusly you are required to take a trolley to the downtown area.  Passengers are not allowed to walk the base. We immediately grabbed a trolley and headed into downtown.  Key West is simply wonderful.  Having lived in Florida for 11 years (about 22 for my wife), this was the first time either of us had been to the Keys.  After this visit, we decided we would be coming back for a long weekend in the future! Key West is a touch of the Caribbean right here in the good old United States.  Life here is lazy and relaxed.  We spent much of our day strolling along the entire length of Duval Street.the heart of Key West.  Dozens and Dozens of shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and more lined the length of this street.  It took us about two hours to make our way along its length.going in and out of those establishments that caught our attention.  I would very much like to return for the Duval Crawl.the long time tradition of making your way up Duval Street and stopping at each bar along the way for a drink and good time. We made a stop at the marker which indicates the southernmost point in the United States and the mileage (90) to Cuba.  After that we headed on to the home of Ernest Hemmingway to enjoy some time there.  I highly recommend a visit to the Hemmingway house.  It's a touristy thing to do, but the richness of the history and the beauty of the grounds make it a worthwhile time. After Hemmingway's we made our way to a recommended Cuban restaurant called El Meson de Pepe.  It is located a few blocks from the trolley drop off / pick up location in downtown.  The food was wonderful and the atmosphere was delightful.  As with most restaurants and bars in Key West.the outdoor dining is complete with fans and fine mist sprayers to keep patrons cooler.  After lunch, we made our way to the waterfront for some digesting time and an opportunity to snap some pictures of the Pride.  After some relaxing time, we headed back to the ship.  While taking the trolley ride back, we were treated to some Key West history and fun facts.Such as the mile marker 0 sign being the most frequently stolen sign in the United States.  The marker sign had just been replaced on Wednesday.  Once back onboard pride, we spent a bit of time relaxing on deck and then headed off to the cabin for a shower before dinner.   This evening's attire was "elegant casual".  Photographers were stationed throughout the ship for black and white and casual portraits.  Be sure to get pictures taken at every opportunity so you can have a good selection of pictures at the end of the cruise.  Also beware that a good portion of the pictures are grainy, so view and check them carefully if you are going to buy.  I'm not sure if the use a lesser quality film on not.none of the cameras where digital, so it wasn't a matter of computer distortion. The evening's entertainment was Justin Illusion, a magician who uses dancing and music to enhance his act.  Overall his performance was entertaining, but we were up in the balcony and could see how some of his tricks were done due to the angle.  So.magic isn't real after all!  LOL!  The other half of the evening's performance was the comedy of Michael Macy.  Although funny, you could tell Michael was an 'adult' comic holding back.this made us look forward to the midnight show which was the R-rated Michael Macy comedy show.  As suspected.Mr. Macy was incredibly funny when he could let go.  The show was in butterflies lounge and ended up being standing room only.  We were lucky enough to get a seat, but be sure to be there early..amazing how many and what types of people came out for the R-rated comedy show! After the midnight show we headed to Mermaids Grille to check out the midnight buffet selection.  Not being overly impressed we headed back to the room for some room service and a movie.  Who needed to sleep.tomorrow was a sea day.plenty of time for relaxing and sleeping then. Day Three / Enjoy a "Fun Ship" Sea Day!  - Monday: April 29, 2002 Well so much for sleeping late!  Just doesn't seem to happen onboard a ship.  Your body likes to get you up so you can start another great day of cruising!   This day was our relaxation day.  My wife was beginning to get sick today.all our co-workers were getting sick before we left so it was inevitable that one of us would get sick.  Luckily I pre-treated with antibiotics.  So we were intent on making this a lazy day.  After breakfast, my wife went to back to bed and I headed up onto the Sun deck for a couple hours of Sun.  Afterwards, I headed to the Steam and Sauna for some head clearing time.  We re-grouped at noon for lunch in the dining room.  The afternoon was full of activities.  Make sure you keep tabs on your Carnival Capers news letter if you're the type that has to be a part of everything.  I spent much of the afternoon milling about the ship, exploring, testing the drinks at bars, shopping in the stores and taking in some of the ship board entertainment.  This evening's activities were all centered on the first formal night.  So about 4pm we met up at the cabin to begin getting ready for the evening.  Prior to dinner there was the Captains welcome aboard cocktail party.  After dressing in our finest, we headed down to meet the captain.  Drinks were in abundance and they were complimentary.  High Balls, Manhattans, Gin Martini's and more were offered, as well as appetizers.  Once again the photographers were stationed at every corner.eager to photograph you in your formal best!  On formal nights you had about 8 to 10 choice of back drops to choose from.  We did about eight! Dinner was an upscale menu.   Choices included Prime Rib, Escargot and Lobster tail.  The Lobster was good, but the Prime Ribs were overcooked (asked for medium rare) and a bit dry.  Tonight the Maitre D' sang for the dinning crowd.  He was Irish born, Las Vegas (Wayne Newton) want to-be.  Once dinner was complete, we headed off to the Casino for some gambling and once again, we happily made our donations!  This is the night that we really began to learn craps.  The staff at the table took 15 minutes or so to go over everything with us and as we played they advised us as to the best bets with the best odds.  In the beginning we did really well.but then we hit some bad rollers and watched our winnings turn back into donations.ah well.we had fun! Once we had given our fair share to the Casino, we headed out to the Taj Mahal Lounge for the evenings performance.  Tonight was "Wonderful World" and what an excellent show it was.  The production values were first class all the way.  Lighting, sounds, lasers, special effects and the Carnival Pride Dancers!   Wonderful!  The show was incredible and kept you entertained.  In addition the shows were very Las Vegas!  The players in the show were all wonderful and the female dancers were sexy.some of the costumes they wore (or didn't wear).wow!   Top notch all the way!  Don't miss this show! After the show we headed back to the cabin for some TV and room service.  We decided to turn in early as we would be in Belize in the morning and the day of relaxing and sitting in the sun had really worn us out! Day Four / Welcome to Belize - Tuesday: April 30, 2002 The Carnival Caper had this to say about Belize: If you love adventurous locations where you can explore ancient ruins, trek through a jungle, Climb Mountains or scuba dive among incredible coral reefs, the tine country of Belize is nirvana.  Apart from its archeological sites of Mayan civilizations, Belize boasts more than 175 sandy islands, 240 varieties of wild orchids, 500 species of birds and some of the world's best dive sites.  Visiting the Mayan ruins is a once in a lifetime experience.  English is the official Language and the climate is subtropical.  As a point of interest, Belize has the second longest barrier reef in the world. Arrival in Belize was 9:00 am on this day.  Due to the shallow depth of the water, the ship anchors quite a few miles from shore and tender service is available for going ashore.  Carnival Cruise Lines utilizes local tender service and boy those tenders are fast!  Once you have boarded the tender, the trip to the mainland takes about ten minutes.but the boats are moving fast (22-30 knots in estimation)!  Talk about exciting! You are dropped off at a designated building for tendering in Belize.  From there you are collected together for your designated tours, where buses are ready to whisk you away to you destinations. Belize is an extremely poor country.  This can be seen everywhere!  While leaving the city to go on our tour, our guide gave us a tour of the sites we passed.  Their middle class neighborhoods didn't even qualify for poor in the United States.  The entire country has a total of 4 traffic lights.two of which can be found in Belize City.  We opted to take the horseback riding tour.  This tour involves a 45 minute to 60 minute bus ride to a Belizean rain forest.  Normally you would be dropped off at this location and take a 40 minute river ride to the ranch.  Due to technical reasons, the boat was unavailable (a first according to the ranch owner) so we were bused to the ranch.  Our adventure took place at the Banana Bank Ranch.  This ranch is absolutely wonderful, owned by a Montana Cowboy who moved to Belize.  Upon your arrival, you take a crude rope ferry across the river to the ranch.  Once there, you are treated to a home cooked meal, which actually was very good!  We were served enchiladas, with home made rice, Cole slaw and a delicious freshly squeezed lime-aid.  During lunch you are entertained by the ranch staff and given a brief history of the area. The ranch has many unique animals including a gorgeous Jaguar named Tika.  The ranch owner has had Tika for over 20 years and got her when she was only 3 months old.  In addition to that he had many monkeys and exotic birds which he brings out for pictures.very tame animals and quite a site to see. After lunch is finished, you are grouped together for the ride by your level of expertise.  The trail is through a wonderful rain forest / jungle. At times it is difficult, but each group is guided by three ranch hands, which makes the trip delightful. We had two situations that cropped up with our tour groups.  The first group had a medical emergency.  As they were riding through the trails, one of the guides had an epileptic seizure.  It caused quite a scare for the group, but once the seizure had passed, that group continued on its way guide and all!  During our ride, one of our guides was bucked from his horse.when the rider fell, his saddle slid under the horse frightening it!  The horse then started going nuts which sent panic into our was a harrowing moment, but we managed to keep our horses under control while the head guide brought the frightened horse under control.  Once everyone was calmed down, the ride continued without incident.  Even though we had some 'hair raising' moments, the ride was fantastic!  Passing through the rain forest was awesome.  The trail made its way up and down some steep embankments, through a river, across a road (where you had some chance to canter and gallop) and through a field.  The ride took about 1 ½ hours and was well worth it!  I highly recommend this tour to anyone the least bit interested. We heard word of mouth about other tours and want to pass along what we heard, in case you are considering a different tour: The Ruins:  This tour was supposedly very good.  The bus ride to the site is two hours each way, so be prepared for that.  Once at the site, everyone agreed that going off on your own was much better than staying with the tour guide.  Those who stuck it out with the guide were bored, as the tour progressed slowly between history lessons and talk.  Overall, the people who participated in this tour where very satisfied however.  This was by far the most popular tour. The City Tour:  This tour is two hours in total and is a bus tour through Belize City.  Everyone who took this tour enjoyed the history and tour, but commented on the poorness of everything.  So if you are not into seeing a poor city.skip this one.  Even the governors mansion was supposedly worse than what we might live in back in the states.  The Cave Tubing Adventure:  This was another highly popular tour.  But from everything we heard was a bit of a disappointed.  The tour is a 45 minute bus ride to a lush tropical location.  Upon being dropped off you are given your tube and take a 40 minute walk through the jungle to the river location (yes you carry your tubes).  At the river, it is the intention that you tube down the river and pass through caves and see some wonderful sites.  Everyone agreed the sites and caves were excellent, but it was the Belize dry season so the river level was very low.  Most persons taking this tour complained about having to work to hard to make there way down the river.often beaching themselves or having to work a lot to keep in the deeper water.  The word of caution for this tour is be sure of the time of year and weather conditions prior to booking this tour.  If it is the dry season, you may want to consider other options. Snorkeling:  Our tablemates did this tour and said it was wonderful.  They said snorkeling in Belize was wonderful and they saw many different tropical fish, and reefs.  They were very satisfied with their tour and highly recommended it to anyone who wanted to give it a try. Overall, Belize was a wonderful stop.  The weather was gorgeous and the horseback tour was excellent.  Belize is not a destination to shop, or to go off on your own.  Stay with a ship tour and be sure you pick something that is of interest to you.  Advice:  The ship recommends buying water onboard for your tours.  First, we were supplied bottle water on our tour.those who bought the water were angry that Carnival stressed buying the water before going ashore.  Second, only buy water once, then utilize the tap water onboard the ship to fill the original bottle you bought.  Not many people realize this, but the desalinated water onboard ships is extremely pure and is cleaner and safer than what you get in a bottle of "spring" water.  Keep that in mind before dealing out your hard earned money for a small bottle of water. The final tender back to the ship is 5:30 pm.  Once back onboard, we headed to our cabin to clean-up and shower.  We made it to dinner five minutes late. As our tour got us back onboard ship around 5:20pm. The evening attire for this night was again, Elegant Casual.  This was nice, as with the limited time we had once back onboard ship, it allowed us to relax a bit.  When dinner was complete, my wife headed back to the cabin to sleep (she wasn't feel well).  I headed off to the evening show which consisted of Manuel Zuniga Junior a wonderful Mexican juggler.  Supposedly he is the fastest juggler in the world.  His act was non-stop laughs and was very entertaining.don't miss him!  You'd be missing out!  Along with the juggler were the vocals of Marcus Anthony.  This guy could sing, and sing he did!  I left his performance early as his style of music wasn't my favorite.but I do have to admit he could sing.  For anyone who enjoys his is a must see act! When the show ended, I headed up to the pizza station for some calzones, which I brought back to the cabin for my wife and me.  We watch Shallow Hal on the cabin TV and ate.  Afterwards we headed off to sleep as it had been a very long day. Day Five / Welcome to Cozumel, Mexico - Wednesday: May 1, 2002 What can you say that is negative about Cozumel?  Absolutely nothing!  Cozumel is an excellent port of sure to enjoy everything this island has to offer!  Here is what the Carnival Caper has to say about Cozumel: Known to the Mayan Indians as "Coz a Mil" or "Place of the Swallows" Cozumel held a very sacred place in the Mayan culture.  According to Mayan tradition all women had to visit the island before they were married.  They endured arduous journeys through dense jungle and crossed the channel from the mainland in hand carved canoes to visit temples of the god of fertility before returning to their homes on a trip that could cover hundreds of miles.  You can still see the amazing ruins left behind today, both on the island of Cozumel and especially on the mainland, one of the most notable being the walled city of Tulum. Today was a bad day for my wife.  She was sicker than a dog and elected to spend the day in the cabin sleeping.  Having been to Cozumel six times prior, we did not feel we were missing out.  We took time out in the morning to get our massages, which were delightful!  Once again, ask for Karen.she knows how to give a great and relaxing massage! I spent the morning on the sun deck, and at lunch we met in the dining room.  The lunch was one of the best meals we had on the ship.  We both ordered the fish and chips and "mmmmmmmmmmmm" it was good!  My wife also raved over the bread pudding which she stated was the best she had ever had. The rest of the day, my wife slept while I relaxed in the sun and spa.  Little did we know we were in for a wonderful evening! David's Supper Club (12):  This evening we opted to dine in Carnival's specialty restaurant known as David's Supper Club.  Jackets are required for the men along with appropriate dress and there is a charge of $25 per person.  Now let it be known that one of my major pet peeves with the cruise industry is the trend to add "specialty" restaurants and charging extra for them.  This is a trend that has made me stop sailing Norwegian cruise lines.  So I went into this very apprehensively! In the end, I find the $25 for this dining experience well worth it!  My only disappointment is that your bill also comes with a gratuity line.  In the end you end up paying $60-$70 for a dinner for two (don't mind the $ onward.  But the gratuity should be dropped from the bill (even though marked optional - you feel like a heel if you leave it blank). Dining in David's was unlike any other specialty restaurant on any other ship.  In fact.David's surpassed even the fanciest of restaurants on land!  I was blown away by the whole evening!  The presentation of the food was outstanding!  Masterpieces of art!  The food itself was wonderful and the portions were huge!  14+ ounce lobster tails, 24 oz steaks, huge might even need a doggie bag to take some back to your cabin!   Even the Cesar's salad was a true Cesar, mixed together right at your table!  Outstanding! The staff of David's was impeccably professional.  They were there waiting on you hand and foot!  Water was always topped off, and they were attentive without being intrusive.  We had a magnificent dinner and were impressed with the entire affair.  I have been to many fine restaurants in my life, including such places as Anthony's Pier 4 in Boston, rated one of the 10 top restaurants in the country for many years and nothing came close (in my experiences) to the Dinner in David's.  Truly an culinary event, not to be missed (and worth every penny of the $25 per person extra charge)! I have to give credit to Carnival for David's.  They have found and created something special there and intend to take it to their other ships.  Other cruise lines may want to take heed.if we have to pay extra better take notes from Carnival.they are doing that right! Our dinner experience left us fat and happy, so we opted to pass on the talent show and headed off to the cabin for the night.  We found out later that the main item on the dining room menu was fillet Mignon.  So if you enjoy lots and lots of fillet, then you may want to consider another evening for your David's Supper Club experience! Day Six / Welcome to Progreso / Merida, Mexico - Thursday: May 2, 2002 Carnival Caper has this to say about Progresso / Merida: Progreso is situated 40 KM North of Merida, the state capital of Yucatan.  Progreso is a seaside retreat for the Mexicans.  Its white sand beaches, deep emerald green waters and cooling gulf breeze are a natural draw.  The port of Progreso is rapidly becoming an important gateway for cruise ship guests to Merida, the main city in the Yucatan peninsula.  Merida is unlike any other Mexican city you have seen as a cruise ship port of call.  It is the capital city and cultural center for the Mexican state of Yucatan.  Founded in 1542 on the site of the former Mayan city T'ho, Merida has a wealth of history and a style imported from Europe with a distinct Mexican flavor. Progreso is an interesting port of call.  The cruise ship pier is located on a new docking facility that is situated about 7 miles from the mainland, accessible by a two lane causeway.  The waters of this port are emerald green and the climate and warm and enjoyable!  Being a new Port of call for cruise lines, Progreso is in it infancy when it come to a tourist destination.  When you go ashore, you can definitely see the potential of this port.  Within a few years the beach front will be lined with hotels, casinos, restaurants, bars, and more.  This could become a future Cancun or Cozumel with time. The selection for tours at this port of call is currently limited.  So we opted to take a free shuttle to the mainland and spend some time on the beach.   The beach was very nice, white sand, clean, palm trees.very resort like.  There are chairs and umbrella structures available for cruise passengers for free.  The beach is about a 5 minute walk from the shuttle drop off location. While on the beach, you need not worry about seeking souvenirs as they will seek you out.  Mexican families set up shop near the beach and occasionally come around with arm loads of shirts, blankets, trinkets and more.  If you're in the market for some buying, you can do it on the beach and get a fair price! We spent the morning on the beach and then about an hour shopping at the local stores and the open market where the shuttle pick up / drop off is located.  As with any Mexican port of call you can get your T-shirts, blankets, and other Mexican goodies prior to heading back to the ship. We headed back to the ship for lunch and for some rest in the afternoon. Thursday evening was the second formal night.  Once again the ship was alive with finely dressed people as photographers flashes went off throughout the ship.  After dinner was completed we headed off to the Casino for some more gaming fun.  We tried our luck this evening at roulette and once again felt sorry for the Casino and left them with our donations! After gaming, my wife head to the cabin to turn in for the evening.  I headed off to the evening production called "VROOOM!".  This show was outstanding as well.  I am totally convinced that Carnival had something going when it came to evening entertainment.  The show was jam packed with effects, dancing, and song. And once again the Carnival Pride dancers strutted their stuff and kept the audience entertained.  At with other nights, the Lounge was full, so if you want the better sure to be there early. When Showtime was over, it was back to the cabin for a nap.tonight was the Grand Gala Buffet.  Having seen other Gala Buffets on other ships, this was a buffet not to be missed!  At 11:30pm I headed down to the Normandie dinning room to photograph the Buffet.  The ship set times of 11:30 pm to 12:15am for pictures and 12:30 am for eating.  The line for pictures was long, but orderly.  The display was truly amazing.  Edible flowers, ice carvings, works of culinary art graced the entire length of the dinning room!  Be sure not to miss this event, as it was one of the best presentations of food art I had ever seen at sea! After taking my pictures though, I decided to head up to the Mermaid Grille for some calzones.  The Gala Buffet was glorious to look at, but didn't seem overly appetizing.  Another day had come to an end.and the final day of the cruise was upon us. Day Seven / A "Fun Ship" Day at Sea! - Friday: May 3, 2002 As with Monday, today was another sea day.  Today was the day most cruisers dread.  The realization that in the morning your cruise vacation has come to an end.  We spent this day as we had the first day at sea.enjoying the ships, and relaxing.  We took this day very slow and tried to enjoy every moment of it.  This was our last opportunity for some more sun, relaxing in the spa and strolling through the shops. After lunch we headed to the Taj Mahal lounge for the Newlywed game and were entertained with a comical version of the old TV show.  The show was very funny and kept us in stiches.  But when it was over we headed back to the cabin to face the dreadful chore of packing. Dinner that evening was the best in the dining room yet.  The food was very good and the portions were even a bit larger.  Since it was the last day, we spent the entire allowable dinner time sitting and chatting with our table mates.  We exchanged e-mails, shared highlights of the cruise, and wished each other safe trips homes.  This is probably the saddest time of the cruise. Over the course of the week, your tablemates have become friends.  Sitting there lingering after dinner is the true realization that reality is on its way back.  When we had shaken our final hand and said our last goodbye, we headed to the Casino for our last attempt to recover our losses!  After about an hour of generous donations, we realized our gambling fund was sad.  But as I have said throughout the review, it was money that we had fun saying good bye to.  Tips:  Carnival Cruise Lines adds your tips automatically to your onboard account.  You have discretion to change the amounts as you see fits and you can tip your servers and steward directly as you see fit if the have performed above and beyond your expectations.  I personally do not like tips being added on to the account.  I strongly feel that when the staff gets their tips directly from the passenger, that they try harder to please in the attempt to earn a higher compensation.  When the cruise company gets involved with collecting the tips, I feel the quality of the service slides and I particularly don't like that a corporation becomes the middle man for tip distribution.  I would recommend that Carnival returns to the basics when it comes to tipping.  Suggest an amount, and let the passengers do the tipping.  I think their service suffers due to this.    Day Eight / Cape Canaveral / Disembarkation - Saturday: May 4, 2002 The dreaded day of Disembarkation finally arrived.  We were up at 5:30 am in order to make the early seating breakfast at 6:30.  We ate a leisurely breakfast and then headed back to our cabin one last time to pick up our valuables and carry off luggage.  We headed down to the Renaissance lounge and waited for the calls to disembark. Carnival, like many other lines disembarks the ships by color coding.  They warn you repeatedly not to disembark until you color code is called as your luggage will not be available.  As with every line we have experienced so far.this is not true.  Upon the first call for disembarkation, we headed off the ship, and upon reaching the luggage claim area found that all of the luggage was ready and waiting. Customs Personnel at Cape Canaveral were horrible.  In light of September 11th, I realize security is of high importance, but they took it to far.  When collecting luggage they were screaming at people to keep moving.  Try stacking your luggage to make it easy to wheel when a customs person is yelling at you to move along and that you can not stand there!  Didn't take long for us to despise those people!  We collected our luggage, passed through customs uneventful and were outside!  To our surprise there were minimal porters to assist with luggage.  We ended up having to drag our own luggage to the car.  The entire time we were being yelled at by customs officers and police to keep moving along.  At one point my wife stopped and yelled back to an officer that she was trying to reorganize the luggage that was falling off.  Shut him up quickly! Once we reached the car, we were back on the road and headed home.  by 10:00 am we were back in our house with our cruise now a memory to treasure for the rest of our lives. Conclusion Prior to sailing Carnival Cruise lines I had formed my own opinion of Carnival as a cruise line with problems (past fires, food poisoning etc.), and a cruise line that catered to teens, and the party crowd.  I had promised myself that Carnival was not a line for me.  After sailing the Pride, my opinion has changed. Carnival cruise lines have made tremendous efforts to change its reputation.   They are definitely working to restore a wounded reputation and I believe they are on the right track.  Carnival still has some bugs to work out and they need some time to grow.  But for the money, Carnival can offer a vacation just as good as some of the other lines. If asked if Carnival is my favorite line; I would have to answer truthful and say 'no'.  I still have a fondness for anther line that I feel is at a point where Carnival would like to be.  Would I sale Carnival again?  Prior to this cruise my answer would have been no way.but now, I would answer 'Yes!'  I can definitely see future cruises on Carnival.  It is my hope that each time I sail with them in the future, I will be more and more impressed. A tip to Carnival:  If you want to continue to loose the image of your past, here are two tips of advice.  One, do not call yourself the "fun ships".  This phrase is attached with the stigma you are trying to shed.its time to put the marketing team to work and change the image a bit.  Two, change your colors from the dreary red and blue you currently use to a more tropical red and blue.  Use a warm happy red and a bright emerald-blue.  People will still associate the colors with Carnival.but at the same time the warmth of the new colors will convey a strong message of change.  Just my opinion! Overall, my wife and I had an enjoyable vacation with Carnival.  Thank you Carnival!  If you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat about the Carnival Pride, feel free to e-mail me at  You can also find me at .  I am always there posting about cruising (and other topics) and you can find over 400 pictures of our cruise vacation on the Pride in the cruise addict photo galleries. Smooth Sailing!
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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: April 27, 2002

This is LONG. The reason I am making it this way is I tried to think of the type of review I would have wanted to read when I was scrounging for reviews during that long wait between booking and cruising! So here goes.

To give some background, this was our (my husband and myself) third cruise, all with Carnival. We've been on the Imagination (back when it was a 7-day ship in '96) and the Paradise in '99. I am 28 and my husband is 29. We both work 50-plus hours a week and don't get to spend as much time together as we'd like and have no children yet. We were celebrating our 4-year wedding anniversary. We both love to basically eat, drink and be merry while on vacation, and to relax as much as possible.

This might be a bit different than other reviews in that I won't describe the ship in great detail (Mary and Vincent Finelli's review is perfect for that). I will be completely honest about everything I saw/experienced, however. Remember it is only my opinion and my view of the week. Suffice it to

say, there were very few, if any, negatives. We absolutely loved this vacation

1. Booking: I originally booked with Carnival, found this board, and immediately called We paid 2173.00 for the both of us, including all the port charges, fees, bus transfers, and trip insurance for a Category 8I guarantee.

2. Traveling from Boston: In my opinion, booking your own air is definitely the way to go. For us, because we had United vouchers, it was a no-brainer. The fare for both of us combined, round-trip, was 200.00. We had no problems, made our connections without incident, and arrived in Orlando at 11:00 a.m. We used the transfers to get to the ship.

3. Embarkation: It takes 45 minutes or so to get to the ship, and it isn't the most scenic route in the world, so I slept (got up at 3:00 a.m. to get to the airport). When we got there, yes, there was quite a line at 12:00. However, it moved VERY quickly and I had no problem waiting. They did tell us as we entered the port that our carry-on bags might be too big. I explained that we got on the plane with no problems, and he told us to give it a try, but that "Carnival has tighter security restrictions than the airlines". Knowing this was laughable and totally untrue, I felt pretty confident they would fit (yes, they did with no problem). After 9/11, I sincerely doubt the airlines take their security situation lighter than a cruise ship. Anyway, the line was long and winding, but like I said, it moved quickly. As we stood in line, we envied those Skipper's Club people who walked right on! But alas, we were next up in no time.

It was then that I found out we COULD have used the Skipper's Club, as we were upgraded to a suite! Using Kelly's method, we were in 8222 (an 8I) every time I checked. When we boarded, we were told we were in 7345. I had no idea it was a suite until she wrote VIP on out S&S card envelope, and told us to bypass the next line (to take pictures and go through security-also not too long at all) and go right to the front. We were so excited. I have no idea why we were upgraded. Maybe it was because it was our 3rd cruise with Carnival. I didn't stick around to question it.

4. Entering the ship: Amazing. Totally different than other ships we've been on. It was all wood and paintings and gold. Very pretty and it felt much more upscale than the other ships we'd sailed. Of course, my husband kept jokingly saying it was a "very sexual ship" due to the female breasts that seemed to be everywhere. But art is art after all. It didn't bother me at all. A word to the wise.know where your stateroom is. For example, if you cabin is aft, you have to take the aft elevators. If you take the mid-ship elevator, as they say in Boston "Ya can't get theya from heya." You have to go back down to the Promenade deck (2), which runs the whole length of the ship, walk to where your room is (aft, fwd, mid), and take those elevators up. Maybe it's common sense, but we got lost at first. But the atrium is impressive, and that's what you see when you board.

5. The Suite: As I said, we were in Cabin 7345, Verandah Deck, Starboard side, Aft. Ours was right next door to the back end wrap-around balcony suite. We were floored when we walked in! Our bathroom had a double vanity sink, a tub with Jacuzzi jets (we didn't use it though), and a shower DOOR. Outside the bathroom is the closet/dressing area with another vanity where the hairdryer and drawers are. The bedroom part of the room had a king size bed, lots and lots of storage, another double closet, a couch, TV and VCR. Not to mention the wonderful balcony! I don't know how big it was, but it was big. On it were two lounge chairs and two tables. The balcony was one of the highlights of the experience and I HIGHLY recommend booking a room with one. We found ourselves wandering out there in the middle of the night and just looking at the moon, hearing the ocean, seeing the sun rise/set, etc. Not to mention you are completely shrouded in privacy, so if you want to air-dry after that shower, go right ahead! (Just keep in mind that while you can't see anyone, you CAN hear everything). We kept the door open all night, thanks to the bungee cord idea. Thanks for that one. Yes, the AC shut off when the door was open, but we never cared. My husband is ALWAYS complaining he is hot, and it never bothered him.

Our Cabin Steward was Marlin. I met him once. He was OUTSTANDING. I have heard countless people complain that the Cabin Steward was terrible because they never saw him. Folks, that's the point! We don't feel the need to form lifelong relationships with every crew member when we cruise. He opened our mini-bar, took my dresses to be pressed, cleaned the room immediately after we left it, always had ice in the room, made cute towel animals every night, etc. And no, I didn't "grease" or bribe him with extra cash at the beginning, he just did a great job. We tipped him extra at the end. (I'll get to the whole tipping thing later on in the novella).

6. The Dining Room: We were at table 280 (for 8) in the Captain's Club. This is just a separate room off the dining room that is usually used for big groups. The food was excellent. We always left stuffed and totally satisfied. Our waiter was Ion from Romania and his assistant was Ursula from Hungary. Both of them were wonderful. They were friendly and efficient, and there were heartfelt hugs and goodbyes when the week was over. We ate A LOT! Some nights, if there was lobster tail or prime rib, we just had both. (This happened a lot J.) We loved our tablemates and spent most nights with them after dinner at the bars and lounges.

Ken, the Maitre 'D was wonderful. He sang every night and came to our table twice (that was a first!). We talked a lot about our love for Frank Sinatra because he sings a lot of his songs, and we have the same taste in music. He then surprised me on the last night with his CD of all the songs he does at dinner. I thought it was so nice of him to do that and he really made an impression on me. The funny thing was, I tipped him BEFORE he gave me the CD. We really loved having him there every night.

7. David's: Yes, we went and it was great. It's just like dining at a fine steakhouse in New York or Boston. They give you several courses, and throw in some "surprises from the chef" as well. Everything is top shelf and the service is practically white glove. We were seated right at David's feet overlooking the glass staircase. Would I do it again? No. While it was wonderful, so was the dining room, and the service was just as impeccable with Ion and Ursula. But I'm glad we tried it and we weren't disappointed. It is a luxurious 2-plus hours. I know a lot of people on these boards balk at that, but I don't believe in shoveling my food in to get to the next buffet. I love dinnertime, even the hour and a half in the dining room. I also love getting dressed up every night for dinner, but that's just me.

8. Ports of Call: I'll tell you, we didn't do a whole lot this week, as that was the plan. Key West is so much fun! We thought it was a bit like Martha's Vineyard, but very laid back. The shops were great, the bars plentiful, and I loved the freedom of being able to walk around the street with my drink. We ended up finding a great bar and stumbling back to the ship. We had a blast. Belize was the port we decided to stay on the ship for. We weren't up for hiking or tubing, so we relaxed on deck and it was wonderful. We had the pool to ourselves all day and it was really nice. In Cozumel we did the Playa Sol Beach Break and had a lot of fun. It was hotter than I remembered, but just a great time. In Progreso, we took the free shuttle into town and walked around a bit. We went to the beach and then to eat at Sol y Mar across the street. They have Superior beer, which you cannot get anywhere but the Merida area (believe me I've tried), so I enjoyed those! I have already been to Chichen Itza, so we weren't interested in climbing the ruins again. But those who went had a great time.

9. The Entertainment: We went to a few shows, but not the major ones. We saw the last show, the talent show, and all of the comedians. But while everyone was at the shows, we were at the other smaller bars. There was always something to do. We did hit the casino a few times, but we're not big gamblers. I did play a lot of bingo and lost. Karaoke was a lot of fun, and we saw some of the game shows and the Newlywed Game.

10. Sea days: The days at sea were relaxing. I will say that some of the reviews on this board had me so freaked out about deck chairs, I made sure I was up there by 8:00. Folks, that was not necessary! If you were up there by 9:00-9:30, you were fine for a chair by the pool. I did see someone save 4 chairs and leave for 4 hours. Finally a group just moved their stuff and sat down. When the ignorant original group showed up, there was a lot of huffing and puffing, but no incident. There are 3 pools and a children's pool. New to Carnival, they have a ledge in the pool that surrounds the actual pool that is about 3 inches deep. It is perfect for lying on. There were the usual pool games, ice sculpture demo, etc.

11. Tipping: We left the tips on the sail and sign and we also tipped extra at the end of the week. It was very convenient not having to set aside money for this. I did feel the need to tell the waiter, assistant waitress, and cabin steward that the cash tip was in addition to the S&S tip, just so they didn't have to wonder. We tipped Ken as well for a fantastic job.

12. Debarkation: This went fine. They called you by your luggage tag color and off you went. Of course, all the designated areas where you could wait to disembark were filled with smoke except for the Lido deck (far away from where you got off the ship), so that got nauseating. (Former chain-smoker here.the worst kind of non-smoker) But we found a nice quiet stairwell and were fine. Got on the bus and back to the airport by 10:55. Our flight was at 1:45. No problems coming home.

13. Miscellaneous: The cruise director was Todd. He was OK, but I have never been deeply affected by a cruise director as some of you seem to have been. To me, it seems like the same skinny, perky, blond guy from California on every ship with a name that starts with a T. It never crosses my mind to find out who my CD will be. We did end up singing a horribly off-key (on my part) and alcohol-induced duet at Karaoke together though, and he was really nice.

The staff was friendly and the bar waiters and bartenders were very nice and very efficient.

The ship was immaculate and someone was always cleaning something. We did notice it was an older crowd. Lots and lots of seniors. But it didn't affect us one way or another. In fact, I enjoyed talking to one couple that had been on 20 cruises and another who had been married 54 years. It gave me hope! There were 2400 on board and it never felt crowded. 400 of those were kids and I have got to hand it to Camp Carnival. We had no idea there were so many. No problems anywhere on the ship at any time with kids. There were some parents bringing babies into the hot tub, which I thought was irresponsible, but that's just me I guess.

There were some rude people, and people who rolled out of bed and into the dining room, but that it to be expected on any cruise, I'm sure. For the most part, everyone was nice to one another and just seemed happy to be there.

Well, sorry this is so long, but like I said, I was starved for info while I was waiting to sail, and I am sure there is someone out there like me! Let me know if you have any questions.


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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: April 27, 2002

This cruise exceeded our expectations from Carnival. Our first cruise was on Royal Caribbean (Monarch of the Seas)that we just loved and I had heard the Carnival was the "fun" cruise line. We expected bunches of party people, children etc. We were surprised when everything, and I mean everything, was bigger, better, and more fun! We really liked the way most of the passengers really dressed up on formal night.

Ship: Yeah, it was a little gaudy but so is European Renaissance. The cherubs and naked women get old but hey, it's just art. We had a balcony cabin that was roomy and everything was very easy to access.

Food: What a treat! We did splurge and pay the "nominal fee" of $25 each for dinner in "David's Supper Club" but it was worth every penny, especially if you like a really genuine "dining experience". Otherwise, the dining room always had very good food and the presentation was fantastic.

Excursions: Key West is Key West - we just rented a scooter and trucked around.

The first real excursion we took was the Shark Alley snorkling trip in Belize. It was amazing and beat any

snorkling I had done in Florida, the Bahamas, or Southern Caribbean. We took an hour speed boat ride to the reef (second largest in the world). I could swim around the reef for a week. After snorkling, we were taken to San Pedro Island where we had time to walk around before they served us lunch. The town was very third world and had hardly any paved roads. I loved it. It's nice to visit a town with little or no American influence. It was then a boat ride back to the ship. We didn't go into the City of Belize so I can't comment but I certainly would do the snorkling trip again.

We went "shopping" in Cozomel and what a disappointment. We should have gone snorkling. Sure they had shopping, but everything you bought there could be purchased in Merida for at least 30% less! If you've ever been to to St. Thomas or the Bahamas, you'll be disappointed with the shopping.

Progresso/Merida: The ship pulled up to a pier that is 4 1/2 miles long. My fiance' went on an excursion to the Mayan Ruins. The bus ride was 2 1/2 hours each way. The bus was supposed to be air-conditioned - he found out later that he needed to sit in the front of the bus for it. He had approximately one hour at the ruins which was not enough time. You really need to see the Mayan ruins but there are lots of sights and I would try not to waste an entire day riding on a bus.

I, on the other hand, paid $8 for a round trip ride to Merida - Capital of the Yucatan. This is a big developed Mexican city. They said it take 25 minutes to get there - it took 50 minutes. So I thought I would be smart and leave 1 1/2 hours before the boat left to make sure I had time. It took two hours to get back as it was not direct. They make stops to pick up and to let off locals. Luckily I wasn't the only passenger that was late! Yes, you could bargain - I paid about 1/2 of the original asking price for most of the items I purchased.

Overall, I would rate this cruise 4.5 - not a 5 because I don't believe anything is perfect and I had to pay for it. The security thing always causes lines but I don't mind when you think about the alternative.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: April 20, 2002

The cruise ship was more than I expected, I could not believe how big it really was. This was my first cruise and I plan on taking future cruises with Carnival. The food was delicious, and our headwaiter (Beta) and waitress (Nickolette) was very friendly, they provided my party (10 women) with entertainment as we enjoyed our dinner. We enjoyed Beauties dance club, the Butterfly Lounge. The Taj Mahal was unique and the nightly shows were awesome. Our cruise director (Todd) was quite a character himself, and then we meet Malcolm, he was one of the Pride staff members, he was quite a comedian, he had us laughing from the time we got on the ship till the time we got off on our last day.

My cabin (4216,) was very nice and we have the private balcony, the bathrooms were small for 3 women sharing but we managed. The Lido deck was nice with the band going. Anyone up for Pizza, well we were up eating at 1:00 in the morning, and then visiting the gym next morning, which was nice. The ports we visited were Half Moon Cay, St.

Thomas, St. John's, and St. Maarten, they were very beautiful, and we enjoyed shopping at each, and the snorkeling was nice. The overall average, I would rate the ship with a perfect 10. I would recommend the Pride to anyone that was planning a cruise.

My thanks go out to the staff of the Carnival Pride for making my first cruise a memorable experience. Virginia

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: March 2, 2002

Carnival Pride, Exotic Caribbeans March 2, 2002, Group cruise - Kirbi and the cruisers This was my 13th cruise, 10th with Carnival

I did my own flight arrangements and arrived in Orlando on Thursday afternoon. I made arrangements with Carnival to take the shuttle down to the port (the Fantasy was leaving on that day) and called the Radisson to pick me up in Port Canaveral. The Radisson at the Port is a very nice resort; beautiful pool, great rates. I booked a one bedroom jacuzzi suite for 119$ - AAA rate.

On Friday morning, I watched the launch of the Columbia shuttle right from the hotel parking lot. It was a great sight and also the occasion to meet with a few Kirbi cruisers. I spent most of Friday with Monnie, Dee and Ann; we went to Wal Mart, Ron Jons and had lunch in Cocoa Beach. We then got ready for our pre-cruise party which was a lot of fun and very organized by Kirbi.

On Saturday morning, after breakfast, we took the shuttle bus to the port at around 10:45am. As a Canadian citizen, I was spoiled with a

separate check-in line for non-US citizens; there was nobody waiting... Check-in was extremely efficient as far as I am concerned. They proceeded to boarding the ship at noon, starting with the skipper's club guests. I had booked a category 1A guaranteed - traveling solo.. - and was assigned exactly what I paid for. My cabin - 1257 - was located aft on Riviera deck and was actually larger than the 4G I was assigned on the Spirit last year. The cabin was just perfect and I found it was very well located. I hung my door decoration (we had a group contest) and went for lunch at the mermaid grill. Selection was very good, no big line ups; but still a big cafeteria. I had most breakfasts in the dinning room but had lunches at the grill.

I found the Pride to be much nicer than the Spirit; I preferred the decor and themes. Staff was very nice and friendly. Unfortunately, I was not able to enjoy this cruise as much as I wanted since I got sick on Sunday with a sore throat which changed into a cold for the rest of the week. So I didn't do much at night interms of shows, lounges & bars but tried to enjoy as much as I could daytime activities as well as the presence of all the Kirbi cruisers on the ship.

We had a great dinning room table located next the Captain's. Our waiter Franjo was efficient and our assistant waiter, Martina was very professional and friendly. Food was very good to excellent. I found the menus a little disappointing on a few nights, but you could always find something interesting. I found that food presentation had improved since last cruise. Ken the Maitre D' was of course outstanding, I had the pleasure of spending a 16 day cruise previously with him as a Maitre D' and he truly is the best at sea! Waiters did their usual entertainment; we had prime seats location at table 232! It's always funny to watch an Indonesian Austin Power replica dancing on the table next to you! We had a few birthday celebration within our group during this cruise and waiters and Ken himself gladly sang the famous "hoppy boysday" to each of our jubilees!

I decided to give the supper club another chance after a bad experience on the Spirit and must say they have just gained my heart back. We had a terrific meal, great company and excellent service. As already mentioned.. Don't miss the flour less chocolate cake.

The boat drill was fast and easy and sail away was well.. We almost flew away! It was extremely windy and the ocean was a little choppy.

My cabin steward, Diogo and his assistant were so nice and very efficient. I had the whole zoo in my cabin by the end of the week... there were animals everywhere! On the mini-fridge, on the vanity on the second bed - he must have made over 12 of them during the week!

The Cruise Director, Troy Linton did a good job and had a good team of social hosts. The Captain's cocktail party was nice; held in the starry lounge and along deck 2; drinks and hot appetizers were served. There were several occasions and setting for formal pictures and the photographers did a good job.

The past guest cocktail party was held on Tuesday in the Taj Mahal lounge; there was a party for each dinner seating. The lounge was crowded


Key West: Did a pub crawl... Margarittaville, Sloppy Joe & Hog's Breath Saloon and meet with different Kirbi Cruisers at each stop!.

Cozumel: This is my favorite island and I knew exactly what I wanted to do; Along with Moonie, Ann & Dee, we spent the morning at Mr. Sancho's beach club ($12/cab) and went back to town ($17/cab) for our stop at the "new" Carlos & Charlies located by the new pier.. Well the place is very nice but I kind of miss the old small C&C.. It now looks like a Cancun C&C and it is located within a new plaza with upscale stores and boutiques; it is a lot more commercial.. But the fun is still there! We then took a cab back to the pier for a last stop at Fat Tuesdays. There is a new bar/restaurant opened across Fat Tuesdays which seemed interesting. Leaving Cozumel at 4pm is way too early!

Belize: We missed that stop due to bad weather making tendering to shore too dangerous.

Progresso: I had been there last November and liked walking the streets and spending some time by the ocean but this time, I needed to rest and opted to stay on the ship at the aft pool with my kleenex boxes and cherry halls cough drops! Debarkation:

As a non-US citizen, I was asked to be at the Starry Lounge by 6:45 to through immigration. The process was so smooth and efficient; much better than in Miami. My cabin steward told me I could relax in my cabin until they call my color (peach) but since I wanted to see a few Kirbi cruisers before leaving the ship I declined his offer and went up at the Mermaid Grill where I did find a few of them. Peach was called second and I was off the ship by 8:50am. I took the Carnival transfer to the airport and then Mears transportation to the Sheraton Studio City on International Drive in Orlando. I spent my last day visiting and shopping and flew back the next day to Montreal.


An very good cruise despite the fact I missed half of it because I was sick.. But I tried to make the most out of it. The highlight of this trip was to meet all the Kirbi cruisers with whom I have been in contact for almost a full year. I feel so fortunate to have new friends all over the USA and hope we will have the opportunity to meet again. For the time being we are still in contact through our group board.. Until we decide where to go next!!

Feel free to email for specifics!


Montreal, Canada

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: March 2, 2002

My 3-2-02 Western Caribbean Pride cruise review: Well, not sure where to begin!!!!!! So will start from the beginning. Back in Oct, 2000 during the Cruise Critic Bingo bash I started planning this group cruise. I ended up with 52 cruisers & some tag a longs (you know who you are!!!! LOL). After more than a year of planning we finally met at the Radisson in Port Canaveral, (this was a big highlight of my entire trip, from the very beginning, I felt like I had known everyone for years.)

Our flight into Orlando was great, we had a Tiffany Town car waiting for us, the cost was $70.00 + tip. When we arrived at the Radisson Thurs. night, it was great walking in & recognizing some of the group from pictures (Dennis, Denise, Ron & Lyn thanks for the great welcome). Then while we were still visiting, Moonie, Ann & Dee showed up, so got to bed late. The next morning was the delayed Shuttle launch, so we set our alarms to get up @ 6 AM to watch the launch, boy were we glad we did, it was

an amazing sight to see, well worth it. During the day we rented a taxi to take us to the liquor store, cost was $10.00, we just packed the bottles securely in our checked luggage to take on the ship the next day.

That evening we had our Pre cruise cocktail party @ the Radisson, I highly recommend this motel. The Radisson also had a tennis court in the middle of the complex & a small work out room with a treadmill & bike. We really didn't have a lot of time there, wish we could have spent more time around the pool & hot tub. Also if you get a suite you will have a very nice Jacuzzi tub in the room.

The next morning we walked next door & had breakfast @ Zachary's, then caught the Radisson shuttle to the port. Embarkation was a breeze, since I was able to use the Skippers Club. Within 1/2 hr. of arriving we had the sail n sign cards, our picture taken & had found our cabin.

As everyone has stated before, this ship is just beautiful. We never felt crowded & could always find a quiet spot to have a drink. Be sure to check out the Sunset Garden, it is very romantic. We then headed to the Lido deck for our 1st drink of the day & grabbed a light lunch from the Mermaid grill. The muster drill went as usual & then returned to the aft Lido deck for sail a way gathering with many of the posters from the Cruise Critic board & the group. We thought the food @ the grill was much better on this ship than the others we'd been on. There was a lot of variety to chose from & at each station was a menu of what was being served. We opted not to go to David's Supper Club, since the food & service in the dining room more than meets our expectations, but heard only good comments throughout the week. Our waitress, Dianna & her assistant Nicholi both from Romania were the absolute best. Ken the Maitre'D deserved more than the recommended tips as well,(even though he brought me those shots of tequila on the last night, real funny group LOL). He has an amazing voice & you can purchase one of his CD's if you want a souvenir. For the most part all of the food in the dining room was very tasty & to our satisfaction.

As for our cabin, we were on Deck 5, cat. 11-5266 corner aft, oversized balcony. I personally would not spend the money again for this type of cabin, I would be fine & just as happy with a cat 8 - balcony cabin guarantee & if upgraded that would be the bonus. This particular suite, the cabin size is a little smaller than the other mid ship suite we looked at, but the balcony was larger, the wrap around is kind of a joke & we did notice the black ash at times on the lawn chairs, also the plexi glass is at an angle so all of the balcony under the top of the rail is wasted as well, we had some garbage from the upper decks at time collect under the railing section & when they washed off the upper decks you better be ready for a shower, the water pours off the eves, luckily we never got drenched. There were 2 lounge chairs, 2 regular chairs & a small end table, but I feel that for 2 people there is no need to have such a large balcony, a lot of wasted space in my opinion, although it was nice when entertaining or visiting with our new friends from the group & that was one of the reasons for booking that particular cabin & balcony. The bathroom was very nice, no need for clothespins since we had a sliding door instead of a shower curtain, did not use the Jacuzzi tub, the double sinks were nice as well as all of the storage shelves on either side of the big mirror. There was a shampoo & shower gel dispenser mounted on the wall that was always full & a retractable clothesline to hang your wet clothes which we used. There was more closet space in the cat. 8's than in this room which seemed odd, but upon entering the cabin there is a long hallway which again in my opinion was just more wasted space, I would have rather had more closet space since we had to remove the bottom closet rod in order to have enough space to hang my longer dresses & by doing this the closet was too full. The one thing we did every night was bungee cord the balcony door open & could lay in bed & look out at the stars, this did shut off the air conditioner, but we preferred not having the cold air blowing on us, we also enjoyed the sound of the ocean & at any time during the night could just step out side & enjoy the fresh air. We also did notice the vibration that others had mentioned in this cabin location, especially upon entering & leaving ports.

Probably our biggest complaint was the itinerary times, leaving all of the ports way too early. If it wasn't for all the great people in the group, this would have made for very long & boring days, we're not much for laying around in the sun, we don't gamble, watch TV or read, so we ended up drinking & visiting more. LOL

The day at Key West, we took a bus parked outside the terminal into town & was dropped off near the Market area, found our way to Duvall street & did some shopping along the way for souvenirs, while finding all of the well known pubs. (The stars & stripes T-back in the window display at one of the stores ended up on Moonie (who we had somehow nicknamed flossy!!!! HEHE ) & made for a great many laughs throughout the cruise, much better than the dental floss one she was wearing at the Radisson. LOL) We ate lunch at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville & had their famous margarita followed by a Key Lime Shooter( very tasty), then on to Sloppy Joe's & Fat Tuesdays, we ended up at Hog's breath Saloon & before we knew it, it was time to catch the trolley back to the port, had to stop at the Naval search area to show your picture ID & sail n sign card, then again at the ship.

Next stop was going to be Belize, but had to skip this port due to bad weather, we were very disappointed mainly because our tour that Ken (Bigdog) had worked so hard to co-ordinate was also canceled. We were 100% reimbursed for our tour excursion & had $20.00 pp added to our sail n sign card, you could check your balance at any time on the TV in your cabin, which was nice, also could order excursions on the TV. So with missing the day at Belize we had another day at sea, with high waves & the ship rocking, many on board were feeling sea sick & was it was too cold to really enjoy the lido deck for very long, the gift shop sold a lot of sweatshirts this day. It was a day to rest.

Cozumel was a hot day, did our shopping early on, took a taxi from the port to the downtown area. We ended up at Carlos & Charlies. It was a big surprise when the waiter offered us a shot & we accepted, then the whistle started blowing & oh my goodness, what happened next was pretty funny. The margaritas were strong & the place is loud, the photographer is right there with his camera & with a frame it will cost you $23.00 for an 8 X 10 photo. We tried to organize a group picture, ended up we don't know half the people in the picture, LOL, but we're all having fun anyway. Will try to scan it & post later. Stopped by the duty free shops on the way back to the ship & got my vanilla & rum cakes. Also had some smaller bottles of tequila that the store clerk had wrapped in brown paper that was tucked among my souvenirs & everything made it through x-ray without any trouble.

In Progresso, once we got off the ship, did not want to wait in line with everyone to fill the buses, so we walked up & got a taxi, it was $6.00, their was 6 of us, so very cheap & fast. The pier is very long & lots of remodeling going on. The taxi dropped us off at the plaza market place where there were lots of places to buy souvenirs; we priced the hammocks & decided to wait until we were ready to leave to buy anything. Then we took off walking & found a lot of old run down small shops, the people were quiet & didn't pay much attention to us, we found this walk to be very interesting. There were some armed police officers on a few of the street corners, but I never felt afraid. We ended up at the beach front, which is postcard beautiful, I'm sure it won't be long & this area will be all built up for the tourists, there was a lot of remodeling going on along this part of town. We also walked by a school, all of the children ran up to the iron bars & peaked through to see us. They were all dressed in uniforms & very polite, but curious. Some of the children who were not in school were peddling jewelry & other goods around the beach, they did not barter as much as the adults. We had stopped at a bar/restaurant for a drink & the waiter brought us a huge tray of appetizers, they said "on the house" I was leery at first to eat them, but did anyway, had no problems later so that's a good sign, we then paid for our drinks & walked across the street to the beach, was visiting with part of our group when the same waiter came over to me with a glass & blender full of margaritas & asked " more?" I nodded yes & he poured my drink & also gave me the blender!!, motioned to keep it & bring it back when I was finished, LOL very trusting, so as we were leaving, he met us half way in the street with a big smile & thank you, needless to say we found this port to be very interesting. Also ended up with 3 wonderful hammock chairs of the highest quality & vibrant colors, paying only $20.00 apiece. The trip back to the port we just got another taxi, but again not enough time here.

While on the ship, we spent a few nights in the piano bar, not as much fun as on the Victory, but the groupies who hung out there loved it when the piano man sang Lucille, they had there own chorus to sing each time, LOL I didn't like the layout of the piano as much either. We really enjoyed the Starry night lounge, the music by "Music Society" was great. Never made it to the Butterflies lounge much, did attend both shows in the Taj Mahal, had seen Vroom before, but was just as good the 2nd time around. Watched the talent show, but they only had 6 acts, would like to have seen more talent & less talking by the CD, Troy. Oh yes, as far as the Starry night lounge, wished it would have stayed open longer for those of us wanting to dance, the only other place to go after they closed was the disco. There were a lot of the songs played in the disco that "no one" could dance to, but we gave it our best. LOL, if you want to do any visiting it will be very hard to do while in the disco. Also, if you wear heels be very careful when you walk downstairs to the dance floor, there was a lot of drinks that got spilled there & very slippery (Oh yea that reminds me, the Lido deck was also extremely slippery, saw a few people slip & fall.) I did attend the Lido deck party, it was a lot of fun watching the lipsync contest, even more fun since I had met some of the contestants. Congratulations to CraZchic (Sarah) for her win, You girls from Michigan really do "Just want to have fun" LOL.

I had a great vacation getting to meet all of my new friends, but next time I will research the itinerary a little better & that will be my 1st priority for choosing another cruise, the Pride is a gorgeous ship & I'm glad I got to sail on it, but most likely will not go the Western Itinerary again. If you have any further questions, feel free to email me @ Thanks and Just remember your cruise is what you make of it, a bad day on vacation is better than no vacation at all. Kirbi aka Cheryl

Kirbi Montreal, Canada

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: June 29, 2002

We are two couples, no kids, all between 30 and 40 years of age. THE FLIGHT Our trip started out early Friday morning, 6/28. We flew USAirways from Philadelphia to Orlando, departing and arriving on time with no issues. Just a reminder if you haven't flown since 9/11, eat before you go. This was a short flight and we didn't even get a bag of snack mix on board. We were very comfortable with security and my boyfriend who was carrying nothing on board, was asked to step aside for a pat-down search. They were random wand-searching at the gate. It is now necessary to show your photo identification at the entrance to the jet way with your boarding pass. Having it available speeds up boarding. AVIS, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS & THE RADISSON Our friends arrived an hour earlier in Orlando and went to pick up our Avis rental car (a mini-van we got for $49 through the Avis website). They were waiting for us in baggage claim and we were off J From the airport we headed to Universal Studios to spend the day. Any and all Entertainment books have a

discount coupon for Universal Studios, if you plan on going, take your coupon. We played all day and headed out around 6 to the Radisson at Port Canaveral. We arrived shortly after 7 p.m. and had reserved two rooms at the FALL special rate of $59 per night. The resort is beautiful but disastrously managed. Had it not been for the location and the great rate, I would be writing a complaint letter today. We were able to drop off our Avis rental car here and spend the night and that was all we really needed. The front desk staff seemed to be all under the age of 25 and didn't know what they were doing. The young man couldn't find my reservation and it turned out he was spelling my name incorrectly (he had my credit card in his hand). Three times during check-in I asked about the shuttle to the pier before he actually acknowledged it. He then asked me what time we would like to go. We wanted to be there early and asked for a 10:30ish shuttle. He told us there was no space available until 1:30 p.m. We did end up getting on a shuttle at 10:20 a.m. thanks to our fellow Cruise Critic Cruisers (thanks, Lew, Mel and Ron). Ron ended up leaving the Radisson because of some service issues and we got his place on the shuttle. Several people in our group had service issues there, but I'll let them post their own versions. EMBARKATION I am not ashamed to say that I squealed with delight as the ship came into view from the shuttle. We arrived at the pier around 10:55 a.m. and were checked in with our sign and sail cards by 11:15. They gave us a letter that we would be able to board at 11:30 but were not to go to our rooms until 12:30 p.m. The port is relatively new looking and air conditioned. There was not enough seating but we didn't wait very long before we began moving. We got our pictures taken and then headed onto the ship. Since our dining time and table assignment were correct, we headed directly to the Lido deck for a drink. Here is my first pointer - at some point during the cruise, ride the atrium glass elevators from top to bottom with no interruptions. You may have to do this super early or super late, but it will be worth it. The atrium was beautiful and we had no trouble getting to the Lido pool area. We had our first drink, and then our second drink and set off on a tour of the ship. We went back down to level 2 and zigzagged up and down the decks checking out everything. Don't miss a peek into the Sunset Garden, Butterfly Lounge or any of the other nooks and crannies. Use the little map they give you and see it all. We did pop in to the dining room to see where our table was and were very happy with the location. THE CABIN At 12:30, we headed up to check out our cabin and drop off our carry-ons. We had originally booked and 8A guarantee. Sometime in the spring, they were offering an upgrade to an 8C if you booked and 8A. I called my travel agent to inquire about an upgrade to an 8C guarantee. Carnival offered us an 8I cabin, 8170 with an extended balcony on the Panorama deck. Our friends were next door. We had ordered drink coupons, wine and to my surprise, roses, all of which were waiting in our cabin at 12:30. Our only warning with this cabin is that it is directly below the Lido deck pool area. Like clock work every morning we could hear the staff setting up the chairs for the day. I am a very light sleeper but would fall back to sleep as soon as it was done. We were still happy with the cabin and had no regrets. Don't forget your bungee! We slept with the door open every night and loved it. Our cabin steward was Chiron and he was very friendly. He emptied out our refrigerator and left it that way all week. We never asked for ice, but our bucket was filled twice a day. We had towel animals every night except the first. Other than the noise in the am, we had no issues with the cabin or our cabin steward. We left the recommended tip for him on our Sign and Sail and left him extra in cash with a thank-you note. THE DINING ROOM What a treat! We had a booth for 4 (table number 174) during the late seating. Our waiter was Isuigartha from Indonesia and Rolin was his assistant. We nicknamed our waiter "Sugar" and he was a joy. Let me say that on different nights, our meal arrived at different speeds due to the amount of people who did or didn't show up for dinner. Sugar was always around and let us know what was going on. Almost every night he showed up with extra entrees or appetizers or desserts for us to try, without us asking. On lobster night he arrived at our table with 2 more tails, just because. Rolin was quiet the first and second night, but Sugar's enthusiasm was contagious. By the middle of the week, he was delivering our espresso, regular and decafs to the right people without even being asked. Again, we left the recommended tip amounts on our Sign and Sail accounts and gave them both extra in cash with thank you notes on the last night. I will say here that I am very disappointed at how many people didn't show up to dinner on the last night. Even with tips already on your Sign and Sail, there were 7 tables adjacent to us where NO ONE showed up. As someone who works with the public all day every day, please say THANK YOU. It can change the whole tone of your day because it is so rare to hear it. THE MAITRE'D The fabulous Ken wasn't there L We had someone named Gerry who was pleasant enough. Here is my number one issue with this cruise (and I have very few). Since the maitre'd is not included in the automatically billed tips, they remind you all week that if you "enjoyed your dining room experience, Gerry, your maitre'd, is ultimately responsible for everything that goes on in the dining room". The Gala Buffet was held in the dining room - what a frickin' disaster! Gerry, my man, you failed miserably here. The Gala Buffet was available for eating from 11:30 p.m. until 12:30 a.m. We were in line from 11:30 until 12:20 when we finally reached the devastation. There was virtually no food left unless you wanted deviled eggs with caviar, apples or some scary looking cake with yellow jello on top. This was the only time all week when we were unhappy with our vacation and felt like Carnival dropped the ball. Since Gerry, our maitre'd, was ultimately responsible for everything that goes on in the dining room, we tipped him accordingly. POOLS, DECK CHAIRS and KIDS FROM HELL People, sleep in. There are plenty of deck chairs. We saw unused deck chairs still stacked up all week. If you absolutely MUST have a chair by the pool, please keep the following things in mind- I was out at 7 a.m. one day and chairs immediately surrounding the pool were already being spoken for. The pool staff laughs at you. To the guy who put one flip flop about 10 chairs, no sooner did you walk away then did they dump them in a big pile on the deck. On the same note, bring your own beach towels. We had four chairs, 2 with beach towels and 2 with Carnival towels. We also had books, suntan lotion, a newspaper and a beach bag as well as a pair of flip flops for every chair. Someone stole one of our Carnival towels and we were about as far from the pool as you could get(NOT EVEN ON THE SAME DECK!). Luckily, I managed to get another towel that was blowing across the Sun Deck like a tumbleweed. No one came after it, so I kept it and we were not charged. Some time ago I read the post about kids in the pool in diapers. Some very astute person used the phrase "Fecal tea-bags" and I have chuckled about it ever since. Not anymore. What the heck is the matter with you people? On the last full day on board the aft pool had to be drained and scrubbed down with a chemical rinse because somebody who obviously had no concern for anyone else's safety or enjoyment let their little rugrat in the pool in a diaper. You would have thought that the ship was going down as people screamed and scrambled out of the pool as the little rugrat blew out his Pampers and sent a gift floating to the pool's surface. What a way to spend your last day at sea - the staff had to drain the pool, bring out the chemicals, and take down reports and witness statements! If you thought it was funny or you have even considered letting your little angel into the pool in a diaper, please don't. There is a kiddie pool is they are still in diapers and you won't risk ruining a deck full of people's day at sea or your own filling out incident reports. ROCKIN' & ROLLIN' The weather was beautiful. The water was rough. Folks, this ship moves. Don't panic, it's not enough to worry about. When we were on the Victory last year, we felt the ship move exactly one time during the whole cruise. No one was sick that we saw or heard about, and we stopped taking our meclizine and ginger half way through the week and we were fine. We actually enjoyed the motion, it reminded us we were on a ship. THE PORTS Half Moon Cay - what a tease. These boards told me that they would hand out tender tickets earlier than listed. The time listed in the Capers was 9:30 am in the Starry Night Lounge. I was there at 8:45 a.m. and two of the ship's dancers came in with numbered mailing labels around 9:15ish. Now, I thought they were tender tickets, but apparently they were the last gold ticket needed to tour Willy Wonka's factory because they mob rushed them and trampled everyone in the process. Though there were only about 25 other people in the lounge when I got there, I ended up with four mailing labels, I mean tender tickets for life boat # 3. Here's the tease. I was pretty proud of myself for not trampling anyone, not stealing a sheet of mailing labels from the pile and still getting a fairly early tender. As I sat down in my cabin to admire my mailing labels, the announcement came over that Half Moon Cay wasn't going to happen for us on this cruise. Instead, we would be going to San Juan the next night from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m. San Juan - I was not happy about this port. I had heard not so good things about San Juan but was trying to remain positive. I'm glad I did. It's a beautiful port and we were happy we went. We got off the ship and took a 2 hour city tour for $15 a person from a man standing at the end of the pier. There were maybe 10 of us in his shuttle van and he was very knowledgeable. He took us to the Old Fort where we were able to get out and walk around for a half-hour, and also we toured both the new and old parts of the city. He left us off a few blocks from the ship (or he would take you back) and we ate at a little restaurant called La Bombanero. It was good food, though the service was a little off. From there we walked to Hard Rock and made our way back to the ship. They gave us a deck party that night as we pulled out of port and it was very cool seeing the city all lit up and the Old Fort illuminated as we headed back out to sea. This was one of the nicest parts of our trip, so we didn't miss Half Moon Cay too much. St. Thomas - since we didn't go to the Bahamas, it was not necessary to go thru immigration before we got off the ship. I think it's fair to say we hated St Thomas. You couldn't move 2 inches in town without someone hawking something. We did buy some rum and then headed back to the ship to get ready for the Kontiki Party Boat. Our friends took a snorkel excursion through the ship and were back before us. They actually heard the Kontiki returning to port and would see us (and we them) on the balcony. We enjoyed the Kontiki and would probably do it again. If we were to visit St Thomas again, we would avoid downtown at all costs. FYI, the ride downtown is a set rate of $3 per person each way. St Maarten - we took a cab to Orient Beach. The ride is a set rate of $5 per person each way and we had no trouble getting a cab in either direction. It is a beautiful beach once you get past the people hawking us to rent chairs and umbrellas. Whether you go left or right, you will see naked people here. We were on the left side and there were people in various stages of dress strolling the beach. We did walk down on the right side and almost everyone was naked or topless. There are bars, chairs and facilities on both sides. We enjoyed it there and would definitely go back. THE ENTERTAINMENT We went to the shows in the Taj Mahal every night except the last night. They were entertaining and served their purpose. We felt the comedians were a disappointment except for Michael Macy's adult show. It was hysterical and my face hurt from laughing for the rest of the night. The lounges had various types of music playing nightly. Check your capers and go hear what you like. The variety was wide and had something for everyone. Beauties, the disco was loud and security stood at the door keeping the kids out. It was nice to have a safe place from them, but the disco was VERY loud. The Starry Night Café was very cool and we went there several times to hear the band that played there. We didn't get to do anything in the Butterfly Lounge because this became the Under 21 club nightly when they got kicked out of the disco. I was disappointed about that as it was a really cool space and I would have liked to spent some time there. The Ivory Bar was something we didn't discover until the last night. This was the only place we saw loud and rowdy drunk people, but it was appropriate and sucked us in. Stop by one night and see if it is for you - we wish we had found it sooner. The talent show was something we almost skipped and I am glad we didn't. At the end, the crew did the skit "If I were not upon the sea." and it was great. I had heard about this vaguely but wasn't sure what it was. It was one of my favorite things on this cruise. OUR FELLOW SOULS ON BOARD Kids. During the day most of them were ok, although it was amazing to me how many people don't watch their kids on board and in the pool area. We could have (and were tempted) to throw some of them overboard and the parents would not have noticed. The only other time kids were a HUGE issue was at night coming out of the disco. At 10:30, the revolving door to the disco was like a fire drill gone wrong. We had the unfortunate experience of being at the bar just outside when they broke loose. I thought the bartender was going to cry as at least 50 kids knocked us out of their way brandishing soda cards as their ticket to the front of the line. My friend barely got to taste her $6 glass of wine as she was jostled about. The age group of other passengers was a good mix and we didn't see anyone obnoxiously drunk or rowdy. OTHER MISCELLANEOUS RIGAMAROLE No bridge tour on this cruise. Thanks a lot, Osama L Security was tight getting on the ship and they were on the ball. In St Thomas, some under age kids filled water bottles with rum or tequila. Because the seals were broken, the guards checked them and confiscated them. One of the kids was very loud and confrontational until the security guard threatened to release the "water" to his parents, then he quieted down, although not without calling the guard a name before moving on. Everything was scanned getting back on to the ship and the lines moved quickly. There was a table at the end of the scanner to deposit alcohol. Devin Fleming was our cruise director but was apparently leaving. Anyone know where? Also, does anyone know where Peter Gibbs is? He was our cruise director on the Victory and we really missed him. The guy at the deli counter told me the staff is switching ships next week, if anyone is interested. DEBARKATION - A breeze. Nowhere near as painful as we thought. We got a shuttle back to the Radisson for our rental car and headed off to Disney. Except for the Gala Buffet debacle, we loved this cruise and this ship. We are already thinking about another cruise and would recommend the Pride to anyone. Our one word of advice would be to remember that nothing in life is perfect, and at least you're not at work!
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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: March 13, 2002

Just returned from our cruise on the Pride - 4/13/02. We stayed for two nights at the Radisson at the port - great hotel and would highly recommend it to anyone arriving a day or two early. The pool area is really nice with waterfalls, tiki bar, whirlpool, etc. We are a family of four and had the standard room for $59 - it was plenty big enough. We had some in our group with the suite and it was very nice also. We ate at Flamingo's and the food was also great. The hotel offers free shuttles to the port but be sure to sign up for it when you check in.

We got to the ship around 10:30 and went quickly through check in - they did make everyone wait until 12:30 before they began boarding the ship. At 12:30 the lines were very long behind us but seemed to move smoothly. We were in our cabin by 12:45.

The ship was more toned down compared to other Carnival ships as far as the neon and glare go - although I still don't like the decor. It seemed

very dark to me and still had the "over the top" style of Carnival. I have never been a fan of Carnival's decor and this ship did nothing to change my mind. As has been stated, the nudes are everywhere - not offensive but there!!

The food was the best yet on any ship I have sailed including Royal Caribbean and Princess. The only thing we weren't impressed with it was the desserts. The rest of the menu was great. The dining room is wonderful and we loved the design of it. Ken sang most nights (he is very talented) and he is very personable and went out of his way to make our group happy. Even giving our group the Captain's Table which was not to be used for first seating so we could be 12 together (3 families of 4) versus an 8 and a 4. The service was very good and we did not notice any difference in service with the new tipping policy in effect (in the dining room at least).

We ate one night at David's and the food was wonderful but we felt very rushed -spoke to head waiter and it was slowed down for coffee and desert. We sat at our table at 6:00 and were done eating our mail course by 6:50!!!! We were told that others had complained about the service being too slow so they were trying to speed it up!! Also if you do eat here you may want to consider a later reservation as I think the atmosphere would be much nicer when it is dark outside (this was the only time our group could get). Would recommend trying David's to anyone.

We have sailed on many Carnival ships and found the crowd on the Pride to be much older - the majority of cruisers were over 50. We sail the same week each year (our April vacation) and it is usually packed with families and teens - there were 300 kids on board compared to 700-800 normally on Carnival. The 300 were mostly older teens and younger children - rarely saw any of them. So if you are looking for a ship with an older crowd this may be the ship for you. We were a little disappointed. We were with a group of 40 so we made our own fun but I would have been bored had we been alone on this ship. Extremely quiet at night. The lounges were empty at night except for Karokee (sp)???? Sorry, but I don't see the attraction for this type of entertainment. The disco was empty every night along with all the other lounges. We spent every night hanging around the Lobby bar - very nice bar with a wonderful guitar player.

The casino slots were very TIGHT! Very few winners at all during the week - everyone was complaining. The black jack tables and craps seemed to be paying though. Didn't go to any shows so I can't comment on them.

The cabins seemed smaller compared to other Carnival ships - could be just. We had a category 8E. The balcony was good size with a small table, chair and two lounge chairs. Our cabin steward (first time I don't know our steward's name) was not very attentative - constantly had to ask for ice. We asked him on the first day to empty out the fridge for us - by the second time we asked he did this but left all the contents on top of the desk/dresser. We asked him 3 times to remove this from the cabin and finally put it all in a green garbage bag and it was taken.

The new towel policy stinks and did nothing but cause people to feel Carnival is trying to make a buck!! We were 4 in our cabin and were only given 2 towels all week (we had brought our own and didn't use Carnival's). by the last night the steward found us and said we were missing two towels and we were going to be charged $22 each for them. We explained that we were only given two all week and they sat on the deck. He said that was not true and he would have to charge us. We told him if and when the charge appeared on our Sail and Sign bill we would be removing his tip. He smiled and said he would find a way to "replace" the missing towels and this was the last we heard of it. Someone else in our group was charged for a towel but didn't notice until they were off the ship. Be sure to check your bill for these charges. This was the first time we considered not leaving a tip for our cabin steward but decided to leave it on the bill - had we used the standard method of tipping with the envelope I am sure we would have left nothing but a token tip to him.

If Carnival instituted this towel policy to help eliminate the chair saving it is not working! The chair saving was in full swing and we witnessed 2 major fights on deck (we only had 2 days at sea). Not sure what the answer is to this problem although Royal Caribbean did have deck people removing stuff from saved chairs last year and this was a big help.

For the ports we shopped and rented mopeds on Key West - great place and would love to spend a few days here - although very expensive. In Belize we went Cave Tubing with Reggie ($60 pp vs Carnival's $79) - it was great and would recommend it to others. Reggie was a lot of fun and it is much nicer to be in a small group versus the ship's tour of hundreds. In Cozumel we shopped. Most of our group went to Playa Sol and LOVED it - said they would have liked to spend more time there. In Progresso went to the open market which was fun and then walked to the beach. The beach area is beautiful and I think this will be a great place to visit in a few years - they are doing much building and development around the beach.

If anyone has any questions let me know.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: February 23, 2002

The Carnival Pride is truly a beautiful ship....The service was excellent...(Pursers office a bit hasty, trying to read your mind before you ask the question.)Overall great food and service...It is so sad that we had bad weather and could not enjoy Salt Cay or St. Thomas...Therefore it only left St. Maarten's to enjoy and that we did...the rest of the itenerary was sailing...sailing.. sailing...

One, would think ,because of the disappointing weather changing things , at least one drink would be complementary...or a half day at Salt Cay on our return would have been nice..unlike other cruise ships, no free drink was offered...there is special need to be given consideration of 2 out of 3 port days, weather was a problem...RAIN...and cruise lines should make an alternative port schedule for a make-up day when weather is great the following days.

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