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Summary: The most successful cruise line in history. Don't be misled, a high-quality cruise experience perfect for families and young couples, Fantastic value. the FUN ships, but not "party boats."


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Regions:Caribbean Eastern, Caribbean Western, Caribbean

Good for: First-time Cruisers. Families. Singles.

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Good for: Families. Singles. Seniors.

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Good for: Teens. First-time Cruisers. Families.

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Regions:Caribbean Eastern, Caribbean Western

Good for: Singles. Teens. Families.

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Regions:Caribbean Eastern, Caribbean Western

Good for: Singles. Families. Group.

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Good for: Overall Service. Seniors. Families.

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Good for: Singles. First-time Cruisers. Overall Service.

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Good for: First-time Cruisers. Families. Group.

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Good for: Families. Group. Singles.

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Good for: Value for Money. Overall Service. Children`s Programs.

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Good for: Families. Singles. Overall Service.

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Good for: Families. Teens. Children`s Programs.

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Good for: Families. Overall Service. Value for Money.

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Regions:Bahamas, Caribbean Eastern

Good for: Singles. Group. First-time Cruisers.

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Regions:Bahamas, Caribbean

Good for: Group. Singles. First-time Cruisers.

54 Reviews

Regions:Bahamas, Caribbean

Good for: Families. Singles. Value for Money.

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Good for: Singles. Families. Value for Money.

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Good for: Families. Seniors. Children`s Programs.

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Publication Date: September 2, 2012

I really enjoyed my cruise. Everything was excellent except lines in the buffet line, and room service. We ordered a peanut butter and jelly for my daughter at four pm. We left to go to dinner at the early seating (one hour and forty five minutes later) and we still had not seen room service. We wanted to go to dinner without her but we had to take her because her sandwich never came. We did not leave her at camp carnival because she would not eat. Also one night we had to call room service to order ice and that was a forty five minute wait. Needless to say again not happy with room service. We went on carnival spirit ship to Mexico also with almost a thousand lest people with same size buffets lines to long

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Publication Date: August 28, 2012

After several Caribbean cruises, decided on Alaska. Best food we have had on a Carnival ship. Good service from friendly and attentive staff. Ship is very easy to navigate. So NO problems there.

Main reason for review is BEWARE of excursions. Train ride in Skagway is expensive. Scenery if beautiful but train speed makes it difficult to take good pictures if that's "your thing." Trip is basically up the mountain, flip your seats at the top of the mountain, and back down again. In Juneau, the "Dog sled/Musher Camp" has to be the worst!! A five minute ride on a cart which has NO resemblance to a dog sled is the highlight. People know about the dogs and mushing but.... well over $ 100 per person!! YUK!

Did the Rainforest in Ketchikan. Interesting, but... we did see bald eagles in the wild, evidence of bears but no sightings; had hoped for that. Expensive but probably worth the $$ if you enjoy nature. -- In Victoria, people "hawking" the bicycle tours are "pushy." It's also expensive, $120 for two for two hours. Long walk into Victoria but shuttle is available. Since you are

in Victoria at night, limits what you can actually see.

Enjoyed the cruise but won't go there again

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Publication Date: August 17, 2012

hello. We are recently back from a 5 day cruise to Nassau and Half Moon Cay on the Fascination. We had a wonderful time. This was our third cruise (me-mid 50s; my husband-same; my son-19). We have always sailed this class (Paradise & Inspiration). Because the ships are similar, we are comfortable as soon as our foot hits the ship.

We had an ocean view cabin on the Riviera Deck (R20?). I was worried because we were so far back, but it was wonderful. We think we might have heard the anchor one morning, but it wasn't terribly loud; if I hadn't been up already, I might not have heard it. The room was clean and well maintained by Harvey. He slipped in and out and each time we returned the room was picture perfect. It seems like there is more space for storage than our last cruise in 08. My only complaint with the room is that my son's bed had to be "folded" up each day and, being a teenager he kind of likes his own space to lay around. Of course, we really weren't in the cabin

all that much so it was not a major problem.

We really enjoyed the entertainment on the ship. There was a song and dance team that did a fantastic job. I wish they had been on more!! We also enjoyed the comedians (Cowboy, the Comedian and John ..... Foyt? Ford?). I thought that on past cruises the entertainment had been more varied...maybe a hypnotist or magician, but it was either the song/dance troupe or the comedians. In any case, we ended up enjoying them very much. We did not attend the talent show, but when I saw some of it on the room tv I was sorry I hadn't gone. They used one of the professional singers to "back up" the talent and they really gave it some pizzazz. We also enjoyed the many trivia contests and the game show type specials.

Now, for the food. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't awfully good, either. There was always a variety, and I never went to bed hungry, but it just wasn't all that great. We ate in the main dining room 4 of the 5 nights and the food there was slightly better. My son had been looking forward to enjoying a steak but on the first night the head waiter told us that steak would not be a good idea this trip. The lobster was good and so was the salmon and the shrimp. The rolls were always good and the chocolate melting cake was quite good. I liked that they offered the didja ever? items as well as a traditional menu each night (always the same) as well as entrees du jour. The lido deck wasn't bad, either. They had lots of fresh fruit and salad and some interesting things to try like baked fish or stuffed baked tomatoes and there were always hot dogs and hamburgers by the pool! The Mexican Fiesta food was very tasty and we enjoyed the whole thing! The pizza was blah, not enough sauce or cheese and no matter how many times my son asked for calzone and the pizza guy said okay, my son never actually received the calzone! That being said, we don't cruise to eat and it all worked out fine. We'd sail Fascination again.

Ports: I had never been to Half Moon Cay and that was a big factor in choosing this particular cruise. It was all it was reported to be!! It was a perfect beach day. There were plenty of chairs with soft soft sand and the water was absolutely perfect. I had a delicious drink and the jerk chicken and variety of salads at the luncheon barbque were very tasty. You could just sit and sun yourself, or play in the water or take an excursion. We enjoyed the beach and relaxed so we could get busy back on the ship! I was pleased that they had clean bathrooms and plenty of pic nic tables at lunch. Carnival did a great job adding to the enjoyment of the day.

Nassau: We had been to Nassau about 30 years ago and were disappointed by it this time (no fault of Carnival's, though). It was run down with lots of empty buildings. And boy, was it HOT!! It was so HOT that we actually went into Senior Frogs about 10:45 or 11 o'clock and had a refreshing drink. It was a blast. The place was loud and fun and my 19 year old really enjoyed it. He had an opportunity to order a LEGAL drink there and soak up the atmosphere. Afterwards, we returned to the pier for our excursion to tour the Dig & the Aquarium at Atlantis. The tour was very interesting and Atlantis is just beautiful. We had a nice afternoon, finishing our tour in time to grab a slice of pizza at the marina before catching the bus to return to the ship. I appreciated that while we waited for our chartered through Carnival bus to fill up the air conditioner was on!! The bus itself was very clean and comfortable.

We just loved our cruise. We enjoyed sitting outside (in the shade) and being able to people watch. We enjoyed the entertainment. Either the beds were super comfortable or we were so busy during the day that we slept quite soundly and peacefully at night!! One morning we woke up to find some water on the bathroom floor. We told our steward and after he apologized for the inconvenience, he got someone in to take care of it right away. When we returned to the cabin 3 hours later you'd never know there had been any problem at all.

We were pleased with how friendly everyone was. While walking through the hallways to get to our cabin each and every steward made sure they said hello AND SMILED!! what a way to start my day! The head waiter of our section came by every night to make recommendations and after dinner to see how everything was. The server remembered us by name (and by drink!). They were all terribly polite and did a great job.

All in all we thought the cruise was a great value for our $$$. We particularly like that if we want to busy, there is a lot to do and if we want to relax there's plenty of opportunity for that too. The cruise was lots of fun and.......we wish we were still there!! Best to all!

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: August 8, 2012

Overall experience with my 2nd carnival cruise, which we have done more with other cruise lines, was OK! The kids (8 & 6) loved it, but my wife and I had our issues.

embarkation: The only way to get on the boat is through VIP check-in, we were on the boat less that 10 minutes from being dropped off by the shuttle. Our room #9205 was set-up for 4, was a jr. suite and had plenty of storage and space for kids. with balcony, bed was comfortable,and in a section at the end of the hall where you heard nothing most of the time.

Leaving out of galveston, you had all sorts of people, and we noticed that a lot of couples were onboard. This makes me laugh, cause you know the KIDS rule the ship and swimming pools. Mostly all the kids were in the pools and hot tubs... if you think that the carnival ship is a place to romantic hot-tub relaxing... your wrong! all kids were jumping in and out (including mine) in the hot tubs and got many patrons upset.SORRY! Food: I have better, it the same

"Ryans, Furrs, or Golden Corral quality. We had breakfast in the main dining room to avoid the crowds, but that was super bad, and getting worse through the days. Every ham/chesse omelette, arrrive burned, burned enough to peel it open.

Drinks were ok but weak, had to have double shots,or drink beer. Formal dining is ok, but seemed rushed most nights. Food ok, nothing special, was disappointed with desserts like cherrys jubillee, and baked alaska. Ordered mostly on repeat food item menu.

Music on deck was too loud, and such old songs played, and I'm 55. would have like more upbeat tropical or dance music. Shows were bad. New Orleans finale show was stupid... didn't even celebrate Mardi Gras other that beads and streamers. Shore excursion: cozumel Great place for beach... Passion Island is great but to crowded... carnival dream was at port too. Progresso was horrid... vendors unbearable and transfer to ship/town ridicules. My kids dreaded kids camp, did not send them after seeing several kids crying for their "mommies". Staff was nice, not overly friendly, seemed to me that they were overworked or irritated. Some were just forced to say Good morning as we walked the halls.

The whole amostsphere of the Triumph was good, It's a GREAT ship for KIDS to enjoy. The water slide, pizza, and ice cream were my kids favs... wished they would show better movies on deck instead of oldies like :sweet home alabama. That was wierd. Photots on board are good. We brought so many, just because you pay just as much with a sitting in a studio with possible 2 backgrounds, whereas we had multiple scene backdrops that we paid close to %250.00/ same price. Overall good cruise, just as I expected, My kids love shopping at Walmart, and make any opportunity to go there, Carnival Triumph is the same quality and standards as such.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: August 6, 2012

Let me just say CARNIVAL just wants your money after they get your credit card they could care less about you. We was lied to. We was told we would get rembursment for something that was canceled never have...after many calls the customer service on the ship is long lines only to get no answers...Oh the lady with the cruise line who was booking my trip was nice real sweet as sugar so helpful....after you get back try calling that phone number they have you blocked you go to another team who could care less....the food lines was long sometimes there was no tables to eat at but only outside. It tasted like it came out of a vendig machine to me...if you are going to the half moon island look out pretty place if you can ever get over there...they give out numbers you have to wait until you are called half the day was gone by the time we got over and they took up the food at 2:00 so we got no lunch my daughter is diabetic and here we was on island notthing but beer and

mixed drinks and they had canceled taking people to the ship because of heavy swells. I had to walk for an hour looking for someone who cared and worked for the boat so we got on the island and an hour and a half later we was leaving it no fun no food and they stuff us in the bottom of a boat with windows closed and smell of gas I got sick passed out and they charged me $90 for some my whole day was shot to hell...

This was to be my last vacation with my daughters who was off to college I am a single mom so I was wanting it to be a good memorable trip for all of us and it was as I call it the trip to hell the captain sends out a letter to everyoe to apologize for that day...but the trip only got worst. You could never get into the pools because they was small and was full of little kids jumping there was no enjoyment but at the dining room table at night ordering some food that did not taste like paper...but even waiting to get into the room peope was in the hall way pushing to get in.

I wrote carnival a 12 page letter of my tip there was not many high lights on there I get back a 4 line we try to make everyone have a fun filled trip and memorable one best wishes....HELLO..HELLO I just sent you12 pages of all the paroblems we had and even pictures to back it up paid to have it signed for and thats all I got back from them...

I feel they are laughing all the way to the bank ....they got my money I got the trip from hell and my daughter and I have never told anyone we even went on a vacation this year and if we are ask we start to get upset and well this should tell you stay away....spend your money on a real boat that cares....if you want to got on the worst trip of your life go on a canival boat....but do not say I did not tell you ahead....They will never get another penny or good word from me....Thank you again Carnival for the hell cruise....and this was my first one and will be my last with you people......

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Publication Date: July 7, 2012

My husband's wallet went missing while we were visiting Half Moon Cay. As soon as we knew it was missing, we went to the guest services desk on board the Carnival Fascination. Since we were already under way, there was nothing they could do but file a report and help us cancel all the credit cards.

The next evening, the same person who took the report told us the wallet had been located in the locker at the Sports Center. It would be a process to get it back, but he was sure we would eventually. We were very relieved.

After we got home, I contacted Carnival to let them know where to send the wallet when it finally got to their office.

Imagine my surprise when I got the following response from the Carnival "iCare" team in Miami: We truly apologize that you were given incorrect inforamtion. At this time we have not located the wallet. If we locate the wallet you will be contacted. We truly apologize for any miscommunication there may have been.

It's bad enough to lose your wallet while you're in a foreign country, but being flat-out

lied to is adding insult to injury. We won't be cruising with Carnival again, neither will we recommend them to anyone. There are plenty of other cruise lines to choose from.
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Publication Date: September 30, 2012

Overall, cruise was ok.We have been on other cruiselines in the past and this was the first on Carnival.Pros and Cons,

Pros- Value,Cabin size(we had a balcony cabin),Room Steward( Dennis),Pool Drink Runner( Roderic),average ship activities, casino(actually won money)

Cons- Buffet(closed at 3:00pm),drink prices

Again, overall the cruise was ok.Splendor was very clean and to be honest any time away from work is good.Would we take it again.... I would say yes so go and enjoy !!!

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Other (Specified in Review)
Publication Date: September 10, 2012

Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Inspiration by R. Wals Other (Specified in Review) September 10, 2012

Cruise: Catalina, Ensenada Mexico

A very pleasant cruise and an overall excellent service, this is our 4th cruise with Carnival.

The one terrible flaw: the "live shows" the performers were not really singing but "screaming", I do not believe it is necessary to scream their heads off. Not everyone is deaf or semi-deaf you must realize that there are many people with very sensitive sense of hearing, perhaps you can offer at the entrance of the theater a set of ear plugs in order to attenuate the awful sound or maybe to lower the volume of the amplifiers. Needless to say, we had to leave the show after only 3 minutes.

Thank you very much indeed: Ramon Wals

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: August 2, 2012

Just returned from the Miracle. We have taken approximately 30 cruises, about 10 of which have been on Carnival where we have "gold" status which means absolutley nothing. We didn't even receive an invition to the Captain's past passenger party. The experience was medicore but adequate. We found the food to have shown the greatest decline both in quality and selection. There seemed to be one temperature for serving all food - warm. I do not eat meat & the fish selections were overcooked, dried out & had a heavy fishy odor. Overall, service was almost non-existent. I often bussed my own table in the buffet and my mom, who uses a cane, was offered assistance once throughout the trip. Forget being offered coffee at your table.

On Celebrity, there would have been someone there to carry her tray (and mine too) as well as refill coffee cups. Staff was detached and almost none, including officers, greeted passengers in passing. Dining room service was awful. Night after night, course after course were taken away untouched yet not once were we asked if there was anything wrong. The waitstaff is very poorly trained

- no fresh pepper, no clearing of crumbs from the tabletop, no follow-up after serving the course or beverage. After 6 nights of disjointed service such as one of us being served soup & the other an appetizer followed by the other being served soup & the other her app, I asked why courses weren't served together. I received a shrug of the shoulder & was told that they serve it the way they grab it off the line. This is supposed to be dining, not a cafeteria. My mom had an allergic reaction to something she ate which caused her face to swell. The medical staff was aware of this as was the dining room staff yet when she requested her meals be served without sauces, she was told that it wasn't possible. Completley unacceptable!

Room service was very limited and you must request the menu as none are left in the cabins. No fresh flowers anywhere, no ice carvings, no midnight buffet & limited dining in the dining room on certain days with regular menus being replaced by a brunch menu which does not change. Tips were added to your onboard account daily for a total of $92 per person. Given the level of "service" we received, I find this amount excessive although we did not ask for it to be removed or reduced. I found the ship to be dark and claustrophobic. In fact, it was downright ugly.

There is a new area aft called "Serenity" which was adult only & nice. I was told it is about 5 months old. Unfortunately, it is too small to accomodate the volume of passengers who want to use it. They offer circular cabanas & 4 hammocks which were taken by 6 AM from the second day at sea on. I swear some of those people slept there! We were up there by 6 AM every morning in order to get 2 regular lounge chairs and I witnessed several arguments over chairs, hammocks & cabanas. Carnival should simply institute a sign up policy limiting the use of the cabanas to 3 hours at a time. This would be fair to everyone and eliminate the 6 AM stampede & resulting aggravation. Of course, their solution I hear is to begin charging passengers to use them. I'm not sure how water in the pools is maintained but they were never emptied and I never saw anyone check the bacteria levels or put in any chemicals. I heard folks complaining that the hot tubs were cold.

We had an extended balcony stateroom which seemed smaller than the usual Carnival cabin. The website shows a lounge chair on the extended balcony but despite a request from the pursar's desk, I was never provided one. The beds were comfortable but unusually narrow. The fabric at the head of the bed was stained which was disgusting. The bathroom was very comfortable & the shower/water pressure, excellent. Smoking was a significant problem for us and often prevented us from using our balcony. The band at "Frankie & Johnnie's" was very good but it was so smokey that we, along with many others who stood outside of the club, were unable to enjoy sitting inside & listening. After a while, it even became too smokey OUTSIDE the club so we left. Karaoke was held there at times which we enjoy but again, the smoke kept us away. I also tried "Frankensteins" but that too became overwhelmingly smokey so I had to leave. You needed a gas mask to walk through the casino. In fact, the first thing I noticed when I walked onto the ship was the scent of stale cigarette smoke. Not pleasant. I didn't find the cocktail waiters to be that aggressive but I witnessed several instances of overserving. On the first night, I came across a passenger so inebriated she could barely stand or speak; she had also gotten sick on herself. I helped her on to the elevator where a female security officer happened to be. When the doors opened, security led her off the elevator and got back on, leaving this very drunk woman alone in the hall to fend for herself. Sorry, but that is just irresponsible! Carnival clearly overserved her. At the very least, they should have assisted her to her cabin safely.

My biggest issue with the staff however relates to their utter lack of concern for handicapped people. We had been to Grank Turk previously and knew it was a long walk from the ship to the pool area. I tried over & over prior to the cruise to obtain information regarding assistance from the ship to the pool all to no avail. When we boarded, I immediatley went to customer service & they claimed no knowledge of any available assistance. Instead, they admitted that "many people have asked the same thing" yet they had no solution other than renting a wheelchair (which we didn't need) for the duration of the cruise at a cost of $128. Disgraceful.

My final comment relates to the pool area at Grand Turk. There is a mad rush to get off the ship at this port as the # of free chairs on the beach is limited. After finally getting to the pool, we noticed that the water wasn't as clear as we remembered and there was debris & hair floating around. We arrived at 1 with another Carnival ship having departed at 12 ish. After being in the water for about 20 minutes, security came running around the pool screaming for everyone to immediately get out. It seems an 8 year old girl from the prior ship had defecated in the pool and the bacteria level was too high. The solution was to throw in bags of chemicals and close the pool for almost 2 hours. While I understand that accidents happen, the way it was handled left much to be desired. The incident occured at least an hour before we arrived. NO ONE should have been allowed in that pool until after the bacteria levels were checked & it was safe. Needless to say, the day was ruined. We met people who had been on the Miracle in November & they talked about the changes they noticed. If Carnival thinks passengers aren't noticing the cuts they are making at our expense they are very wrong.

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Publication Date: July 7, 2012

Upon arrival on 7/7/12, as Ernest and I entered our room i met a gentlemen by the name of Daniel who introduced himself as our section house keeper. Ernest and I introduced ourselves as well. he seemed to be very nice, very enthusiastic, and had a big smile on his face but I felt something mysterious about him and I mentioned it to Ernest immediately. as the day went on I would notice as we both cross paths with Daniel approximately four to five times, he would say "hello brittany" with a creepy smile but would not greet Ernest.

(Day 2) 7/8/12. The same exact incident occurred with daniel every time we passed him, he would only greet Brittany with the same creepy smile but now there is waving involved. Later on that evening at 7pm, we were leaving our room to meet our ten family members for dinner. There was a very nice couple leaving their room directly across the hall in room 8353 at the same exact time. As Ernest and I were leaving the room Daniel appeared out of nowhere, meeting us at the door as if he

was trying to barge into our room. We were a bit startled. Daniel stated he had to clean our room and Ernest and I stated the room was fine the way it was and it was previously cleaned that morning and we did not need room service. Daniel refused to accept our denial of his services and told us it was mandatory that we allow him to clean our room, he would not take no for an answer. Daniel even slammed his hand on the door and would not allow us to close the door. This situation took about three minutes until Daniel got his way. As we left I realized i left my purse in the room on the dresser. At that time we were to dinner because family was waiting and i figured I could leave my purse in the room because I did not feel like I needed it for dinner anyway.

Since Daniel forced himself into our room he did not use his keycard for entry. The couple room 8353 said that they seen him enter our room and closed the door but we noticed other house keepers keep the door open as they clean, even leaving multiple room doors open at a time. After dinner we continued our entertainment until 1 pm. As we entered our room I noticed immediately that something was not right. I looked on the dresser and it appeared that my purse had been tampered with. When I looked into my wallet, I noticed that my one thousand dollars was gone. I was left ten dollars in ones and one five dollar bill, which was not a part of my one thousand dollars missing. Ernest and I immediately went to guest services and filed a report for this incident with the lady at the front desk. It was like no one knew what to say or do. We had to go through multiple supervisors and they still could not help us in any way. Finally the three security guards, Matilda Vikrant, Mewada Petar, and Kresimar Biskup came to escort us from the front desk to our room so they can perform a room search. They made us empty all our belongings and found nothing.

(Day 3) 7/9/12. We spoke with Donato Beece, the hotel director and he stated that this could happen to anyone, he stated we could be lying, as he laughed and chuckled at us the entire time we sat in his office. I did not expect this low level level of professionalism from someone of his caliber. He also defended his staff member Daniel and said he has been working for 25 years and a incident like this never occurred. I did not feel like Denato Beece put the customer first, it made me feel completely defeated. we requested to speak to the captain and Denato Beece said it would be impossible to speak to the captain and he would never speak to us.

(Day 4) 7/10/12. We were escorted from our room to Donato Beece's office by security. As we arrived, Captain Massimo Milano was there to greet us. Even though he was a lot more sympathetic to the situation compared to the rest of crew, he still said there was nothing that could be done and anyone could have stolen the money from our room.

(Day 5) 7/11/12. As Ernest and I walked back from breakfast at 8:30 am, we saw Daniel. We did not get the routine greeting or any eye contact at all, he looked down as we walked passed him. this was very unusual behavior compared to the previous days when he would go out of his way to greet us. As we approached him and asked him "is there something on your mind"? His first response was "I did not take anything from your room"!

Ernest and I never asked him about the incident but his guilt made him respond the suspicious way that he did.

We are not trying to blame any particular person for stealing from us but we want to target Carnival's negligence, their cleaning policy, there should be a more thorough screening of the immigrants they hire from these poor countries. Before our incident the house keepers all around the ship cleaned multiple rooms at one time while leaving the doors open. After our incident we notice the house keepers only cleaned one room at a time. They changed the policy to prevent further occurrences but did not compensate Ernest and I at all in any way. Ernest and I endured much pain and suffering from Carnival and this was our first luxury cruise experience. Ernest is a U.S. NAVY veteran who spent the past four years on a warship complete opposite of a luxury cruise and he still had to experience HELL. Our family planned this cruise based on Ernest's departure from the NAVY and his birthday happened to be on July 11th, so this cruise was supposed an unforgettable experience of paradise, but instead this cruise was the total opposite. Please feel our pain Carnival customer service and Carnival corporate said there is nothing they can do and I should have used a safe. I feel like if I refuse room service that should be it, the house keeper should not be allowed to force their way into anyone's room. I just want the world to be aware of my situation so this does not happen to anyone else. This was not a vacation, we had no money to enjoy our cruise itinerary. From this experience, we will never go on a cruise again.

Please contact Brittany Southall if you can help:

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