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South America
Publication Date: August 26, 2007

We just returned from a 7-night cruise of the Galapagos Islands on the Celebrity Xpedition. It was fantastic! The islands themselves were incredible, and the naturalists were very well informed and friendly. They also seemed to genuinely love seeing all of the plants and animals too, although you'd think they could easily be bored.

The ship itself was quite new and very comfortable. Showers had excellent pressure, beds were nice. Food was good, but not great, mostly probably due to the requirement that everything is grown in the Galapagos or the Ecuadorian mainland. They did the best they could. Wine was from Chile and Argentina and was quite good.

Another great thing about the cruise was that everything was included, even top shelf liquor, mixed drinks, etc. No tipping either.

A few families were on the cruise. One had an 8 year old, who was just barely able to appreciate the trip. All of the other kids seemed like they were in paradise.

The service was excellent. Since it was a small ship, the staff knew everyone's name and cabin number. At lunch, they knew that I wanted an ice tea and my husband

wanted a Fanta. They also knew everyone's mixed drink preferences and were able to suggest delicious concoctions.

I was a bit worried about sea sickness, but I only needed 2 dramamine pills the whole time. There was one woman who was sick despite a scopolamine patch, but she was the only one, I think.

Overall, fantastic cruise, the best in the Galapagos so far. My only complaint is that since we did not purchase the 10 day package (extra days on the mainland and airfare), the cruise line would not help with airplane arrangements at all. Not very nice on their part. Not at all.

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Scandinavia and Russia
Publication Date: August 3, 2007

My partner and I recently returned (August 2007) from a 15 day cruise through Scandinavia and Russia aboard the Celebrity Constellation. The Constellation is a Millennium Class ship and sister to Millennium, Galaxy and Century. Although not a "family cruise" per se, with most people on board being 50+ retired or close to and frequent 'cruisers' we had a fine time exploring Scandinavia and the Baltics in comfort and style none the less. I would definitely recommend this cruise to anyone who is interested in visiting this fabulous part of the world, but critically speaking, I think there are some elements of the Cruise that could be improved upon.

In my review I will provide information on the ship itself and the various Ports of call including the shore excursions (which can be avoided) and general information that 'First Time Cruisers' like us may well find interesting. Celebrity Cruises are by no way a 'budget' cruise line and I would expect people travelling to be aware of this however I will also provide some hints and tips for those wanting to economise slightly because on board and at Port you can quite easily

over spend.

We arrived in London from Australia and had pre and Post cruise Packages for accommodation and Transfers. Accommodation was in Mayfair (City of Westminster) at Grosvenor House which is just first Class. If this was an introduction to Cruising then this was a good initiation. Upon arriving we given an envelope with some departure details and also informed that there would be a representative from Celebrity in the Hotel Foyer that evening around 7:30. That evening when we went to see the rep, there was no body there and no one from Celebrity had reported to reception; so they (Grosvenor reception) were also confused. Eventually we found the lass but without any signage or advertising she was hard to distinguish. A fairly trivia matter and one that did not overly bother us but worth noting in this review; as some other travellers did make mention of it to guest relations onboard.

The transfer to Dover was 'fairly' smooth with the trip lasting just on 2.5 hours. Upon loading the luggage into the coach the driver requested that all bags including carry on should be stored underneath with the suitcases to save space in the cabin. I did not like this idea as my personal documents, (passport etc) always stay with me and after some 'discussion' was decided that passengers could take their hand luggage on board with them. Dover is approximately 70 miles from London; the Ferry Terminal is situated to the east of the town at the Eastern Docks and the Hoverport to the west. Both can be easily reached by foot, bus or taxi from Dover Priory Station. Services operate from London Victoria or London Charing Cross to Dover Priory Station. Arriving at the Dover Terminal, the embarkation process was quick and painless with our luggage arriving at our stateroom soon after without incident or undue delay.

First impressions are everything and being our first cruise we were blown away. The ship was just huge and everything and everyone catered for. There was marble everywhere and glass lifts nearby combined with the plush decor gave a soothing ambience. The entry point to the Ship was on level Three (Ten in total) and after a welcoming champagne we grabbed a seat and watched the others coming on board. Entry to the state rooms would not be till around 1pm so to pass the time by we headed up to the Resort Deck on level 10 for lunch and to check out the pool areas. After a great feed of hamburgers and tacos the message came over the PA that our rooms were ready and off we went to try and find our room.

Our Stateroom with balcony was on the Penthouse deck on level 6. Finding our room took some time as odds and evens were on opposite sides of the ship but we got there. The room was relatively small as you can imagine but was very comfortable and convenient with all necessities catered for and the suitcases fitted underneath the bed out of sight. The balcony was massive and bigger than all of the ones above us and was a welcome surprise and very different to what we were expecting. (Thanks Amy my travel agent for that) From the balcony I could see the loading of the ship and got a great perspective as to the size and enormity of this 92,500 Tonne vessel. A frequently stated adage about cruise cabins is "you don't spend that much time there anyway." This may be true but I still appreciated the fact that I could 'get away' and relax/sunbake (in privacy) when I wanted to and it served as a great place to have breakfast in the morning and dry clothes after hand washing (In port only as they will blow away at sea) We really appreciated the balcony and is well worth the extra money if you can afford it.

There was an evacuation drill at 16:15 prior to departure so doing anything worth while beforehand was pointless, we checked out all the levels including the pools gym and Aqua Spa on the Resort deck (Level 10). The Aqua spa provided and excellent variety of services for both women and men and it was here that we booked facials, massages, make up and hair etc for the entire cruise. It was important to book these as early as possible as the earlier you got in and booked the better the chance you had of obtaining appointments when you wanted them. As we were one of the first to book all of ours would be during the day's at sea meaning all the shore days were free to enjoy. A short stroll from the gym on level 10 was the under cover Thalassotherapy pool and Persian gardens complete with Turkish bath, herbal spa and Arizona room (Dry Sauna). The Persian Room was not a free service but well worth the money if you like this sort of thing. We regularly used it at evenings and it was never crowded.

Continuing our tour we checked out the champagne and martini lounges, Cova coffee lounge and the Emporium (Shopping) on the Entertainment deck (level 5) and the San Marco Restaurant, Rendezvous Lounge, Fortunes Casino and Michaels club on the Promenade deck (Level 4). Continuing down next deck was the Plaza Deck (Level 3) home to Celebrity Theatre, Cinema and the Grand Foyer complete with the Grand marble staircase and plenty of surrounding elegant timbers. At 16:15 we had our evacuation drill and at approximately 17:15 on time the Constellation departed from Dover and set sail.

The Constellation departs Dover and cruises across the North Sea to Helsingborg Sweden which is the first stop. Helsingborg is located in Southern Sweden and lies on the sound, which separates Sweden from Denmark. I this narrow part of the sound the straight of Oresund (or "The Sound" as mariners refer to it) ships from all over the world pass Helsingborg headed to and from ports around the Baltic Sea. This was a Tender Port meaning the Ship did not berth at a pier. Tenders were provided to take you to shore, there is not a lot to see here and an excursion is not required as the main sites are all in walking distance including Karnan Tower and Fredriksdal open air museum. You can get a public ferry to see Kronborg Castle (Ellsinore) on the other side of the sound, in Danish territory if you like but make sure you get some Danish kronor before you go and be weary of the ship departure time.

The next stop was supposed to be Warnemunde, Germany but berthed in Rostock instead. Not sure why this happened and there was no explanation provided by Celebrity. Both places really only serve as an entry point to Berlin than a compelling stop in their own right. Again a shore excursion in Rostock itself is not required here but transport into town is as the pier was approx 10km away. This was one of the costs that annoyed me given the cost of the cruise I felt shuttle bus rides should have been included. I was glad I opted to come into Rostock as it was a beautiful Hanseatic city with its own seaside resort. Located in the Northeast part of Germany on the estuary of the Warnow River, Rostock is the gateway to the Baltic Sea and considered an important seaport and together with Warnemunde, is one of the country's major shipping centres. Both an old and young city the historic city centre breathes Hanseatic flair and there is a considerable amount of North-German gothic brick architecture, including churches, cloister, a city wall and gabled houses. Rostock is also home to the oldest university in the Baltic region ad home to 14,000 students.

A shore excursion to Berlin is available during this berth, however we chose against it having been to Berlin before. Although somewhat pricey $250 euro each I would suggest it as an option as Berlin itself is a fascinating city and the journey by Train and coach would be considerably less difficult than trying to visit on your own in the space of a single day. We spoke to some people who did this trip and apart from the very long day (12 hours) they enjoyed it immensely. That afternoon to keep with the whole German theme there was German food and beer available in the forward bar, (Aptly named the Bar at the end of the Earth) With singing provided from the Rostock choir and with beer and wurst in hand a jovial time was had by all.

The departure from Rostock that evening was something special and I was a little disappointed that the ship did not provide an insight as to what was going to happen because I only caught the end of it. The ship was berthed at the Port and as the vessel is so long you can not see past the nose. Little did we know that a breakwater extended for about a mile after the docks and thousands of people had lined the breakwater to watch the ship sail? There were even fireworks on the Port side (Rostock side) we later found out but as were on starboard side we were not aware of this. Also yachts and boats led the ship out through the heads similar to spectator fleet at the Sydney to Hobart. All in all it was a spectacular ending to a great day and had the ship informed people that it was happening we could have sat up on the deck and watched it all!!!

Next stop after a relaxing day at sea was Helsinki the capital of Finland also known as the City of the Sea. Finland and was founded by King Gustav Vasa of Sweden while the country was under Swedish rule. Although it is Finland's largest city it is relatively small compared to other Scandinavian capitals. Overlooking the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea, Helsinki is bordered on the west by Sweden, on the north by Norway, on the east by Russia and on the south by the Gulf of Finland ad Estonia. Finland stretches from Helsinki on the southern coast northward to the Lapland region, which lies mostly above the Arctic Circle. The population of Finland is five million, with one million living on the southern coast in and around Finland.

Again good public transportation and close proximity to the city centre from the cruise terminal allows you to avoid shore excursions in Helsinki that cover the same ground that you can on your own. We were a little disappointed with the city and found there was not a lot to do apart from visit senate square and the local markets so the excursion out into the country side may be a better option for here. You can also take an inexpensive Ferry ride in and around the waterways which is another option if you have time. The Ferry leaves every 15- 30 minutes from the Fish Market in the heart of Helsinki. We did manage to find an internet café in a large department store which was good because the cost of internet access on the ship is just ridiculous. ($75USD 45 minutes) We chose to not use the service on the ship on principal alone. (A point I made also on my passenger feedback card) That evening we noticed a small amount of facial products missing from out stateroom which will be discussed at the end of this review.

The weather again was fabulous continuing the trend thus far with blue skies and warm days and it was hard to fathom that you were in a country that can reach -20 degrees in winter. Always be prepared however as the weather in Europe is unpredictable at best so unless you are certain it will not rain always take an umbrella and coat.

The primary attraction of this trip for us was the Russian portion of the itinerary and although it did not disappoint we would have done things differently if we had our time over again. The major mistake we made was not getting our own Russian tourist Visa so we could do our own thing in St Petersburg on day 2. A Russian tourist visa is required for EACH person who disembarks, which is not included in the cruise cost. We remained berthed in St. Petersburg for two days and it is worth noting that in the case of the Constellation (92,500 tonnes) and other similarly sized cruise ships, the port of call is a commercial shipyard depot about 15 minutes by car from the city centre, rather than at the passenger cruise terminal on the River Neva much closer to the city. End result is unless you are part of an organised shore excursion or you have your own pre-arranged tourist visa you can not leave the ship which for independent travellers like us can be frustrating.

On the first day in St. Petersburg, we did our first excursion, travelling to Moscow by air and coach, which was a one day round trip excursion. (15 hours) Although very expensive it was well worth it as it is one of those places that you may never return to again. Also as St Petersburg is so close (one hour flight) it just made sense to do it. I had wanted to do this trip from the time we made the cruise booking but had reservations due to Russia's aviation history. We flew with 'Rossiya' or Russian Airlines which are operated by the Russian State Transport company and are undergoing an upgrade of their fleet according to the in flight magazine. Being a regular flyer I am comfortable in the air, but the plane was very old and I was glad when it touched down in Moscow. We did get an upgrade to business class on the flight which was most appreciative and the cabin service was warm and friendly.

Moscow is the core and capital city of Russia, home to almost 10 million people. Populous, motley and multilingual Moscow has always had a great attraction thanks to its inexhaustible energy. The date of Moscow's foundation is not lost in the remote past. It is one of the oldest cities in Russia and a settlement might have existed on the site before 1147 the year under which Moscow is for the first time mentioned in the chronicles. For centuries Moscow has been a treasure house for carefully preserved national cultural tradition. All the Russian Tsars and emperors were crowned here in Russia's main cathedral, the ancient Dormition Cathedral and both Peter the great and Catherine the great came to Moscow to celebrate military victories.

The Traffic in Moscow is horrendous with almost 5 million cars on sub standard roads. The city is a perpetual gridlock, and travelling just a few miles can take hours unless you have a skilled local driver. Luckily we had one who said driving fast and not looking both ways is a popular technique. The trip to and from the city was quite warm (30 Degree celcius outside) and the bus was not air conditioned making it very unpleasant for some. Living in a hot, tropical climate in Australia made it almost bearable for us but I felt for the older people on the bus and those accustomed to cooler climates and I am sure it was mentioned in feedback.

Whilst in Moscow we visited the Metro underground which is very different to the humid, dimly lit systems of Paris and London where shoving to shoving to obtain a good seat is a pre requisite. With bronze statues and lovely ornate cornices throughout, it is well worth a look if you are ever there. We also visited the Kremlin and Red Square both of which were just fantastic and impossible to explain on here. Dinner and lunch were both provided and the beef Stroganov and vodka was well received. The experience of seeing Moscow is incomparable, and I highly recommend that you go sometime in your lifetime if you can somehow manage it, even if only for a day. We arrived back at the ship around 1.30am tired but extremely pleased we had done this trip and managed to avoid the pick pockets which are rife in Moscow.

The second day was spent in St. Petersburg which was equally fascinating. We did our second excursion for the cruise to The Hermitage Museum with an exclusive trip to the Gold Room or Treasury Room. The Hermitage Museum began as a winter palace, the home of the Russian emperors from 1763 to 1917. Today the winter palace is one of five buildings that make up the State hermitage Museum. Today the Museum collection which has been put together over the course of two centuries contains almost 3 Million exhibits and for me personally the collection rivals the louvre in Paris (Open for debate). Impossible to see everything, our guide took us past most of the main attractions but the highlight for me was the Gold Room and The Madonna Litta by Leonardo da Vinci and The return of the Prodigal son by Rembrandt.

The tour lasted only three hours meaning we were finished and back on the Ship by 11.30am and it was here that we were disappointed for not getting our own Travel visa. If we had we could have had the rest of the afternoon to explore St Petersburg on our own. We intend to return to this great city again as there are so many sites to see. I would recommend excursions to the summer palaces of the Romanov family and also both Peterhof and Pushkin Palaces if you have time all of which are available on this cruise. The catch is that there are only two days to see all of these great sites so you will need to sacrifice something; but whatever you choose will be an experience you'll never forget.

The next stop was Tallinn, Estonia, a charming old town and well worth a visit. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and is located on the bay of Tallinn, which is an inlet of the Gulf of Finland. Situated in northern Europe, Tallinn is a major Baltic port and naval station, as well as being a major industrial centre. Tallinn was once known as Reval, this was the name given when it was ruled by the Danes from 1219 - 1346. During this time a network of streets was developed inside the town walls, these walls are still intact in the old town today. The town is close to the Pier (Easy 15 minutes walk) and easily negotiable by foot. The Holland America Cruise Ship 'Rotterdam' was in Port also and was berthed right along side us. The two ships cut an impressive figure sitting side by side.

Once in the old town we walked the old cobblestone streets and marvelled at this gothic town. It was if time had stood still and if there were not modern cars in the street and tourists everywhere you would think a horse and cart was going to pop around the corner at any minute. The buildings were old and some slanted and crooked only reinforce the age of the house. I remember reading the year 1210 on one of the roof gables. We visited Alexander Nevski Cathedral, built in 1894 in the traditional style of Moscow churches Complete with Onion Domes and the St Nicholas Church dedicated to the Patron Saint of Seamen built in 1230.

Next Stop was Riga, Latvia but unfortunately I am unable to provide any shore information as we stayed on board, choosing instead to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool. Riga is the capital city of Latvia and has a population of 800,000. In the early 30's the city was full of diplomats, traders and intrigues and earned the name of the "Paris of the East" Riga is a well preserved historic city which has a magnificent mix of Latvian, Russian and German influence. Riga straddles the Daugava River along which you will find many places of interest, including old Riga (Vecriga). Riga's axil street running North East from Akmens Bridge (Akmens tilts), is called Kalku Iela as it passes through the old city, then Brivibas Bulvaris as far as the towering Hotel Latvija, about 2km from the river. Returning to the ship we went to the nearby Ferry Terminals to check our emails (Information was in the town map) which. On the way back to the ship we checked our emails at the nearby Ferry Terminals which for $2 Euro for 15 minutes was much better price than on the ship.

Next Stop was Klaipeda, Lithuania. The one thing I loved about this cruise was that there were very few days at sea, (3 in total out of 15) meaning everyday you were in a new city or town in another country. I guess this is one of the reasons people cruise but this itinerary is definitely better than most other cruises we looked at and was a major factor in choosing Celebrity. Again an excursion was not required with the town less than 15 minutes walk away. Klaipeda is Lithuania's only seaport on the Baltic Sea. It has 190,000 inhabitants which is down on the 210,000 people in 1992. Today the city is a major ferry port with connections to Sweden, Denmark and Germany and the architecture has a western European influence. There are popular sea side resorts nearby at the towns of Neringa and Palanga but we did not see these.

There was very little to see in the town and first impressions were of a city which lacked any real character. The buildings were fairly run down and there appeared little in the way of rejuvenation giving an overall feeling of poverty. Transport was similar to St Petersburg and Russia, (Except for the upper class) with old buses and cars and the most of the shops were closed which was odd for a Monday. The only shop I wanted to see, a clock and watch museum was closed Monday's which was disappointing, so we walked back to the ship soon after. There were some interesting excursions out of the city which would have given a better idea of Lithuania and the surrounding country side which is said to be quite lovely and I would encourage people to do this.

Next stop was Copenhagen, Denmark a simply beautiful city which oozes class and royalty and a touch of romance... With its canals, house boats and royalty it reminds me of Amsterdam without the tourists and red light district and Monaco. We had a two day stopover, (which was actually overnight and one day) in Copenhagen arriving in the afternoon and did our third and final excursion, a canal cruise on the first evening. During the Canal cruise we passed several landmarks including; The Den Lille Havfrue or Little mermaid which is the symbol of Copenhagen and the most visited monument in the city. We also passed the Royal Museum of fine arts, the royal library, the opera house an impressive building of ten storey's, with five of these being under the water. The most impressive site was the Rundetarn Tower a 120ft tower erected by King Christian IV in 1642. We really enjoyed the night cruise through the canals and found it quite romantic and highly recommend it to anyone doing this cruise.

The following day we walked into town following the water line admiring million dollar yachts and apartments. Along the way we could see the Royal yacht moored nearby and passed through the Royal palace and other sites. Again an excursion was not required here but the walk into town was a good 30 - 40 minutes (Including video/camera time) meaning some people may struggle. Shuttle buses were again available for a price but we chose to save our money for other things notably shopping which depending on your budget can be done in Copenhagen. The Ostergade is the main shopping precinct and is pedestrian only strip, (However be warned If you are looking for budget shopping in Copenhagen this is not the place to do it) With Gucci, Prada, Rolex and Royal Copenhagen shops throughout window shopping is probably a better option unless you are cashed up.

We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Café which was a fair walk along the Ostergade past Tivoli Gardens before returning to the Ship via the best buy ice cream shop in Europe. We departed Copenhagen that evening and had a day at sea before returning to Dover which gave time to reflect on this wonderful part of the world.

Highlights and Lowlights Specific overall highlights included the service which could not be faltered. With one crew member to every here guests however you would expect nothing less. Our stateroom attendant was fantastic and always welcomed us with a smile, even after the episode with the missing face cream. Other highlights were the Aqua spa; gym (Superbly fitted out with quality gear) Persian Gardens complete with Turkish bath, herbal steam room etc and the enclosed Thalassotherapy pool and spa baths x2 which was so relaxing any time of the day. Outside on deck 10 the two spa baths were also excellent but the two outside pools were cold and it was not just us who thought this as I rarely seen anybody using them.

The nearby Seaside bar and grill immediately next to the pools were perfect for pasta/hamburgers/tacos while reclining with your favourite book. The buffet restaurant inside on level 10 which served more casual (and generally more varied) fare than the primary dining room was always good. You could eat prepared food or have pasta, stir fry's etc cooked on demand whilst you waited. We ate there several times because to be honest we found the whole dressing up and eating at the same time every night with the same people over rated not because we did not enjoy others company, but because we just wanted to be eat normally without having to worry about being formal and table etiquette.

The main dining room on level 4 (The San Marco Restaurant) was a two story affair at the very rear (Aft) of the ship with a huge window overlooking the sea. There were also windows at Port and starboard also overlooking the sea. The chefs and staff consistently served a variety of excellent dishes the entire cruise, including a children's menu. Different tastes in food for so many passengers aboard will likely result in disappointments for one meal or another, but everybody on our table found the food to be above average. (Note I say above average because although good it was not great, a sentiment shared by not only us, but many people especially frequent cruiser.)

The only complaint I have about the food service on this ship was the alcohol prices and the charging for soft drinks with a primary meal. Children can't drink alcohol, and adults don't always want to drink tea, coffee, or water with lunch or dinner. To whole exercise of summoning the bar or wine steward every time a passenger wants a soft drink with a meal is primarily directed to generate more profit. I can understand cruise lines not wanting to supply endless rounds of soft drinks for the never ending thirst of kids but this is not really a family cruise and there were very few children on board. To incur a charge to have a soft drink with a primary meal is a rip off to be honest. Also I found the wine prices to be grossly over priced. I do not mind paying for a god red when it is deserved but I was aware of the prices of several bottles on the wine list from back home and to have a 200% mark up is again just a rip off. All in all it is just another way that some cruise lines exploit their customers.

The Ocean Liners Restaurant on level three provided another eating option. The restaurant was fitted out in similar style to the grand liners of yester years and was elegant in every detail. There was a charge associated with eating here and required a reservation but well worth the money with the meals simply superb and the table service some of the best I have experienced. (A word of warning, if you are going to eat here make sure you go there on an empty stomach as there are 6 courses and cheese). The bars and clubs were all classy with the Champagne bar, Martini bar and 'Michaels Club' in particular with it's piano bar all great ways to relax and enjoy a drink. Again the prices were inflated; with a Bailey's costing almost triple the price in Australia. The disco was located at the front of the ship, aptly named 'The bar at the edge of the Earth' it was spacious had great views out to sea. Being first time cruisers we found the entertainment good but regular cruisers did not and we heard on several occasions that the entertainment was disappointing. The celebrity Theatre which was the primary theatre was well designed and comfortable and Fortunes Casino was always busy.

There is a movie theatre on board that had a variety of current movies playing at most times (Ratings varied from PG to R), and a constant rotation of recent movies on the stateroom TV kept us entertained while changing clothes for dinner or relaxing/winding down in our stateroom.

Outdoor entertainment was plentiful with most sports catered for including basketball, volleyball, tennis and a jogging/walking track and a great selection available for children in the celebrity X-Club. From teen-oriented explorations and entertainment to special opportunities for toddlers and their parents to interact with each other, the X-Club is designed to make sure your children enjoy their Celebrity experience as much as you do. You can even join your children for X-Club Family Events like Karaoke, Family Disco, Bingo and more.

The major disappointment for us was the lack of follow up to our complaint on the missing facial products in our stateroom which was valued at around $150 dollars. Basically the company did not believe us saying there was only two people that had access to our room and neither used moisturisers so reading between the lines we must have been lying. My partner had bought the products from the Aqua Spa on the Ship and was therefore very aware of how much she had used, for the ship to imply that we were making it up was to be frank an insult. At no time did we imply it was a crew member but requested it be replaced however, the ship had a policy that nothing is replaced on board instead you have to make a complaint to head office and try and resolve the issue after disembarkation. ???? The issue was not resolved with management on board and we did not bother completing the complaint form for head office however my partner was given a replacement by a staff member, (Area and name withheld) and we thank her for doing what management should have done in the first place.

Other complaints were the inflated prices for anything on board, including alcohol at the various lounges, tea and coffee at the Nova Coffee bar and of course the Internet. Also expensive were the photographs which were taken on formal nights and at every gangway when exiting the ship. The photos were displayed on level 4 and you could select the ones that you like however, at almost $20USD each these were grossly over priced. I understand that this is how some crew members make extra money but considering they would have to throw a large percentage of the photos out that were not purchased the price could have been reduced significantly. As mentioned previously the shuttle bus rides into town also incurred a price which we thought should be included in the cruise fare; however the cruise company are well aware that people need to get into town at some ports so it is a necessary evil unfortunately unless you want to pay for a taxi.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I hope I have provided a useful resource for those that might be considering this ship or its itinerary. Would we take another cruise, yes but being independent travellers we will probably wait a few years. Cruising is great way to see many different countries in style and with very few of the dramas associated with independent travel but this it what we love about travel, the uncertainty and decisions that you have to make in foreign countries. Cruising does not provide this but provides many other opportunities which is the reason it is becoming so popular. Happy cruising!

Would we cruise again with Celebrity - YES

Recommended to other people considering cruising - YES

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Publication Date: July 1, 2007

We had reservations about going on Celebrity Cruise Lines because of a bad experience on the Millenium, when the crew stole all our cash and jewelery out of our room safe. And if that wasn't bad enough, we were called liars when we reported it. but we decided that enough time had passed and we should try them again. We were glad we did because this cruise on the Infinity was a real pleasure and we had no problems whatsoever.

The Ship Celebrity Infinity was far above our expectations; very well maintained, a very clean and very well run and managed ship. The ship was laid out very well, very easy to get around and after the second day you didn't need a floor plan. It had a crew that made you feel genuinely welcomed every day. They were exceptionally courteous, helpful and they always projected a feeling of thoroughly enjoying what they were doing on the Infinity. Room & Steward We had an inside room on Deck 7 (7054) just forward of the front elevators. The room was much larger than other reviews had led us to believe. The bed was very comfortable, a lot of closet and drawer space and a bathroom that was well designed with a lot of storage space and a shower that was larger than other ships we have been on. We regret that we have misplaced our steward's name. He was fantastic! Our room was always neat and clean with the greatest towel animals we've ever seen. He added his own personal touches which had us laughing over them every day. "A word of warning" -- The safe in this room doesn't always lock unless you push in on the door real hard while locking it. I reported it, but it never got fixed. Entertainment We found the entertainment on the ship to be really great. We went to all of the productions in the Celebrity Theatre and found them to be top notch. The groups that performed in the various lounges were excellent and it was nice to dance to music that we grew up with. Dining First of all, while the selection of food was excellent, the quality was mediocre when compared to other cruise lines we have been on. The main dining room was absolutely magnificent and featured traditional seating which is what we prefer. We had a very good waiter and assistant waiter but because of the amount of tables they had to take care of service was quite slow. The menu had many selections but as usual were written so no one without a culinary degree would know what was being served. The servings were plentiful but the quality was less than desirable. Buffet The buffet had many choices and it takes a few days for you to discover where everything is. They have many different areas such as a pizza, pasta area, soup and sandwich area, grill area, oriental food area plus the regular buffet lines. If you couldn't find what you wanted to eat, you probably didn't walk far enough. Starting at 5 PM they had a huge sushi bar; bigger than we have ever seen on any other ship. The staff in the buffet area were exceptionally helpful and courteous. There was always someone wanting to carry your tray to your table and while at your table you were bombarded with coffee or tea refills, assorted juices and assorted pastries.

One very neat thing that we found and took advantage of was what the Infinity called "Casual Dining" and it is only featured at the evening meal. This is offered on the buffet deck in the aft quarter of the dining area. It is set up to look like the downstairs dining room complete with table cloths, linen napkins, waiters and menus. Reservations are a must, as they have a limited number of tables. The dress is smart casual. We liked it because it was far quieter than the main dining room and the service was just as good, but faster as there were fewer tables. We ate there three nights out of seven and would highly recommend you trying it. If you are interested, you can look at the menu for that area at the purser's desk and also make your reservation there.

The Alaskan Experience We have been dreaming of an Alaskan cruise for the past five years but were really disappointed with the weather. Unfortunately we had cold and rainy weather every day and when we had visibility all we saw were pine tree-covered islands and snow-capped mountains. We were glad we went but would not do the cruise again solely because of the weather being so unpredictable. We were also going to take the five day train tour but decided to fly to San Francisco after our cruise and are very glad we did as we had a wonderful time with very nice weather. Alaskan Ports Ketchikan: We elected to take the walking tour. Maps are available from the Chamber of Commerce building right at the pier. There is lots of helpful information there and people who are eager to answer any questions you have. The walking tour covered all of the highlights of Ketchikan and was about one and a half miles. The usual souvenier shops are all over town but the small privately owned shops are giving way to the big retailers. Unfortunately as the morning wore on, the harder it rained so we were anxious to return to the ship and change into dry clothes instead of shopping. Juneau: We rented a car from Rent-A-Wreck which we found on the internet. I called them personally to make a reservation and was pleasantly surprised from our initial contact with them. They were very helpful and friendly and truly happy we had chosen them. One of the main reasons we did was they were the only rental car agency in Juneau to pick us up directly at the pier and then drop us off at the end of the day. That in itself was a great saving. We paid $57.50 for the day which we thought was a great deal. Once we were picked up we were driven back to their office to do paperwork and pick up our car. We were given a great map with attractions highlighted that were must sees as far as they were concerned. We went to the Mendenhall Glacier, the Mendenhall State Park and then drove up the coastal highway to a shrine located in a great little park with amazing flora and fauna that is so unexpected in a place like Alaska. On our way to the shrine we almost hit a black bear walking across the road. When we got back to the ship and told people they said we saw a bear just driving around, while people who were on excursions to see bears didn't see any at all. We decided to eat lunch down the street from the Rent-A-Wreck office at a place called the Sand Bar Restaurant. Please don't let the exterior scare you away. It is a bar and restaurant -- nothing fancy at all inside or out, but the greatest fresh, fried halibut we have ever tasted. The owner was very friendly and cordial and made us feel very welcome. After lunch we went to the Alaskan Brewery. If you like really good beer you won't want to miss this. You can take a tour and also sample the varieties of beer they make. They also have a nice gift shop. All in all it was a great day, probably the best of the cruise. Icy Strait Point: You have to tender in and once you get on land there is not much to see. You can walk around a little and there are some shops to go in, but not much else to do. We went back to the ship in about an hour or so. A note about scenery watching if you are inside the ship: We found the best place was the Constellation Lounge, located above the Bridge, and if you can get a seat up front you will not be disappointed. The only thing that would be better is if you have great weather and can see everything out on deck. Just a note for women about clothing: Everything you have read about layering clothing is true especially if you have the weather we did. I was so glad I brought long-sleeved tops, sweaters and my windbreaker to layer with. I also either wore jeans or wind pants. Unfortunately I never wore capris or shorts as the weather wasn't warm enough. Also a must is either a windbreaker with a hood or an umbrella if you have rainy weather. Disembarkation Very, very smooth and we got our luggage right away. Right outside the building were plenty of taxis to take us to the airport. The taxi cost about $30 for the trip to the airport.
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Publication Date: March 3, 2007

I cannot give this cruise or cruiseline my personal approval. We took the 2 week cruise to the Hawaiian islands. Staff were friendly, but a bit burned-out. The formal dining room food and service was great, (a big thanks to Vladimere our waiter)but the buffet was dismal at best, and seating arrangements were chaotic, at both lunch and breakfast.

Forget room service for anything but coffee. Ship was clean, but poorly designed.Except for the outside dining at the rear of the ship, the overall deckplans were tiresome.The concourse and atrium areas were small and outdated, the hallways suffered from poor ventilation, the pools were cramped, and many wet areas showed wear and algae. The hot tubs were warm at best, and most needed repair. Marketing seems to be the name of the game, sell, sell, sell.(drinks, jewelery, future cruises, photos, art etc.)

Forget entertainment, unless you still remember the Ed Sullivan show. Of the two weeks on board, we couldn't bring ourselves to sit through an entire night's entertainment. The casino slots paid well, and the men's sauna was a plus. Unfortunately, no steamroom is available without paying $99 for a basic spa

package. We had a concierge class stateroom, which means we got an extra two feet of room and a free bottle of bubbley on arrival, and flowers, and rather tasteless hors d'oeuvres each day and a full size couch, but little else. Each time I tried to call the concierge desk, the line was busy or closed, and there is no operator available on the ships phones. I later found out , only one person is available as the part time concierge.(she did work very hard to help) Overall we enjoyed the cruise, but it took extra effort to find what was what , and how to get around on shore, unless you were part of a ships tour. If you are under 50 years old, find a different cruiseline!! :
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Panama Canal
Publication Date: January 20, 2007

Celebrity Summit - Panama Canal Cruise Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles January 20 - February 3, 2007

Embarkation Made Easy We arrived at the pier in Fort Lauderdale shortly after 12:30 pm.

After depositing our luggage with the porters, we proceeded inside the terminal and quickly moved through security and arrived at the check in desk within five minutes. After another quick three minutes, we were off to have our Sea Pass photo taken and then we were welcomed aboard! Total time approximately 22 minutes from the time we got to the pier to champagne in hand.

They do an excellent job!

Summit the Ship The physical condition of the Summit was good. We noticed very few rips and tears in fabrics. We did not notice major signs of deterioration, although at the time we boarded, it was not as "clean" as we would have liked.

All over the ship, dust had accumulated; on seldom-used counters, on ledges of framed displays and art figurines, and there were beverage rings on tables in the cocktail lounges and corners all around the ship were needing attention.

The awareness to detail is not happening upon this vessel.

The staff was always giving the appearance of cleaning, but in reality; it appears to be somewhat an illusion.

One afternoon I sat in the Coffee Cova, and watched several staff members clean only when they saw or heard footsteps approaching. The laziness of employees cannot be helped I guess. This by all means is not meant to indicate that ALL employees were not performing their duties in a professional and conscientious manner, but from what we noticed there were quite a few that were guilty of not providing a full day's work for a full day's wage.

Our Stateroom We sailed in Stateroom 9160, which you may know has that great oversized balcony.

Our Cabin Steward from Honduras, Jose, came by to say hello and to see if we required any additional services. He has been with Celebrity for twelve years. He was being assisted on this sailing by Larry. Once again, we noticed dust and dirt/grime on shelves in both the main compartment of the stateroom and in the bath area there were debris that remained on the verandah for several days after the cruise started.

The situation improved only after I had a discussion with Ms. Janine Woodruff, the Summit Front Office Manager.

The first night our stateroom was prepared properly and according to guidelines set forth by Celebrity it was the evening that the Assistant Housekeeping Manager, Ms. Snelana "Yanna" Knitl, took the time to oversee the evening set up, which came at the end of Day 8. The level of Jose and Larry's performance up to this point was barely adequate. After Ms. Knitl began monitoring, it greatly improved.

Sea Days and More The first two days of this cruise were sea days. It was nice to sit and enjoy with no hustle and bustle. The sea was rather rough the first two days; in fact Guest Relations told us this was the first time in many weeks they dispensed so many anti-nausea medicine. They also provided us with a trick. If you feel the motion "reduce the liquids you intake!"

THE FOOD Buffet: The Food Buffet on the Summit was in our opinion scarcely acceptable; somehow, they turned simple scrambled eggs into a disaster; the watery egg dishes lacked flavor and were very unappetizing. The omelet stations throughout the ship consistently served over cooked and burnt products. We had heard from other passengers that the waffles were not as "crisp" as most would have preferred, although we do not know this for a fact as we did not try them.

Breakfast overall disappointed us.

Lunch was slightly better, as it did offer variety.

At the beverage stations, the beverage dispensers were often empty or not mixed to the proper specifications. The coffee on occasion was acid-like and clearly old; it appeared that it may be held longer than the brewing recommendations; we later learned the brand we had come to expect had recently been changed. In addition, we also learned it is possible the coffee machines themselves are not being calibrated on an ongoing regular basis.

Dining Room: We opted for late seating in the Cosmopolitan Restaurant. The food was delicious and ample, and the wide varities of the entrée items were more than adequate. Our wait staff consisted of a wonderful team of Faruk who is from Turkey, who has been with Celebrity for six years, and his very able assistant Deni from Indonesia. Both were very eager to please.

We give two big thumbs up to this team!

The live stringed music in the dining room that we enjoyed so much on previous cruises on Celebrity is no longer available except for formal nights; and then for only a few moments. This was disappointing as it really was the virtual icing on the dining experience with Celebrity.

Murath the Assistant Maîtrie'd was a disappointment only in the fact that he was not more personable. It was rare for him to stop by our table for anything more than a quick "Bon Appetit."

Normandie Room/Specialty Dining: We originally scheduled specialty dining for the evening of the 26th. Once onboard, the Normandie Staff notified us that the room had a large reservation of 85 persons for that particular evening and asked if we would like to change to another evening as the dining room "may be very noisy."

We opted to change to the 28th.

The Normandie Restaurant lived up to its hype; the food and atmosphere were outstanding! The service was impeccable! The entire staff was able to keep us entertained with a balance of humor, charm, and professional decorum.

The chef, who is from Brazil, is Ms. Conceicao Ferreira. She is outstanding and her version of Chateaubriand was superb! One person from our party ordered his well done and it was just as juicy and fork tender as the ones that were served medium and medium rare. This experience is a MUST if you sail on the Summit.

Panama Canal Transit The marvel that is the Panama Canal was outstanding! To witness as the Summit made its way through the locks was everything we had hoped it would be. The transit started before sunrise and we were able to enjoy an audio presentation that was piped throughout the ship as we proceeded thru the canal.

We thought this was a very nice touch.

If you are on a voyage through the Canal and your ship has a bar or a room at the top of the ship facing the bow, try to get there EARLY, as it fills up very quickly.

There is a lot of humidity so it is best if you can be in an inside area with air conditioning for the transit. For this event, the Summit opens the helicopter pad area, which is located behind the Celebrity Theater on deck 5.

Summation This cruise on the Summit as a whole fell well short of our expectations. Toward the end of the cruise, we did notice that there was an increase in cleaning activity and it seems the management team on board took advantage of my observations. The dust that was present throughout the first 10 days of our cruise was beginning to vanish. The stateroom was finally at the level that it should have been at day one. The biggest disappointment for us was that we had to experience this inconvenience, and the fact that we did not get the full advantage of a 14 day sailing in the standard we have come to expect from Celebrity.

In all probability, we will sail on the Summit again; however, it will be with trepidation.

My rating system is a simple one, based on a scale of 1-5 stars 1 Star = Unacceptable. 5 Stars = Perfection

Condition and Cleanliness of Ship = 2.25 Stars Food Quality Overall = 4.00 Stars Food Serving Staff = 4.50 Stars Stateroom Cleanliness = 2.25 Stars Stateroom Staff = 3.00 Stars Other On-Board Staff = 3.0 Stars Final Rating = 3.33 Stars

As with any review, mine is subjective to the experiences of the author. These were our observations.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: January 7, 2007

We went to the Caribbean on this ship. The crew were outstanding!

But what really "made" the cruise for my wife and myself was the entertainment of PERRY GRANT. He was a star in every meaning of the word.

We would recommend his act to anyone.

I hope this review is passed on to Perry. He really was a STAR!!!!!

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Panama Canal
Publication Date: January 6, 2007

This was about the 12th cruise for my wife and I and the third on Celebrity. The first was a bust (about 8 years ago) and the second was last summer in the Baltic that was fine. The check-in process was smooth, owing in part to our Concierge class reservation. The line should clearly post the time for boarding (which it doesn't now do). We boarded the ship at 1 PM, but were told that the cabins weren't ready and we would have to drag our carry-on luggage around until 2 PM. We had a bite to eat and went to our cabin anyway and found it ready for habitation.

Overall, the food was excellent. The wait staff quickly learned our likes/dislikes and provided what we needed without asking. Being charged for cappuchino in the dining room still annoys me. Charge a few bucks more for the room and provide it without the hassle of signing a chit. Virtually everything about the ship was first rate. The spa was clean and efficient (Steiner of course). The thalassotherapy pool and two hot tubs near the spa were largely unused and delightful.

The entertainment

was very good, including the dancers, the commedians, etc.

Exiting the ship was ok, but could have been better. They put the Concierge passengers in the movie theatre until their number/color is called. Unfortunately, there is no way that all of the Concierge passengers could fit in the theatre. We gave up and stood by the gangway until our group was called. There was no Concierge benefit for departing. A few negatives - though not enough to prevent us from going on Celebrity again.

The excursion descriptions were woefully inadequate. In several places, the fact that an excursion is just a bus risk was not disclosed. The cruise director and his staff were not very friendly. They tended to hide most of the time and smiled only when necessary. One trivia session was run by a nice chap who's command of English was so poor that it was difficult to understand the questions.

The bars are very nice, but suffer from a common affliction. The accompanying music is played so loudly, that it is very difficult to engage in a conversation. That was a common theme at all of the indoor bars, especially the martini bar.

Overall, I would rate this ship/cruise as about a 90 our of 100; very good but in need of tweaking around the edges.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: December 17, 2006

Over at another website I've commented and questioned many of the negative reviews on Celebrity in general and comments prior to our cruise and took it all in and want to add my 2 cents.... I think it is due to the unrealistic expectations of Celebrity and comparing them to the High-end Cruiselines... They are what they are.

This was our second cruise, the other also being with Celebrity in 2004 and the choice was due to the fact that Celebrity food is supposed to at the top of all Cruiselines in this price range.

No I did not meet the Hotel manger, CD nor was invited to the Captain's table for dinner.... There is no doubt a number of cost cuttings since our last cruise November 2004 I hate to say... They ran out of escargot the third day, which was very disappointing for the kids and frankly inexcusable considering they were in drydock for a week. If you care about activities and prizes for participating they also have been scaled back.... In 2004 I did get visors and t-shirts and this time all I saw was lot's of luggage tags.

The Grand Bbuffet (last formal night at midnight) had no shrimp or baby lobster tails as in 2004, but somehow we survived... Prettier to see then eat imo...

Yes some chairs showed wear as did some tiling in our bathroom. Expected on a 6 year-old ship.

Staff very efficient and first class with our room always clean and the Dining Room staff attentive, polite and very personable.


Breakfast Buffet - Good, loved fresh waffles strawberry's and whip cream.... Pecan Buns (2 days) were incredible.... Rest as expected, made to order omelettes or eggs, cereals,scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, muesli, smoked salmon....

Lunch - Spa was very nice, buffet okay, plenty of choices, good desserts (particularly pecan Pie, Tiramisu, Croque en Bouche).... Pasta bar & Pizzas Sandwiches, some neat choices, Philly Cheesesteak, Cuban, Croque Monsieur were specials each day along with wraps.... Hamburgers, Dogs & Fries poolside.... Average, but fine...

Afternoon Tea - Nice idea, well done, good choices, some better then others.....

Sushi - 5:30-9:30 Very decent, above average.... Tuna & Salmon stood out for me.... Included Miso soup.

Ice Cream - Hard & Soft serve.... Approximately 8 flavours changed daily a little soft.

Dinner - Happy every night, except the lobster tail was badly over done and tasteless. Ordered meat rare and except for one occasion served properly (maybe medium rare). Nothing exceptional, but all above average and as expected when serving 1,000 per seating.

Entertainment - Shows were quite good, the first comedian was very funny, the other who sang, played instruments was fair to good.... Singers & dancers above average.

Found the Entertainment staff a little distant or hard to find and almost nonexistent. Poolside band was below average (okay at best). Other entertainment seemed quite good.

Lots to do, very nice ship.... Smooth embarkation (shuttle stopped first at Princess and there was a line that looked 200 yards long) and then at Celebrity we were on in 15 minutes. Disembarkation was delayed 30 minutes.

Every time I ask is 11:00-11:30 too early for a flight and always told not to try it... We were off (45 minutes late), called and changed our flight and still at the Airport, checked and through customs @ 10:45.

Used the gym and did like it.... Brand new elliptical trainers and treadmills (with tvs).

300 kids on board, including our 2, and I seldom saw any problems or acting up, which was actually more obvious from some seniors on board, who complained and never seemed happy.

Son 10 used the programs & 13 year old daughter made friends.

Wine.... Brought 2 bottles on board no problem and twice bought cheaper bottles for the room because if they wanted me to check them I did not want to bring them back. Was not stopped.

As for dress.... People do dress casually and I will agree there are some (very few instances) where I would have asked them to leave the room. Otherwise in the Caribbean I wore slacks on the 5 non formal nights, three times with Tommy Bahama shirts, twice long sleeve shirts and sandals (closed toes) and never felt out of place. Wore dark suit formal night, spouse did not wear pantyhose....

These are just some quick thoughts and I certainly think Celebrity does a great job and is a first class line for the price paid.....

On a 1-10 scale it was an 8+ as we did have almost perfect weather.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: December 14, 2006

We just returned from this cruise and were left with several strong impressions about the overall experience. We have been on several cruises, but 1st cruise with our 1 year old daughter. This was a 7 day cruise originating from Ft. Lauderdale to the Caribbean, that went to the following ports: Dominican Republic (Casa de Campo), Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and Nassau.

Overall, we found Celebrity Cruises to offer excellent, friendly service throughout the ship. This included the different dining rooms (main dining, Premium restaurant (The Olympic), casual dining, ocean cafe - where they escort you with your buffet plate if you need help carrying your food, Sushi bar, Pizza, and pool grill). The state room attendants and room service were also first class, being very responsive and considerate to us and our baby who celebrated her first birthday on the ship. We found the Sommeliers to be the brightest folks to liven up the dining experience. The presentation of the food was also very good. Several premium spirits, wines are even tastings are offered, which make for a more unique experience.

The best Ports were Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. In PR,

we took a shore excursion to the Bacardi Rum Distillery and City tour…this was fantastic, the only complaint was that we didn't have enough time to do everything! Our little one even enjoyed herself here and at the huge fort near the port we had docked. St. Thomas, was hot, but beautiful. The tram to the top, was a quick way to get a dynamic view of the terrain and coastline. This port is definitely a shopping Mecca, that doubles the amount of alcohol that can be imported back to the US.

Our biggest frustration and disappointment, however, was in the overall diversity of the ships food choices and people - both the other cruisemates and staff. I grew up in the US and am of Indian origin, having lived in the US all of my life, aside from basic ignorance or curiosity, I honestly never felt a hint of discrimination toward me or my family because of our heritage or diverse tastes. I did not find this to be direct on the cruise, but several experiences over the course of the week, let us to this comment. For starters, if you are a "meat & potatoes" type, this is a great cruise for you, as there are virtually no choices - except for Sushi - of Asian, Mexican or Middle eastern food, e.g. Indian (no curries, tandoori chicken, naan, dosas, etc), Chinese (not even a single egg roll, peking duck, dim sum, etc), Thai (no Pad Thai, Panang curries, Satay, Lebanese (no falafel, gyros, hummus) , Spanish/Mexican (no paella, or even Tex-mex fajitas, burritos, etc.)….with food being such a big part of the experience, we found that lack of spice to leave a very bland taste in our mouth.

As we had been on cruises before, we never had a problem with this, and actually look forward to this part of the cruise. We did ask several of the staff from these parts of the world, why this was the case. We were told that Celebrity doesn't keep the spices on board, that mostly Americans travel on this ship and they don’t eat this type of food….well, that didn't seem very American to us, as the US thrives on diverse cuisine, as does the UK where many passengers were also from. This striking difference coupled with what we perceived as significantly fewer Asian staff - which we learned Celebrity had stopped recruiting compared to other cruise lines.

We also felt slighted a few times when we were seated in the main dining room for lunch and the Olympic Restaurant. These were open/unassigned seating, however, when asked to be seated on a different table, and there were plenty available, which were not afterward used, we felt that the maitre'd did not want to seat us on the better the tables. This didn't happen every time, but enough to feel like he wanted to put us to the side, or "out of site" from the other guests. Now, I think we are good looking couple in our mid-30s and got many compliments on our daughter's behavior and our appearance, but we did not feel like we received due importance or interest initially…we did however, get excellent service after being seated at the table. We also didn't see nearly as many Asian families, as expected, despite this being a 2000+ passenger ship.

For the kids under 3, there isn't much help here. We did get baby sitting one night, but it seemed to be hard to get and booked for other couples we had met. The kids pool was broken, although there were nearly 40 young children sailing, and there were NO high chair available except for the last lunch of the cruise.

So, all in all, a great experience, regarding the service quality and food quality of the continental and Italian variety, but much to be desired in the diversity of the food selections and the people - both cruisemates and employees - along for the experience.

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South America
Publication Date: December 3, 2006

This was billed as AROUND THE HORN, something I had looked forward to for a long time. It didn't happen. In 2002 we had been on this ship for the ALASKA trip. It was well nigh perfect in all respects. But by Dec. 2006 many things aboard had gone downhill. The promenade deck no longer encircled deck 4. Staff who were supposed to run some deck activities were no-shows. There was not much in the way of 'danceable' music. Cards and games were hard to come by.

A 3-hour wait for return tender service in Punta Arenas was incomprehensible. A dance floor under repair for 7 days finally opened with a STRING QUARTET playing classical music. Shore excursions were over-priced and could easily be duplicated privately for half the money. The ships' propulsion problems had us missing many scenic views (never saw the Chilean Fjords!) because they were passed in the middle of the night. There were 1980 passengers for this trip and many were totally unhappy. Celebrity will not enter the picture for our future cruises.

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