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I can't speak to a 5 day cruise on the Navigator but my wife and I went on a 5 day cruise on the Carnival Imagination about 7 years ago and we had the MOST relaxing cruise of our lives. There are probably several outside factors as to why this was such a well needed and relaxing cruise (a new daughter born 6 months prior to the curise being left with Grandma and Grandpa was probably tops on the list). On the 5 day cruise it seemed like many/most people were like us - they didn't want a 3 day cruise that would not be long enough but liked the idea of 5 days which would get them back home to unwind before goiugn back to work. On this particular cruise it seemed like most cruisers relaxed and unwinded quicker than what we have experienced on a 7 day cruise. While in Cozumel we love renting a Jeep and driving around the island. You can still do all the water sports and stuff but it is on your schedule which is great. Have fun!!!

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