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Originally Posted by ready2board
Great post and so true B&P.

Also, the ships have hairdryers unless you are really attached to the one at home. Also, what are these batteries everyone needs to seem to charge? On a cruise vacation? Also, if you have a "flip phone" it will provide enough light to get to the bathroom or you can just keep the bathroom light on and the door cracked. In most rooms, you're almost sleeping in the bathroom anyway so it's not a great distance lol.

A laptop?

As most experienced travelers will tell you...."Bring half the crap you think you need but twice the money you think you need" !
Good idea with the cell phone. Even a "bar" cell phone will give enough light if you press a button. We will need cell phones anyway (at least while travelling to and from the cruise debarkation city), and that will also be my alarm and night light. Since I won't be using it to talk, the battery will last all week. Most phones have an option that lets you set the alarm, turn the phone off and it will turn itself back on when it's time for the alarm to go off. Even if you left it on at night to use it as a light, most phones should last all week.

Even when I'm on a business trip, my colleagues are all tying to figure out the room alarms or setting up wakeup calls, while I just set the alarm on my phone and I'm good to go.

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