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Marty, you mentioned demagnetization of your Sail & Sign card...just wanted to mention to the ladies that those small, dressy purses usually have a magnetic not put your Sail & Sign card in the purse, it will render your card useless and you will need to go to the Pursers Desk for a replacement.

Also, in addition to the entrees offered, there are lots of items in the formal dining room that are now on the "Always Available" menu....hamburger, grilled chicken, shrimp cocktail (had one or two every night), baked potato, ribs, salmon, sirloin steak and chocolate melting cake.

We always purchase very inexpensive beach towels from Wal*Mart to bring along if we plan on visiting a beach...if they get lost or stolen, no big deal. If you lose the Carnival towel, they will charge you $25.

There are no "secret" doors on the ship, just exit doors located on the Lido and Empress decks as far as I know....keep walking forward until you can't go any further, the doors are located on the port and starboard side. These doors lead out to a small observation deck where passengers like to go when entering or leaving a port, nice place to take photos. However, there are staterooms located on these decks facing out. We were in one of these rooms and everyone kept knocking on our window and trying to peek in. There are no lounge chairs on these observation decks and there are no lights at night.
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