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Originally Posted by pmoyles
hello can anyone help me with some info what to expect onboard a cruise? What entertainment do they have? Should i expect to see shows like riverdance or cirque de sole? How are the rooms are they really small? Whats the best cruise liner to be on or whats the name of the best ship? whats the best destination? Are there young people as well as old? can anyone answer some of these please?thank you
My only experience is my first cruise on Carnival's Celebration, but I'll try to answer your questions because I was in your shoes a few months ago.

Though you won't find Riverdance or Cirque de Soleil, you will find lots of good review type shoes, lots of singing and dancing, good costumes, lots of variety, also singers and comedians. There are all kinds of games: many trivia contests, bingo, Family Feud, Newlywed Game, hole-in-one, etc. There are many lounges, a disco just for young people, a dance lounge for adults, a casino with both slots and table play, a karioke lounge. The pools are small and always crowded, mostly by teens and younger adults, but lots of fun. You can either eat in the dining room (great, gourmet-type food), which is a good place to start making friends, as you are assigned a table with a group in a similar age range. Or, you can eat at the buffet on the Lido deck, more down home type cooking but a good variety, including hamburgers, hot dogs, and a sandwich bar. Of course there is also the 24-hr. pizza bar.

I found the rooms surprisingly large. I had an outside cabin. The setup was two twin beds set at right angles, which left lots of room to move around. There was a closed circuit tv, a desk, built-in closet/shelves, and an in-room safe. The bathroom was tiny but ample.

One warning: you will find lots of message boards which list everything but the kitchen sink that you MUST TAKE. I overpacked a full suitcase worth. If you have lots of rechargeables (camera, cellphone, ipod, etc.), I do recommend taking a multi-plug serge control strip. The only other things I found useful were a small plastic toothbrush holder that held to the mirror with suction cups and a yellow highlighter to mark the activities you want to do each day. And, while it may not be useful for everyone, I took a rolling cooler that I had the cabin steward fill up everyday with ice, so I always had cold drinks, since I don't care for the iced tea or lemonade that are served.

Relax, don't over analyze like I did, and take the bare essentials. And have fun!
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