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Paul and all:

Our Sept '06 Silversea cruise was great! Unlike what I expected, the shows were great also. An unexpected treat for a small ship.

As for pricing, things seem to be changing here too. Considering specials, Silversea is no longer the highest priced among the "lux three" (Regent, Seabourn, and Silversea). Indeed, we are finding it to be the lowest priced of these three, if one shops the specials carefully. We have booked another Silversea cruise to the Caribbean in March '08. During this season of specials, Silversea had cruises beginning at about $2700 pp for a 7 day cruise -- all inclusive except for shore excursions, gift store purchases and such. We've cruised RCI, NCL, and the like, and going from those to Silversea is like going from a Kia automobile to a Ferrari!

The only downside some may find about Silversea is their strict enforcement of dress codes, and the fact that, to fit in on formal nights, men really should bring a tux (though a dark suit and tie is permitted). But of course, many like the fact that Silversea is a bit more formal than even some other lux lines. And during the day, the only "dress code" I could find in writing or practice was to "be presentable."

It's probably my age (64) but I have reached the point that rather than indure the lines, crowds, long tender rides, and nickel and diming of the large ships of the mass market lines, I'd rather stay home! Or perhaps a road trip to Colorado. So, I just don't cruise as frequently, but enjoy it more.
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