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Default Re: Cabin cleaning once a day

Originally Posted by Droopy Sails
I'd be so embarrassed to have the poor steward hanging up my clothes and picking up my dirty underwear.

But it is nice to have fresh towels and turndown (okay, I really mean I want the mint!). I enjoy the second service, but try to make the stewards' lives easier by putting away my clothes and shoes, stacking my papers and books, and keeping my toiletries to one area of the counter. Makes a much nicer room to live in all day, and they can be in and out in just a minute in the evening.
I agree. We make an effort to keep the room reasonably tidy. For one thing I would rather not have the steward handling my personal items. Only once, I left a negligee out and it was draped lovely on the bed that evening. I kept it in the drawer after that....a little creepy. But we really do need ice buckets refilled and fresh towels. I would have no problem re-using them but they just don't dry hanging in the BR. Having said that, I do think the crew work very hard for long hours and we express our gratitude daily.
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