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Default Re: San Juan Port

Originally Posted by Dianeteach68
Cruise Maniac,

I read in your listings that you have already sailed on AOS. Was this a Southern Caribbean itinerary leaving from San Juan?

My concern is this. So many reader reviews have said that itinerary is great but the class of people who sail are rude. Children are everywhere and are just left to wander with no parental control.

This cruise would cost my husband and I about $4000.00 and for a teacher who saves her tutoring money to have nice vacations, I am very concerned. I am also concerned that RCCL deeply discounts passengers who are from Puerto Rico.

Do you know anything about this?

I have been on the AOS before, Southern itinerary, leaning from San Juan, I agree that the itinerary is GREAT but the people are HORRIBLE, and the people cruising from San Juan get discounts every 5 minutes, I was talking to this one person, 6 kids, they got the same cabin as we had, $1,000 Cheaper. There are unruly children everywhere, when a staff member talks to them to stop, they say something quite rude and normally flip them off, then run away. I stayed in my cabin most of the time. Even the balconys had noises from what should be a bedroom. I hated the people over all. But I am going again, to see for a another try.
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