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Originally Posted by nvabill
Originally Posted by IBCRUZIN'
I am wondering if it is time for Cruisemate to break this Singles forum into two different forums. One that is primarily about Singles Cruises and another one for Solo cruises. They are two totally different experiences.

I have noticed on a couple of other cruise forum boards the two are separate.

I would love for Cruisemates to have a section just for tidbits of advice for those that are cruise solo. There are so many "did you know you could" tips that hardly ever get touched upon here.

Just a thought.

This is an excellent idea, at the risk of stirring things up, which I'm not trying to do by any means, it may alleviate some of the past misunderstandings on this board.

Bill 8)
You are not stirring up the pot and are absolutely correct. There are many many reasons why a person would chose to cruise alone. Not having to explain something that may not come across correctly on an internet forum board would be heavenly.

On my last cruise there was 9 diners at my dinner table of solo cruisers. Of the 9 of us, there were no two reasons for being alone that were the same. Each of us had our own reason for being solo and each of us enjoyed our cruise in our own way. There were two gentlemen at my table who were very socialable and chatty during dinner but whenever I saw them throughout the cruise, they were alone. They were not lonely but just seemed to enjoy the quiet and tranquility of sitting in a quiet location reading a book or looking out at the sea. I would join them for a few minutes of "how are you, are you enjoying your cruise" and then I would be off to find fun and adventure. They would return to their book or window watching, as happy alone as I was in the mix.

It would be nice to be able to talk in detail about our experiences without have to "thank you but no thank you because . . . " to the constant reminder that "you should really consider a singles cruise" pitch by single cruise enthusiasist.

There are just so many things about doing the solo cruiser act that could be learned from each other that I think this board is big enough to support a separate forum.
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