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I have noticed that the bartenders would much prefer to keep on ESPN Deportes or European soccer (football). There is absolutely nothing wrong with either of them, however, I tell you they do have access to the major channels, but you have to be persistent. If the bartender says "no" you may want to go up the chain. They can surely satisfy most passengers since they do have the ability to show multiple sporting events/venues. I have watched many college, NFL, and baseball games on the cruises. With that said, though, you will have a tougher time on the smaller cruise ships as they don't have as many tvs as the larger ones. I just left the Sensation this morning and we did have access to NFL and baseball on Sunday and Monday evening. The tvs were located in the Cigar bar area. I watched an entire NFL game (the Bears) on the Glory last December. And I watched an entire College game (FSU) on the Victory. Good Luck! Go Cubs, Go!
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