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On Carnival ships, the slots do not use vouchers known as the Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) system. The payouts are still coins. However, you do have an option. I don't like to mess with the coins. If you decide to cash out of a slot machine, you can upload the money to your Sail and Sign Card. To use this system, there are some easy steps. You put your Sail and Sign Card in the Machine Slot (just as if you were using a players card at a land-based casino) and set up your password to use this system. The casino host can provide you with the actual steps. It only takes a few seconds to set this up. Then when you go to the next slot, you download the amount you want (a minimum of $10) into your machine. By using your Sail and Sign card, you can also earn cash back during the week. For every 1000 points you earn, you get $10 back. There is no charge for using this system and it's so easy.

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