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I just left the Pride of America in July. According to the info they were giving us on all the "changes" with NCLA, one was that the training at Piney Point (Mine was 4 weeks plus one extra when I sprained my ankle) would become virtally obsolete. The STCW training, will be held there for one week (fire fighting, crowd management, water rescue and first aid) and then you will wait for your MMD to come through at home - once that has gone through you will be sent to your ship and train on board. I don't know if that plan has changed in the past couple of months - but my friends still on board seem to think it is still happening.

BTW- hi, I am Beth - or as I was called on the ship - EB. I was a Sr Stateroom Steward on board the PO America. I left the ship about 3 months ago and MISS IT! Can't wait until I can get back in the industry.

Glad to have found this site.
Pride of America, Sr. Stateroom Stewardess, July 2006-July 2007
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