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Wow! If you include the tip it must have been nearly 300 bucks for a 50 min couple massage...You're right, that is outragous.

Even when they run "specials" it is really pricy. I wish more people would rethink paying that much and realize there is a difference between splurging and just getting hosed. Maybe more people need to do a limited boycott of the spas until they come down to a semi-reasonable rate and make it clear on their comment card at the end of the cruise that the outragous pricing is what kept them from using the spa...Although I"m sure they will always have enough people to pay whatever they are asking...Too bad! I can't talk because I got a massage on my first cruise about 7 yrs ago...On my recent one, I looked at the prices and just said no way.

Hope the rest of your cruise was great!
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