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I'm planning on taking my friend on the next cruise, and she used to be a beautician. I have never had her do my hair before, but I'm sure she will know what I want, compared to the beauticians on the ship.

Personally, I think they are expensive, compared to when at home. On two different cruises, they put my hair up, and I had to come back to my room and take it down, as it was not what I wanted. I will say the last cruise, I took a picture of what I wanted to look like, and they tried, so I would do that as a suggestion, if you want someone to do the style you want. If you have short hair, you really don't have to worry too much.

On one of the cruises they had a man, and said he was the BEST. Well that was "their" opinion, as I did not find it to be that way with me.
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