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Originally Posted by trarecar
Oh! I thought the S&S cards in the slot machines were nly for Oceans Players club members.

Glad I didn't know that when we were onboard.

I guess I did not explain this very well. Your Sail and Sign card is the card that you use for the Ocean Player's Club. By using this card, they can track your play and that is how you get the cash back of $10 for every 1,000 points.

The OP had asked if the casino payouts were in coins or did they use the ticket in ticket out voucher (TITO) system. The answer is the Carnival "casinos do not use the TITO system." I wish they did. I do not like to cash out with hundreds of nickels or quarters. If you have money in a machine, and you want to cash out, you will get coins. I was explaining that there is another option to avoid handling the messy coins. You can use your Sail and Sign card as your "personal bank." This has NOTHING to do with your Sail and Sign bill at the end of the cruise. The purser's office will have no record of your personal money that you put into your "personal bank." The procedure works like this: On the first day of the cruise, I will put $100 of my own money into a slot machine. This keeps me from having to carry around any cash for a few days. Say for example, after a short time, I'm down to $95 and I want to cash out and go to another machine. If I opt to cash out the coins, then I would have to wait for the machine to spit out 1,900 nickels. Time consuming and very messy. The best option is to set up your own personal bank in the casino. This takes just a few seconds, and you set your own pass code.
The casino host can explain the easy steps. In this case, I would upload the remaining $95 from the machine I am playing to my Sail and Sign card. You push a button that says, "To Player's Bank." You then punch in your private pass code. It takes a few seconds to do the upload. I would then move to the next machine I wanted to play. At the next machine, I would insert my Sail and Sign card into the player's club slot, and then push the button that says "From Players Bank." It will ask you to punch in your pass code. After you do that, it will say you have so many dollars left in your bank (in this case it would show $95). It will then prompt you to download whatever amount you choose from ($10 minimum to $95) into the machine you are playing. This takes just a few seconds. When I finish playing, whatever amount is in the machine can again be uploaded to my "personal bank." This information will never show on your Sail and Sign Card. Please note, there is no charge to use the Sail and Sign as your personal bank. It is just a very convenient way to cash in and out of a slot machine. However, you do have to remember before the last night of the cruise, to go to the Slot Cashier and close your ''personal bank." If you are lucky enough to have any money left, they will refund it to you. If you forget, they will keep your money.

You can also charge your gambling funds to your Sail and Sign card. The purser's office will have a record of those transactions. Those charges would be shown on your Sail and Sign bill. Some people like to do this because they don't like carrying a lot of cash onto the cruise ship. I prefer not to use this method, but many people do and find it very convenient. Please note, there could be a charge of up to 3 percent for these transactions.

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