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Good Morning All,

Checking in after two days away. Thursday was the long drive to the oral surgeon's. He is still thinking another surgery, but wants to wait until I have had the colon surgery. He has prescribed me two different steroids for now to see if we can get me to a liveable level of movement/painlessnes. Of course I need to take a bunch of other stuff to counter act the sideeffects - so it seems all I do all day is tend to dental stuff and take pills. It could be much worse, so I don't mind too much.

DH came with me and I did a little shopping - again. There is enough nip in the air that it made me finally purchase some fall clothes that will take me thru the season as my regular fall clothes are still too big - I only got a few as they won't fit too long, if I gain the weight they want me to.

We came home via Waterbury and Stowe and visited the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory - dh had never visted. Sample flavor of the day was Strawberry Cheesecake.

We stocked up on local wines, local chocolate and local coffee, cider and some pumpkin butter too - which I will slather on my toast this moring.
Also bought some hot pepper jelly, which is lovely over cream cheese then served with crackers or tortilla chips.

Yesterday was busy filling prescriptions and catching up. More of the same today. Hoping I can get my fall decorations out and up.

Well the coffee is ready...

Sue - great news about your middle daughter - prayers have been answered.
RD - I hope you get to fly out - happy house hunting!
Phyll - praying all goes well this weekend - I know it is difficult
Have loved the recent moose pictures!

Hoping you all have a meaningful day,
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