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Default can you compare Disney Cruise (Magic) to RCC (Freedom)?

I went on my first cruise with Disney Magic on 9/ I am booking for 9/08 with Royal Carribean Freedom ship. I want to try different cruise line to see which one is a better fit for my family. So far, Disney is great...however, we have a 3 & 5 y.o. kids...if 3 yo boy refuse to go to the day care.....then as parents, we sometime don't have much activities to do with them together as a we left with 3-4 hrs doing nothing except roaming the ship during the midde afternoon hrs.

Also, food & service are very important...want to know if RCC food is as good and is there Customer Service is as great as Disney. Disney Staff is by far the best

If your kids are picky eater....and certain food that is not even on the menu...the staff would whip up something for your kid...they do anything.
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