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I also agree that a SOLO SINGLES section would be great because the solo singles have lots of handy hints for the solo cruisers.

I personally truly enjoy the SINGLES GROUP CRUISES. I am a cheer leader for singles cruising with a group. The best thing that has ever happened in the history of cruising. There are presently lots of singles groups that we singles can choose from to cruise with a group. I totally love it and I am so happy to be part of a singles group.

I have been land traveling and cruising on ships with a singles group for many years. If it wasn't for that singles group I wouldn't have gone anywhere since I come from a sheltered life of family members who have always protected me and have been there for me.
When I travel with a singles group I know that the group leaders will handle any major problems I may have to face while traveling. They know who to call in case of an emergency. Plus, they keep an eye on me and they care about me. I have had that experience.
In all the years I have traveled with a singles group I have never had to face any major problems. I guess I have been lucky with my ANGELS and GOD taking care of me. Plus, I have created some travel friendships that are fun to stay in touch with them.

I like SOLO cruising too but prefer to cruise with a singles group. Angelgal
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