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Some quick notes about getting married on the ship (specifically the Valor)-

Priority boarding was exceptional, but, as expected, still rushed. Limited AC on the boat due to it being in port. Ended up in our room where the wife was getting ready with our friend/her hair dresser. Since we were walking in together, I was the second person to see her in her dress. Of course, she was absolutely beautiful!

Ceremony - ours was quick and to the point. Photographer was very kind and took around 200 pictures. The pictures were expensive, but we ended up purchasing them all to receive the slide show, images on CD, and all of the printed 5x7 and 8x10's.

Photos - We felt like Brittany and K-Fed with all of the misc pictures around the ship. Everywhere we went, people were taking pictures of us. The 'Formal' Pictures were nice, but some were very 1980's Glamour shots or High School Senior Picturesque.

Reception - everyone had fun with the open bar. We were at the reception for approx. 30 minutes before we left for photos. Disappointed in this since we wanted some time to eat/drink/be merry. They will serve the cake at dinner as well.

If you have specific questions, let me know while it is still fresh in my mind.

Of course, make notes on ALL contact information for the cruise (transportation, wedding coordinator, etc.). Also, do NOT allow yourself to get harassed by porters. Our coordinator has already filed a complaint due to the way that 'gratuities' were demanded.
Wedding/HoneyMoon Cruise - Valor
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