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Default Free parking near NO port?

At the risk of sounding incredibly cheap, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to get around paying for parking near the port in New Orleans.

My group is driving multiple cars to New Orleans from neighboring states, and we will be arriving the day of the cruise, meaning we won't stay at a hotel before shipping off.

With a minimum of 5 cars, we don't really want to park them all at the pier and pay $14 bucks a day.

Is there any free parking remotely nearby? Like a Wal-Mart parking lot or something that we could park the cars at and shuttle the people to the pier. Would be willing to pay for the shuttle or use one of our own cars to do the shuttling, which we would then park at the pier.

Another possible option: we will be staying at a hotel after the ship returns. Anyone know of hotels that will let us park for free during the cruise, even though we will be staying there only after the cruise returns, and not before it leaves?

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