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I recently went to one of the "time share" free cruise give aways in Orlando, and got my free cruise aboard RCI for a three or four day cruise. I was told that all I had to pay for was port charges, and taxes. I checked the port charges and taxes, then called the company that was "giving away" the free cruises. The port charges and taxes thay wanted was almost triple the amount that RCI collects for the same cruise, I asked why, and they said "that's just the amount we agreed to with the cruise line". Also, I was told that you could book any time you wished, except a holiday. Whan I looked at that part, I was told that you could only book low season, and even then, you had to give them three different dates, at least 30 days apart, and they'd pick the one that you could sail on. I promptly threw away their paperwork, and chalked it up to a lesson learned!

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