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Originally Posted by Mean Dean
And at some point all of you will leave this behind. At some point you all will realize.........

Real football is played on Saturdays....

So let's see. Football games count for something, or they don't. In the No Fun League, you can lose several games and still get into the playoffs. In the No Fun League, you have "throw-away-games."

In college football, if you lose even one game, you're done for the season. Every game is important! Losing even one game excludes you from winning a national championship. Every game is extremely important! In the No Fun League, if you lose a game -- so what? You can lose several of these things, and who cares?

In real football, if you're the #1 team in the nation, and you play a poor game in Seattle, but still win, you might still be done. Look what happened to USC this week in the AP poll.

And so, the No Fun League.... None of these games count, so who cares?

But I care, you say. Good for you! For you're one of the few No Fun League fans who may have an arguement.

For, No Fun League fan's can recollect, that over 88,000 fans paid admission to this year's Super Bowl.

And for this year's regular-season Notre Dame game, Michigan fans attended the Big House in excess of 112,000..........

You're either on the popular side of this thing, or not. The No Fun League is the thing for you, or real football is where it's at. Football fans have decided.

And decided they have. The No Fun League is having trouble -- real football is changing Neilsons.

People get up early to watch football on Saturdays. People get up early on Sundays to do yardwork.......

You must be confused. That's alright take a look at this article NFL is not having any problems in the Neilson ratings. People love watching NFL football. Plus the uniforms are nicer and people stay home to watch the Super Bowl because of the great commericals. Only during the Super Bowl can Janet Jackson's little stunt cause tight restricts on radio and TV shows . If that would have been a College Game no one would have noticed.
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