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We will also have three vehicles to park in NO in April, 2008 and are really happy about the new parking lot. It sounds much like the parking set up we have at the Mobile, AL cruise terminal. The first time we sailed from NO in 2003, we parked in an uncovered, fenced lot at ground level, right next to the river and hubby had to walk a very long ways to the terminal. The last time we parked in NO, hubby dropped me off with luggage at the terminal and was instructed to drive to a parking garage across from the convention center. He then took a shuttle back to the terminal. This was the last ship out of NO before Katrina.

We never got our car back. We finally (after months) found that it and 300 other vehicles in the garage had been destroyed by vandalism. Yes, I am definately parking in the secure lot (at any price).
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