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Default Carnival Cruise Pools and Hot Tubs

All you have probably seen the TV commercial where all the cruise passengers are dressed in blue and keeping a pre-set ship schedule for everything from sunbathing to dining. Well, I love cruising and we have always gone with Carnival. I do like the set dining times, since we have the same wait staff and dinner partners each night.

The one thing that I really wish that Carnival would change is the pool and hot tub hours. They are not open early enough in the mornings for those of us who get up early and should be open more at night for those of us who would love to swim under the stars. I know they have to clean them sometime, but a few more hours a day couldn't hurt.

I would love to see some light music on the deck in the evening hours as well, where you could just relax and have a drink. I am not talking about the louder, party music at midnight , which we also enjoy.
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