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quote: Monday, September 24: Victoria, Vancouver Island woke up to a slight drizzle and 50 degree weather! Yeah!!!! The Captain loves the cold weather, although it ain't the Mrs cup of tea! We've been to Victoria a couple of times before, the Mrs knew exactly what she was after and off to Government Street we walked, stalking out the various Candy/Chocolate stores for CADBURY English Chocolate. We ended up with 2 bags of Cadbury, Quality Street and All-Sorts Liquorice. Yummie!!!

Was looking forward to reading your review of this cruise as we will be taking the same one next May. (from L.A. to Vancouver) Thanks for the info about where to go for yummy real English chocolate & candies.

quote: Friday, September 28: We arrived in Catalina around 12 Noon. Many passengers from the ship were renting golf carts from the guy just across from the pier, he was charging $60 an hour, 2 short blocks away another place was renting them for $40 an hour, buy 1 hour, get 1 hour free! We've done this before, time and again, so we decided to just hang around and give others some pointers of where to go around town on those golf carts.

What are your recommendations for what to do/see on Catalina Island? I often check out the webcams on Catalina and it looks very nice, almost always blue skies.....looking forward to going there. Glad you had a good time, even though the weather was cooler. I'm like you....prefer it cooler. I'm hoping it's not too warm when we go. Unlike most people, that's always a priority for us when deciding where to go. I doubt that I'll ever get to see Mexico or the Bahamas...just too hot! Beejo.

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