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Would agree with Paul that the free, young, single and looking guys would be better served with a singles cruise. Women, being benerally more social, are likely to show up more with a singles group than as solos. However, as a dive pro, life guard and scouter, I don't get odd looks going solo or talking to folks, well, at least if folks don't know I am also an auditor.

Don't know who the "right" people are to meet on a cruise - Ms. Right, perhaps? Ships aren't really the best place to meet and mingle since they are heavily filled with couples. Better odds in your local supermarket.

Originally Posted by Paul Motter
There are probably some older men who cruise solo, but they can afford it, and they don't mind the solitude. I just think it is important to forwarn single men who are not cruise experienced what it can be like.

If they are actually single and thinking about their first cruise, I believe they should try a singles group cruise - keeping in mind they are free to not participate if they so choose, and to have a solo cabin even. The point is that there is a social connection there if they want it.

That's my 2 cents
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