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I totally agree with what Paul is saying about solo and singles group cruising. I have tried both and I prefer to be with a singles group because I am most likely to find a cruise buddy to hang out with most of the time and also hang out by myself when I want to be by myself.
I truly love the activities planned out for us singles when we cruise together. It isn't any fun looking in from the outside of the singles group because they do have rules that only singles who signed up with the singles group gets to participate in their activities.

I recently cruised solo and it was okay but not great. I met a senior single man who had three heart surgeries and wanted to keep me company but he couldn't keep up with me as far as dancing every song. He had to take a break more than dancing. He wasn't great company either.
Then I met another single senior man who was great company but he wanted to be alone because he was in the process of writing a book and wanted to be alone.
I didn't meet any single gals to hang out with because they all had their cruise buddies with them. The gals thought it was odd that I was cruising alone.
The ship was filled with retired seniors, families with babies, married couples. I would meet them during dinner and they were nice to talk with.

I did create a somewhat friendship with the people who liked to play Trivia. But that is the only time I would get to see them. The rest of the time I was totally alone. I am more of a singles group personality that likes to meet people.
There was a rude lady who said she wanted to eat breakfast alone with her husband. I said, "OK" and moved to another table. Sometimes when the married gals get jealous of me I have to stay quiet most of the time at dinner time because they are afraid I may pick up on their husband which is so silly of them. I prefer to have the married gal sit next to me at the dinner table than have their husband sitting next to me.
I don't consider myself beautiful but most women in my age group consider me a threat.
I had personal choice dinning on my cruise so sometimes I would choose to just sit by myself at dinner time than to have to sit with the married couples. Married couples can be friendly but only for the moment that I am eating with them. The retired seniors are sometimes fun to talk with but only for the moment that I am eating dinner with them.

That has been my personal experience. This is why I prefer to book with a singles group. I always have people to talk with when I want to spend time with them. It is nice being surrounded by other singles with a singles life-style like I have. Angelgal/Luci
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