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Still think solos and singles are different folk. Put a single guy looking for a hookup on a solo trip and he's the fish out of water. Put a solo gal writing a book in a singles cruise and she is the fish out of water. For that matter, couples and families are seperate, too.

BTDT as a couple on a cruise, with extended family on a cruise, as dad with kiddo on a cruise, as a guest lecturer on a cruise, and solo on a cruise. Have met shut-ins who shut the world out, such as working authors, business owners or executives momentarily escaping 24x7 (virtual slavery), those recovering from trama, such as the newly widowed or death-in-the-family folks, the sad folk Paul refers too, those with angst over growing old without a life companion, and the frustrated folks looking for love in all the wrong places (cruise ships aren't floating singles bars).

That said, traveling as a married couple (couples) and as dad with kiddo (families) is just not pretty much the same experience. Couples are about romance, kiddos are about safety and fun. Singles are about looking and hooking, solos are about running away to sea and having an adventure.

All us folks on planes, trains, automobiles and ships just don't have the same travel objectives. 8)

Originally Posted by Paul Motter
I don't think we are in disagreement at all! All I said was *IF* a person is going a cruise as a solo expecting to meet a lot of new people and make friends then they need a reality check.

As long as you are happy in your solitude and feel comfortable among couples and families then I see no reason to even make it a separate topic. You all are meeting here anyway.

I think it is valuable for the person reading this board for the first time to ablre to see all side of the single cruiser condition in one place. If I made a solo cruiser board then I feel it would be an artificial segmentation of a topic, like if I made separate boards under the cruise lines for couples & families. They all have pretty much the same experiences and can learn from one another.

I also want the singles cruise group enthusiasts to be able to learn something from your solo cruisers about appreciating the solitude and enjoying their own company. I think some guys who go on singles cruise groups sometimes still don't connect with anyone, and they benefit from hearing your thoughts.

I can tell you, when I worked on the Norway there was a singles cruise company that came on at least once/month. I remember talking to one guy in the group - just because he looked so sad - and he admitted to me that he was desperate to meet a lifetime companion and had come on the cruise almost as a "last ditch effort." he said if he didn't meet someone on the cruise he "didn't know what he was going to do."

I felt really sad for him, but not as bad as he felt for himself. Loneliness is a tough emotion to deal with. Some people are much better at it than others, I believe, depending on what stage of life they are in or what they may have recently experienced.

But, if you are a solo cruiser and you regularly meet people on ships, I don't see why you wouldn't want to chat with some of the singles cruisers here - even if they tend to go in groups. It doesn't mean you couldn't meet them onboard if you want to (you just can't go to their activities).
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