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Hey Diver guy, I totally agree with everything you have said too.

When I go cruising I like to meet up with people who are compatiable with me. This is why I like to go cruising with the singles groups because I can meet up with future possible cabin mates. I think the prices of cruises are going to go up soon and I may need to get a compatiable cabin mate to save some money.
I truly enjoy meeting as many singles as possible on my group cruises.
I don't go looking for love or chasing men like IBC thinks I do. She sent me a private message saying I must be an older woman who goes on cruises to chase after men. I don't need to chase after men because the men on the singles cruises want to meet me after I spend time talking with them on the private vtg message boards. By the time I get on the cruise ship a lot of singles including the lurkers come up to me to say hello and they spend time with me. They thank me for all the advice I have provided them about cruising.
Even here on this message board there are some singles who want to meet me someday on a cruise. I also want to meet some of you singles on a cruise too. I will be meeting some of you on my Halloween cruise and on the Dec. 1st. cruise. It will be fun.

IBC is a strong SOLO cruiser and I truly believe she will return giving vtg singles group a bad rap because she has already stated that she is cruising as a SOLO cruiser doing her own thing with vtg singles group.
I am sure she will return with stories to tell us about her experience cruising as a solo looking into the singles group from the outside.
She will be returning Sunday from her cruise and by Monday I am sure she will write about her cruise experience. AG
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