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Default Re: Single/Solo Confusion.........

Originally Posted by billyo17
Having read the posts on this forum, I'm a bit confused. Is there a right answer when it comes to the choice, or is it just one man's/woman's opinion ? I'm travelling on my first cruise ever and solo. Have I bitten off more than I can chew ? I'm a young 58 yr. old guy who isn't necessarily looking to "hook-up", but female companionship would certainly be welcome. My TA advised me that for the length of time I was going to be cruising,(8 days) the Liberty would give me a good flavor of what cruising is like. At least on Carnival. Was I given bad info ? I've travelled alone many times before and never had trouble meeting people. I guess my question is, could I be considered some type of pariah or can I fit in ?
You are correct, there is no etched in stone answer to this question and it is completely dependent on the person giving you their opinion.

My personal opinion based on my own experience is that if you take an 8 day cruise on the Liberty, you will most likely have a wonderful time. You are only 58 years old, you say that you travel by yourself, you have no problem meeting people.

If you want to be social, there are many opportunities to do so comfortably. They are built into the daily schedule. If you want alone time, you can have that as well. If you are traveling by yourself, there is no pressure to participate, to join in, or do do anything. But if you do, then you will meet some very nice people. They are all there to have a good time. They all expect to talk to new people. If you are open and friendly, they will be as well. Angelgal wrote that she was able to meet people during the trivia games, but didn't see them afterwards, for me that's a plus. We are all different.

But, as far as meeting a lady friend.... It might happen, it might not. If that is the one reason you are going, you will be happier if you stay home. If making best friends with people and staying in touch for ever is a goal, you may be disappointed.

However, you will meet plenty of friendly people, you will feel welcomed and comfortable participating in any of the activities (except maybe the newly wed game, lol). Your dining companions are a good resource, people from the message board roll calls are a good resource, people from RIGHT HERE are a good resource.

Your cruise will be a nice vacation, good food, excellent service. Expect that much. Do not go for the purpose of meeting someone special. But do go for a great time.
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