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Originally Posted by Odelay
Originally Posted by lumofny

I am under the understanding that:

You apply, send in a resume, and attend a job fair.
You are offered the job and submit your passport, license, ss card, dmv record and criminal history report.
You complete your medical exam and drug tests.
You are flown to regional center to complete oath and get fingerprinted.
You wait at home for MMD card to come in.
Once it comes back you are flown to MD for a week and then to HI right to your first assignment.

Thats how the recruiter explained the process to me.
I just found something online at this link ( that states you go directly from Piney Point to your first ship-assignment, so that all sounds about right. I have to call my recruiter today and find out for sure.
NCLA, up until about a few months ago, made applicants attend a 4 or 5 week training program in Piney Point. Even if training was completed, you had to stay there until your MMD came, at which point you flown right to the ship. Some people left right after training, while others were there for weeks afterward, still only getting the training pay rate. I believe now you stay at home until the MMD card arrives. Arrangements are then made for you to go to Piney Point for one week coast guard safety/rescue training, and upon completeion you are flown right to the ship for your job-specific training. As to if you are paid your regular pay or training pay once you get on the ship, I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that once you leave MD and get on the ship your regular hourly pay will begin, even though you are still learning your job.

The NCLA FAQ, as it appears now, has the old information mixed in with the new. It appears as though they are updating it as every few days new information appears and some is removed. I asked about the new process at the jobfair, and even my recruiter wasn't exactly sure of the training. I guess I won't know until I'm there. As long as I'm getting paid and in Hawaii I'll be happy
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