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Being a responsible adult I know what to eat and what I would be better off staying away from. As for the kids, well that's a tough one. What do you do when they are at school all day? Or at a friends house/birthday? On a school trip? At camp for the summer? I have no experience w/ kids, but I can imagine it is almost impossible. As for a cruise... I just think that if you go in expecting that they will do this and that for you, you will be disappointed, angry, and have a miserable trip. There may be cruise lines out there that have gluten free fare; Carnival possible, but I have no idea (doesn't hurt to contact them). As for what I have seen... You know as well as I do that celiacs can live off of steak, fruit, vegs, and rice for the rest of our lives. Carnival has the widest selection of food items that I have seen. Sure, you may only be limited to 100 things instead of 300, but that's still a lot. I wouldn't believe anyone who promised me that there would be gluten free bread available. And who needs bread anyway? And I think your kids can go w/o pizza for a week. There's no way in hell Carnival (read: cheap) will be making gluten free pizza. They are an inexpensive cruise line for a reason: They provide a ship to several destinations w/ tons of average food. That's it. You cannot go into a cruise on Carnival expecting anything. As I said, if you do, you will be sorely disappointed. That said, I always have the greatest times on Carnival cruises and I count the days 'till my next trip.
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