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I know how hard it is to need to lose weight and to feel like you have no time for yourself to work on it. I gained a lot of weight when I married in to a family of big eaters and started having children. I love to cook and love to eat (especially the cruise food). I have two neices who were over 300 pounds and were obese from childhood and they had the gastric bypass in their early 30's. One of my best friends had it in her 40's and they all did well and lost a lot of weight. Unfortunately two of them did not go into this with the right frame of mind and have gained a lot of weight back.
My niece's freind had it done a few months after my niece and about a month later, died from a blood clot related to the surgery.

I know this is very hard and anyone who has not been obese cannot understand how hard it is to lose weight. It is definately a mind over matter process and finding the right weight loss plan for yourself. I tried WW a few times and did lose some weight but it never stayed off. Other plans did not work for me. Finally in February of this year I realized that I had been FAT for almost 40 years and just got tired of it.

I could not exercise because I was too heavy, it hurt my joints (fibromyalgia), have athsma, etc etc etc. I had watched several friends at my last job have success with Atkins and while I never even read the Atkins book I remembered some of the ways they ate. I stopped eating a lot of carbs. I did not count carbs and don't even know how many Atkins recommends. I did stop eating white bread, potatoes, rice, fried foods and desserts. I ate low carb ice cream for my sweet fix. I ate a lot of protein and later when I wanted a little bread, found a low carb bread. I am happy to say that I have now lost over 50 pounds and want to lose 15 more. I have gone from a size 22 to a size 12 and the 12's are getting loose now. If I really, really want a slice of pie, cake, etc., now I will have a very small piece but I only do this occasionally, not every day.

We went to Italy for 19 days for our 40th anniversary and took the 12 day med cruise. I was able to walk and climb stairs all over Italy and did fine. I ate a healthy low-carb breakfast every day and took a piece of fruit with me for lunch. At dinner I skipped the bread and picked (as much as possible) high protein, low carb selections and always checked out the spa menu first. I did eat the chocolate melting cake a couple of times and I gained 1 pound in 19 days. I came home and lost 15 more pounds by October.

This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I was the only one who do it for me.

I go straight to the scale every morning before I even drink my coffee. If I am up a little, I just really watch my intake for a few days until I have not only lost that but another pound. And I tell myself "I will never let myself get fat again." I also got rid of my fat clothes as soon as they got too big. I did not want to keep that "safety net" around as I had in the past when I lost a few pounds. I had 5 sizes and three closets full of clothes and could not wear most of them. I kept my size 22 jeans and put them on about once a month and just stand in front of the mirror and smile

YOU can do it. YOU can do it. YOU can do it. (and only YOU can do it! :
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