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Originally Posted by Solo1959
Originally Posted by TheTexasKid
I suppose I should answer this.

Has anyone gone on a Disney cruise solo?

Yes. Six times. Bahamas, eastern Caribbean, Mexican Riveria, southern Caribbean, western Caribbean, and my last cruise in May of this year, the trans-Atlantic.

Did you feel comfortable?

Yes. Comfortable enough to take a seventh cruise in May, 2008. This one will be the trans-Panama Canal.
I think we chatted on another board. I wanted to take that same trans-canal cruise, but they were booked solid and no rooms

YOU are the one who talked me into it, but I couldn't get space. I'm definately going to give this a try when I get a chance. It just sounds perfect.

Thank you.
Yes, I do remember. it's really a small world out there, for us cruisers, isn't it?

If you don't get your chance this time, then maybe next time. Either with DCL or another cuise line. While I have been any number of places by cruise ship, this will be my first time traveling through the Panama Canal, and I'm looking forward to it.

And you're welcome.
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