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Default Re: glory update???

Author: Lori C (
Date: 03-05-05 22:30
I know that some people think that the letter stating $150 towards another Carnival Cruise is great, but, I know I am going to sound greedy, I have absolutley no desire to ever cruise with Carnival again, so that doesn't benefit me in any way

That's somewhat unfortunate, because it's highly unlikely, even if Carnival decided to greatly increase the compensation offered, that it would be in any other form than a shipboard credit, or a future cruise discount.

A refund is practically unheard of, so all you'll likely end up with is your frustration.

I've been on quite a number of Carnival cruises.... some better than others. Not all ships are created equal. Maybe with time, once the initial anger passes, you'll reconsider, and research here at CruiseMates, and find a ship to use the compensation you receive.

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