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Hi, I had a gastric bypass in november 2004. We are leaving on a cruise on jan 26th 2008 and this will be the first major trip since the bypass. The reason,, until now,, I cannot endure the smell of food after I ate 2 bites.. Even now,, I know we will not be eating in the formal dining room a lot.. When im full (even after 3 years its still very little) I have to leave.. My advise,,,, for what its worth,, if I were you,, Iwould wait till I came back before the procedure.. lap band or bypass.. Cruising after a short while after this procedure would have been hell for me.. NOt only the fact that food was repulsive for me, but with a stomach that is so tender,, the moving of the ship would have been the last drop.. I know you are probably counting the days till you have the procedure,, I know, I remember, but trust me,, its not as easy as it looks.. We think,, ,yeah right,, when I start losing weight, all will be better,, but its not,, a bypass is very hard on the body and the mental fact is also hard.. Even now,, we do not go out for dinner. I do not regret getting it done, but I wish I was more prepared. Anyways,, if you are leaving in 3 months,, its a very short while away,, I would go on the trip,,, have fun,, eat, eat, eat,, while I could, then I would get the procedure done.. Having it done now and going on the trip 20-30 pounds lighter but not being able to smell food without being nauscious would not be better.. The decisiion is up to you,, but this is my opinion,, let me know if you have any other questions.. I would love to answer...
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