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Originally Posted by Angelgal
Hey Diver guy, I totally agree with everything you have said too.

When I go cruising I like to meet up with people who are compatiable with me. This is why I like to go cruising with the singles groups because I can meet up with future possible cabin mates. I think the prices of cruises are going to go up soon and I may need to get a compatiable cabin mate to save some money.
I truly enjoy meeting as many singles as possible on my group cruises.
I don't go looking for love or chasing men like IBC thinks I do. She sent me a private message saying I must be an older woman who goes on cruises to chase after men. I don't need to chase after men because the men on the singles cruises want to meet me after I spend time talking with them on the private vtg message boards. By the time I get on the cruise ship a lot of singles including the lurkers come up to me to say hello and they spend time with me. They thank me for all the advice I have provided them about cruising.
Even here on this message board there are some singles who want to meet me someday on a cruise. I also want to meet some of you singles on a cruise too. I will be meeting some of you on my Halloween cruise and on the Dec. 1st. cruise. It will be fun.

IBC is a strong SOLO cruiser and I truly believe she will return giving vtg singles group a bad rap because she has already stated that she is cruising as a SOLO cruiser doing her own thing with vtg singles group.
I am sure she will return with stories to tell us about her experience cruising as a solo looking into the singles group from the outside.
She will be returning Sunday from her cruise and by Monday I am sure she will write about her cruise experience. AG
I am back now and just checking the board before I go to bed.

Yes, AG, I have stories to tell. I will get to them as the need arises.

Will I do another single group cruise. Highly unlikely. It is just not my cup of tea. VTG did an excellent job of organizing and planning fun events and the hosts were excellent. I have nothing bad to say about VTG. However, the nature of these VTG singles cruises is where they fall short (not the fault of VTG). Without going into too detail, I have never seen behavior like what I witnessed during this cruise. It was bizarre. Almost twilight zone.

There were 167 people on this cruise. Of that number, not less than 120 or more "managed" to get into instant, hot and heavy, "oh so committed" weeklong relationships (many within hours of entering the ship). The first meet and greet was not to be believed!!!! Another member of the group labeled it the "Running of the Bulls" Hahahahahahaha! By the first night's dinner, many of the group were already coupled off and tried to behave as through they were actual couples rather than strangers who just met. So bizarre. Kind of like on steroids!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha

The people on this group (especially the women) were decidedly older than I would have expected. I am 49 years old and was one of the youngest in the pack -- and this was on Carnival. I doubt if there was 15 people in the group younger than me. For a man under 50, I would not recommend a VTG singles cruise unless he is into older women well past their prime (and very aggressive). Most of the women were well north of 55 with many having fond memories of their 60th birthday.

and I will stop there for now.
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