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We just got back last night! It was terrific! I'm unpacking now... yuck.
Things we really used:
Power strip (for recharging camera, plug in a small fan, hairdryer while other was in shower, power for cell phone charger)
Over door shoe pocket thing: with 2 women, we had our MANY shoes organized... with extra pockets for other things. We filled them all.
A thing (small) you wear around your neck. We used it for passports and stuff getting on the ship, but I wound up using mine all over the ship for sign and sail card, room key, soda card, and even held a pack of cigarettes and lighter. Beats packing a bag around, and all of my shorts don't have pockets.
I took 3 swimsuits and coverups and always had a dry one available; I hate putting on damp ones.
Several pair of shoes - believe it or not, 4 of us got "foot injuries" (one in the water at Cozumel, one with a big ole' blister, one smashed her toe into a lounge chair, and I fell on the pyramid at Uxmal on one foot and slammed the other into a column on the promenade deck - so we had enough shoes we found some that didn't "touch" the sore spots!
Baby wipes - for quick wipe down on excursions
Band aids/antibiotic ointment/blister block patches

I took way too many clothes - came home with 3 pair of shorts and 4 tops I never wore. Didn't need a flashlight - just turned on the lamp by the bed. Took too much sunscreen products, but then I don't usually burn anyway. I took a big thermal glass thing, but I bought a carnival one and that worked great. We all bought 2 extra bags in the ship or in port to pack back all of our "extra goodies" we purchased. I got one on the ship that I put all of my dirty clothes in (I had taken a mesh bag, but the Carnival one I got for $12 is great - looks like a carry on and when i got home all my dirties were in one bag, and people couldn't see what was in it! Oh, and I took a portable steamer - never used it. The packing folders kept everything pristine, and if I HAD needed it, there was a laundry room with an iron just down the hall from our room.

Oh we all got cross-body bags that held all of our money, cards, cruise docs, passports, car keys, Germex, tide to go pen, small Advil, cell phones - they weight practically nothing and felt very secure acroos body - I used it in NOLA, for embarkation and debarkation.

For the beach in Cozumel, I took a beach bag with change of clothes in a ziplock, beach towel and old tennis shoes that I just left in a trash can at the beach, so I didn't have to pack them around while shopping.

Whew! This post is longer than I thought it would be - but I hope someone finds it helpful!
first time cruise - group of teachers ready for fall break!
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