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Default Just returned from the Triumph...

Just got home last night from our Triumph cruise. All together it was not a bad cruise, but not the best either.
High Points:
The people who work on the Triumph that we saw everyday, were terrific. We had the best Waitstaff and room stewards ever. They worked tirelessly from early in the morning until late at night, never complaining. They tried so hard to please and definitely succeeded and I really enjoyed getting to know each and everyone of them. The bar staff in the dining room was great as well and we shared many a laugh with them. The Magician was top notch and really entertained. There was a very talented pianist named Sergiy who had an excellent repetoire and appealed to every age group as he played in the atrium, one minute he'd be playing Maple Leaf Rag (an old ragtime tune) the next minute he'd be playing something contemporary with a gaggle of teenagers singing along with him from deck seven above him. The karaoke Host was very engaging and did a great job. I did love having a balcony, it added a lot to the cruising experience. The ports were terrific and we had fun exerywhere we stopped on this itinerary. We had a blast in the pool and on the slide, it was a great way to spend time as a family. Camp Carnival did an awesome job. They have expanded their services and hours to offer parents and kids more flexibility. I was impressed! I was also very impressed by the Internet Cafe Manager. He really did his best to assist people in getting checked in for flights and printing boarding passes in spite of the slow connections. I was unable to get mine to print, and he offered to work on it for me so I could enjoy my last day on board. He had the boarding passes delivered to my cabin and also adjusted my account to make up for the slowness of the connection. I also found the Purser's Staff to be the most pleasant I have ever encountered. They knew how to handle issues and sooth ruffled feathers. They all had great senses of humor as well! The food quality at dinner was average, you can tell where they have cut back on certain items in the last year or two, but never did we leave the table hungry. They were also excellent to my children and they enjoyed formal nights so much because the bar and wait staff made my kids feel so special. Oh I have come back to edit and add this as I forgot, there was an officer who I frequently saw on deck. He made it a point to enforce the rules with regard to what people did in the pools and hot tubs including keeping the kids out of the adult hot tubs. Keeping ppl from jumping/cannonballing/diving in the pools etc... He did a great job of sticking to the rules without offending the people who he was correcting.

Low points:
The ship is way overdue for a refurb. Dented, damaged or missing ceiling panels were everywhere on the ship. Hundreds to thousands of lights that either no longer work or bulbs were never replaced. In the London Dining Rooms alone, there were lengths of light fixtures, where instead of repairing or fixing a problem they just put electrical tape over the holes where the lightbulbs once were. There were neon lights in the atrium that no longer functioned, not sure if it was the bulbs or transformers were the issue. Several of the public toilets and sinks had black areas, streaks or scratches on them. and the ships ventilation system needed a good cleaning. My room steward would dust daily and by the afternoon my room had layer of dust covering everything, I have never seen anything like this on any of our other cruises but it just left us with the impression that the Triumph was not being well maintained and in certain areas appeared a bit tacky and shoddy. Even though all the people on board were working very hard, it appears that it is not their fault, but someone higher up the Carnival food chain might be accountable for the lack of maintenance, but who knows. Musical entertainment on the ship was very hit or miss. We tried to go to the Piano Bar one night and the Piano Player (not the guy in the Atrium) didn't bother showing up for work and no one really knew what happened to him. I was not impressed by the Singers and dancers, the only thing that set them apart from a High School swing choir was the price tag of their costumes. Most of the vocals were pre-recorded aside from the two featured singers. It was the worst entertainment I had seen on any ships we have been on. I am not a huge fan of buffets in general and like to go to the dining room for breakfast and lunch so I don't have to fight the crowds (I have to say that lines were much shorter on this ship than Conquest ships) At least twice the Hostess in the Paris Dining Room told my husband they had just stopped serving, even though according to the Capers they were open for another half an hour, then when I would walk around the corner, she'd say oh, go ahead... I am not sure what the deal was, either she didnt like d/h or she liked me, or was afraid of me, not sure but it was an odd little game we played. Speaking of the dining rooms... OMG they are ugly!!! But that is simply my opinion.
I only noticed the infamous sewer smell in one spot on the ship, we found out later it was due to a leak and then realized why the carpet was discolored in one spot, eek!
Self assist was a complete disaster. They were supposed to call self assist people by decks to leave the ship, instead they called them all at once (I am guessing because we got into port 2 hours later than planned) Then they also called regular debarcing passengers to the same place all at the same time.People were shouting, pushing and shoving, They were packed into the area in front of the elevators forward on deck 3 and it was awful people were trying to get off the elevators and couldn't because it was already packed solid with a sea of humanity and they were forced to ride the elevators up and down until Customs actually started allowing people to leave the ship and the area started to empty. I heard after we finally were allowed to leave that there were a couple of fights. Who ever the brain trust that was responsible for the decision to call everyone at once should be fired. It was pretty scary to be in that stampede with two small kids and have no where to escape.

It was not a completely positive experience, but certainly did not let the negatives ruin our time. The Good far outweighed the bad, even though there was a lot of bad, most of it wasn't "that bad" we tried to laugh our way through it and that worked pretty well. I have no regrets and glad we got to go on this trip. I probably won't cruise the Triumph again unless they remedy many of these issues, and will probably take a little break from Carnival for a while to see what direction the company is taking with regard to upkeep and maintenance of their fleet, before we book another cruise with them. D/H is looking to book another cruise right away to cure his PCD, he's thinking of Celebrity this time around, so we'll see what he comes up with.

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