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I would say yes. Two years ago we went on the Gold. Princess to NE/CAD when the Yankees were in the series. They showed the games in one of the bigger loungers on a screen. Last month we went on the Crown to NE/CAD and they showed the Sunday match w/ the Packers ,on there "movies under the stars" sreen as well as the Mon night football game -also on there "movies under the stars" screen. At night they put down cloth covers w/pillows on the loungers and have wool blankets you can wrap yourself in, they also have popcorn.

Just an FYI-during the day around 3-4pm on the crown they came around the pool arear w/warm cookies and milk. The "milke guy" has a canister on his back and he dispense the milk w/a hose and he keeps the cups on the other side of the canister. On the upper deck around the same time a bar staff wheeled around a coffee cart w/liqours to add to the coffee -that you payed for however-


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