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Welcome back Beenie Weenie, having sailed on the Triumph twice, I agree with your review. My first cruise on this ship was just o.k., nothing special plus there was a large group tour on this sailing who were totally obnoxious and fellow passengers tried their best to steer clear of them all week. The second cruise on the Triumph was very close to what you just experienced but, in addition, we had another very large group of passengers on the ship who were very disruptive, rude, and noisy. That was the last time I sailed on the Triumph, the many negatives did not outweigh the positives. The ship, overall, was dirty, carpets stained, debris in the hallways and stairs, just not as well maintained as other Carnival ships we have sailed on. I have reserved my opinion on this ship because I don't want someone to be influenced by my personal take. The Triumph is our least favorite Carnival ship and we'll never sail on her again. This is my personal opinion only, I'm sure others have had totally different experiences. As you mentioned, a good sense of humor goes a long way and we made the best of our cruises and the only way we can show dissatisfaction with our cruise experience on this ship is not to travel on it.
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