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Default Be Prepared-do your homework!

Ok, folks, who here books a trip and by the time departure time has arrived you have done enough homework to know whatever you need to know for your trip to make it truly enjoyable? I do, folder and printouts in hand.

I read a post where someone grumbled about having a hard time finding the restaurant and how the layout of the ship didn't work. Did they do their homework? No. Do look at the deck plans of the ship before you go because it does help to have an idea of where everything is and how to find the elusive aft dining room. Why not take the brochure with the ship layout in it so you have another reference source, it works!

I know someone who is going on a 10 day cruise with their spouse in late November. Neither of them know where their cabin is, if it is inside/oceaview/ or balcony, they don't know what deck, they haven't even looked at the ship layout, or know much about where they are going. I told her to find out and to get a map of the ship so they know what to expect and where everything is.

Everyone should be prepared and know as much as possible before they go. A good example is a family on the ship didn't know that we weren't going to Jamaica, uhm, hello? APparently they booked a year out and didn't think twice about checking anything else. They discovered the day they sailed that we weren't going to the Western Caribbean and that the route was switched--this particular route change was announced early this year. They never bothered checking their tickets, nor did they check the website and see the route changed.....HOMEWORK folks.....I think they were complaining the most, but if you don't look, you can't ***** because it is your own damn fault!

Ok, I'm done

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