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Originally Posted by meercatmom
Originally Posted by nurseypoo5
Originally Posted by Deakon
I sympathize with this kid, not that I endorse under age drinking but half this board is about getting cheaper drinks/sneaking booze on board. You can't tell someone drinking isn't worth it when its everywhere and everyone does it and is a huge part of cruise life for the majority of cruisers..
actually I CAN tell someone its not that big a part of the cruise. I was one of those "how can i sneak booze on board" folks. And sneak i did. As many on here who went with me can attest, i had 1 drink from my stash...3 small bottles and 2 stayed sealed. My sign and sail drink bill was under 50.00.

What many are trying to say is, many THINK its going to be a huge part of the "party" but i personally found it unnecessary in my pursuit of happiness. If anything the few i had were relaxing on the deck (besides that first one as you board) and the silly coconut monkey drink, cuz well it was a silly coconut monkey.

I think i would have missed a lot of fun and relaxation being snockered.
I too agree! I spent more at the coffee bar than on alcohol. I think if I bought one set of drink coupons for myself, I would last the whole cruise! I am in search of one great banana daquirie!
I felt exactly the same way. My biggest problem was trying to find the right time to drink. I wanted to have a buzz but it seemed there was always something to do. If I drank and went to a show, I would become very sleepy... I didn't want to drink while gambling, (I make enough donations sober)
I wasn't about to drink while actually in Mexico. I love my country and I wanted to make it back in one piece.
Hey, I can drink with the best of them, but there just wasn't time to drink and enjoy the cruise...! 8)
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