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Sky, Truly you have to have an adventurous spirit to be a cruiser. Do not worry, smells come and go on most ships, you only have to worry when they come and never go lol! As for the lights and ceilings, they are aestetic issues and while I feel they should be well maintained and cared for consistently, I would not write off a cruise because of that, but be certain I will mention it to ensure it does get cared for, and hopefully those that cruise after me will benefit from my so-called "nitpicking" and have a beautiful ship with fewer flaws when they cruise. With regard to ports:

San Juan is rich with history. You can catch the free trolley just cross the street and catch it, look for signs they may be covered with black trash bags, but they come by regularly, and ask the locals where the trolley stop is if you can't find it. This trolley circles Old San Juan, and will drop you off at San Christobal and El Morro and you can ask the driver questions, there are all sorts of great places to eat and drink as well. El Morro and San Christobal are very cool places to visit and the offer you a great view of the city, Google them to find out more about them. The port is a great place to buy perfume/cologne/booze. We like Cruzan Rum and can buy it there for about $3-$4 a liter. It's supposed to be duty free, but no body bothered to take it from me when I came back on the ship with it, perhaps because San Juan is considered a U.S. Port, but I really don't know. But never the less we're not big drinkers so it didn't get opened until we got back home.

St. Thomas is a nice place and it all depends what your interest are. You can take the ferry over to St. John and explore Trunk Bay, Or if you just like to hang out at the beach you can go to Magen's Bay which is very beautiful but not a great snorkelling spot. You can take a cab to Coki beach and snorkel or scuba dive with Peter and the gang at Coki Beach Divers. Right next door is Coral World and they have avery cool sea life and all sorts of things to see. Don't miss their sea turtles. Or of course you can just hang out at the port and go shopping which is not my bag but lots of people enjoy that.

For Grand Turk, I really like this place. It's one of those undeveloped, uncommercial stops that you know will not stay as they are for very long. You do have the Margaritaville stop as you get off the ship which is fine but very pricey and commercial, or you can take a $7 pp cab ride out to Bohio Dive Resort and hang out there have an authenic west indies lunch and some yummy conch fritters then take a nice $20 snorkel trip by boat out to the wall which is a Coral Wall that plummets 1000's of feet down into the depths of the ocean and has a plethora of sea life. They also have a dive shop if you are interested in scuba. If you want to snorkel from shore. look for the tree that kind of looks like a willow and is about the only tree that isn't a palm, and go straight out into the ocean from there and you will see some nice things out there. Let me know if I can help in any way.

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